Easy Steps On How To Connect Spotify To Discord


Discord is an app to connect and chat with a group of friends. Connecting Spotify to the discord app allows you and your loved ones to listen and discuss a tune together. This connection will bring cohesion and keep your story stronger.

However, not everyone who uses discord knows the right way to attach to Spotify. So we will detail how to connect Spotify account to discord for you in this article.

On PC or Mac

  • Step 1: Start your PC or Mac
  • Step 2: Launch the discord app
  • Step 3: Open settings
  • Step 4: Select the Spotify icon
  • Step 5: Sign in to your Spotify account

With BOT

  • Step 1: Install discord app on groovy bot’s page
  • Step 2: Grant the bot groovy
  • Step 3: Add Spotify
  • Step 4: Use

Why Should You Connect Spotify To Discord?

  Why Should You attach Spotify To Discord

Currently, there are many applications to chat and connect with friends. However, those applications have not met the need to share high-quality music right in the conversation. So discord was born to meet the needs of sharing and listening to high-quality music simultaneously.

Some applications can only share music links or play through a 3rd device. When playing such music, the sound will be of poor quality, distorted or distorted. In contrast, discord can solve that problem.

Connect your spotify account can help you reduce costs by sharing premium accounts. People in the same group of friends can listen to the same song just for the premium account at no extra cost. You can take advantage of this feature to enjoy all the exclusive songs on Spotify.

Connecting two applications can increase connection and share interests to understand each other better. For example, when talking to each other, you can turn on music to increase the romance or excitement of the story.

Or, if you want to talk about an interesting lyric song, you can also use the Spotify sharing feature with your friends.

How To Connect Spotify To Discord

You may already have both Spotify and discord accounts, but you may not know how to utilize its features fully. Spotify and discord are available on multiple platforms from PC, MAC, BOT, and even smartphones.

So we will show you in detail how to attach Spotify to discord on all the platforms it supports. You can also refer to the video below for a more visual guide.


Connect spotify to discord on PC or Mac

  attach spotify to discord on PC

PCs or MAC are high-resolution devices, so many people choose to have a better conversation. Connecting Spotify to these devices is also very simple with just a few steps:

Step 1: Start your PC or Mac

First, you need to start up your PC or MAC, so they are ready to use. You also need to make sure that the discord app is installed on your device and ready to launch.

The best part is that you install discord as an app on your device. However, if your computer has a problem or does not allow downloading, you can still use a web browser to run it. Using a web browser is slightly more disadvantageous as you will need to log in and reconnect each time you use it.

Step 2: Launch the discord app

Open up the discord app, and you need to create an account to use this software. After logging into your account, look for the gear icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Step 3: Open settings

That cog icon is for the settings section. There will be many different sections to set according to your wishes, such as brightness or application display interface. Of course, you will also find the section to connect to the Spotify app in this section.

Step 4: Select the Spotify icon

It will be difficult to find the Spotify icon the first time you use it because it is hidden in a different interface. To make it easier, go to the user settings and select the “connection” item.

Now all the apps and accounts that can be associated with the discord will appear. Your job now is to find the right Spotify icon and click on it.

Step 5: Sign in to your Spotify account

After finding the right Spotify icon, click on it to move on to the next interface. This step requires you to enter your Spotify account information so they can connect.

If you don’t remember your Spotify account username and password, don’t worry because you can log in via Facebook.

Step 6: Done

After you have completed all the above steps and logged in, you have successfully linked Spotify with discord. Now discord allows you to play music in parallel on Spotify. You can invite your friends to listen with the interesting piece.

If you already have the discord app installed on your PC or Mac, you can save the settings and use them easily next time. However, if you choose to use discord in a web browser, it will take a little more work if you want to continue using it. Some computers support backup, and others require you to log in and manipulate the whole thing to be able to use it.

Connect Spotify to discord with Bot

BOT is a support application that you install on your web browser. Actually, not many people install Bot, but we will still guide you. A bot is a small program that requires installation on top of your main program. So, in this case, use the bot “Groovy” and install it on your Discord server to affix Spotify to Discord.

Step 1: Install discord app on groovy bot’s page

You need to make sure you are logged into your bot account before adding discord. If you forgot to log in, you should exit and reinstall from the beginning because this is the fastest way.

Step 2: Grant the Groovy permission

After successfully adding discord, you need to give groovy read and access permissions. This process will take some time, and you will need to confirm access to the Bot.

Step 3: Add spotify

Basically, after granting permission to the bot, you can perform the same steps as you would on a PC or Mac.

  • Go to “Connection” in the settings
  • Add Spotify connection
  • Log in to your account and use

Step 4: Use

This is probably the step that makes many people switch to using BOT because it is simpler to listen to spotify. You just need to search for your favorite song and press the button to enjoy it.

Connect Spotify to the discord using the mobile app

  Connect Spotify to the discord using the mobile app

Instead of PC or BOT, many people prefer to use phones because of their convenience. Here are the steps to affix Spotify to discord for your phone.

Step 1: Download the app

Discord is now available on both android and ios platforms, so no matter what phone you use, you can use this software.

Step 2: Launch the discord app on your phone

After successfully downloading, you need to open the application and register for an account to use it. If you have had an account before, but this is the first time using it on your phone, you can still log in with the old account.

Step 3: Connect

  • Select the lower right corner of the screen to display the settings menu.
  • Click “Connect” and look for the Spotify icon
  • Choose spotify to connect on mobile

Step 4: Confirm and use

After clicking select, you need to log in to your Spotify account. The phone app will need to verify some information before accepting you for a successful connection. This process may take some time, but it won’t be too long.

You also need to grant permission for two apps to run simultaneously in your phone’s settings. But you don’t need to worry because the screen will show step-by-step instructions for you. As long as you follow it, you can successfully connect Spotify to discord.


1. Can I Disconnect Spotify From Discord?

Disconnect Spotify From Discord


You can completely disconnect spotify from discord whenever you want with a few simple steps:

  • Click “connect” in the settings on any of the platforms you use discord
  • Find the spotify icon and press the “X.”
  • Then you have successfully disconnected and cannot continue to share Spotify on discord until you reconnect.

2. How do I show what I’m listening to on Spotify on Discord?

As soon as you recognize the successful connection of Spotify to discord, the account will appear in the connection section. You can click on this and select the option “Display Spotify as your status”.

When you want to show people what you’re listening to spotify, turn it on. You can also easily access it again to turn off the display when you don’t want to continue sharing.

3. Why is my Spotify not connecting to Discord?

Many people have followed all the above but cannot connect Spotify to discord. When encountering these cases, you can check some of the following errors and fix them.

Check your password

The simplest way is to log out of all connections and log back in from the beginning. Chances are you’ve changed your password recently, so there’s a discord connection error.

Check the device’s multitasking display status

When connecting Spotify to discord, it means that you need to listen along to music together. However, some other games or applications also have sound, and it will interrupt the music if you use it simultaneously.


Discord is a great app to bring people together. You can chat, watch movies and listen to music with friends. Via the article, you can spotify account to discord.

We have detailed instructions on how to connect Spotify to discord on every platform it supports. Hope you can apply the above instructions and successfully join your application.


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