How To Clean Your Laptop Keyboard: Products And Tips

Did you know that a laptop keyboard is one of the dirtiest things you can touch during the day? We show you how to clean a laptop keyboard in a few easy steps.

I’m sure you can think of all the times you’ve dusted your laptops. You may have used wipes to clean the screen, but is that enough to clean a laptop? The answer is a resounding no.

All kinds of particles can sneak in between the gaps of the keyboard keys, so we explain step by step how to clean both the laptop and the laptop keyboard.

What do I need to clean a laptop

The first thing you need to do is get all the materials you need:

  •  Isopropyl alcohol 90% or more: it is a product that does not damage the internal components of the laptop and, although you can use other cleaners, this one is cheap and safe. With it you will be able to clean without taking risks or putting your laptop in danger.
  •  Microfiber cloths: they will be necessary for external cleaning.
  •  Sticks or swabs for the spaces between the keys of the laptop keyboard.
  •  Compressed air spray: this will be useful to clean the slots and ports of the equipment.
  • Dielectric spray: this is a cleaning fluid for delicate items such as electronic equipment.
  •  Specific kits for cleaning laptops: if you want a deeper cleaning, there are also kits with everything you need to make your laptop as good as new.

How To Clean Your Laptop Keyboard: Products And Tips

How to clean the keyboard

First of all, turn it off and remove the battery to make it more comfortable to clean the laptop. If it is well preserved, you will not need to open it, so it will be enough to use the compressed air spray from the outside. This will expel everything that has been accumulating inside the laptop keyboard.

First, use the compressed air spray a little away from the laptop to blow out the condensation.

Then, use the tip of the spray and use it in all the crevices, both on the keyboard and in the vents and ports. Do this with short puffs and with the can slightly tilted, this will blow the dirt out instead of pushing it further in.

If you do this on a regular basis, you won’t have to open the laptop to clean it, preventing dust from accumulating in the ventilation slots and inside the laptop. However, if you have not done so for a long time, you will probably have to open it for a thorough cleaning.

If there is no choice but to open it, first think that there may be more reasons for your laptop to slow down.

And secondly, if you have never done it before, we recommend that you take it to a professional to clean the laptop without running the risk of damaging any component.

The difficulty of disassembling a laptop depends on each model. It may be as easy as unscrewing a few screws or you may have to disassemble the motherboard.

If you are daring and choose to do it yourself, once opened you can use a brush to clean the dust, but without exerting too much force to avoid damaging it.

If you find that you need to disassemble any of the parts inside, you will need to ask for help from a technician who understands internal components.

Keep in mind that if you leave something wrongly placed, not only will it not work, but you could damage the laptop.

How To Clean Your Laptop Keyboard: Products And Tips

External cleaning of the laptop

To clean the laptop externally you should avoid applying the cleaning product, such as the alcohol mentioned above, directly on the laptop.

First apply a few drops of alcohol on the microfiber cloth and start wiping the entire exterior very carefully.

Remember to also clean the sides in the same way, without applying the alcohol on the laptop but on a cloth, as there may also be bacteria there.

Next, open the laptop and do the same with the screen. Do not exert too much force, wiping the screen as often as necessary until it is spotless.

To clean the laptop keyboard, first blow or blow a few times with the compressed air spray. Do it as we have explained before, with short bursts and with a certain inclination to prevent the dirt from getting further inside.

Pay special attention to cleaning the keys and the touchpad, using swabs with a few drops of alcohol to clean between the spaces between the keys.

As for the surface of the keys, wiping with a cloth lightly dampened with alcohol will be sufficient.

Finally, wait a few minutes until the laptop dries before using it again. Put the battery back in when you see that it is completely dry, proceed to turn it on.

If everything went well, you should notice the improvement in speed, and you should be pleased that you did it right. If you don’t let too much time pass between one cleaning and the next, you will have to clean the laptop less thoroughly without letting the dirt build up. And you’ll also avoid having to open the laptop to deep clean it.



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