How To Clean The Laptop Screen Without Damaging It

Along with the keyboard, the screen of your laptop is the one that gets the dirtiest with use and the passage of time.

The dust itself, our fingers, or anything we have around, can end up staining the screen of our equipment. If we do not clean it frequently, then there comes a time when we can hardly see what we have in front of our eyes.

Below, we are going to show you some of the best techniques or ways to clean your laptop screen without fear of damaging it.

Perhaps many people do not clean their computer screen out of laziness, while many others are afraid to use any inappropriate product that may damage it. And that is something that we have to take into account before anything else, which we should never do to clean the laptop screen.

Be very careful with this type of products

On the one hand, we should never use products that can be abrasive. There are certain products or materials such as cotton or paper cloths that a priori may seem harmless, but on the contrary are quite abrasive to the computer screen.

In this sense, we should avoid the use of paper or cotton cloths, since at a microscopic level they are abrasive for our screens, since the material with which they are made has nothing to do with glass, which is what we are used to clean with this type of materials.

We should also avoid the use of corrosive products, such as certain cleaning products with a high concentration of alcohol or ammonia. These types of products can damage the anti-reflective material of the screen.

Another aspect to take into account is that it is not at all advisable to spray the liquid that we are going to use to clean the screen directly on the screen itself, but we must do it on the cloth that we are going to use to avoid that part of the liquid leaks between the frame of the monitor and can reach its interior.

How To Clean The Laptop Screen Without Damaging It

How to clean dust from the laptop screen

That said, we are going to show below the best way to clean the laptop screen depending on what it is stained with. What makes our screen dirty on a daily basis is dust, something that is in the environment and that is inevitable to fall on it. To clean the dust from the laptop screen, it is best to use a microfiber cloth or towel.

We can also use the clothes for cleaning glasses or camera lenses, as these types of clothes do not damage our screen and do not leave lint either. However, to use this type of cloth, it is best to wipe gently and always in the same direction, without rubbing or making circles.

Cleaning the screen of the laptop if it has stains

It is almost inevitable to end up staining the screen, either because we touch it with our fingers or because we splash it with something. In this case, we should use a damp sponge to get rid of the dirt. Of course, we must use distilled or deionized water, since tap water can leave lime marks on the screen.

To clean the laptop screen with a damp sponge, it is best to first turn off the computer and unplug it from the mains. It is even advisable to remove the battery from the laptop to avoid any mishap.

The sponge must be wet but very well wrung out to avoid any type of dripping and always wait until it is dry before closing the laptop.

If the stains are oily or sticky and we cannot remove them with water, then we will have to use one of the screen cleaning products. They usually come in spray form, so, as mentioned above, it is advisable to spray on the microfiber cloth and not on the screen directly.

With the cloth dampened with the cleaning product, we apply on the stains until we try to get rid of them, avoiding rubbing or pressing on the screen to avoid damaging it. We can make some circles on the stain without squeezing and then always clean in the same direction.

How To Clean The Laptop Screen Without Damaging It

To take into account at the time of cleaning

The first thing to keep in mind when cleaning the screen of your laptop is that it should be turned off and not hot to avoid any problems.

If we are going to do a thorough cleaning, it is best to start with the back, the frame and the base and leave the screen itself for last. Always cleaning from the top to the bottom to avoid dust from the top to fall into the clean areas if we do it in reverse order.

For the back side it is best to use a dust cloth, unless you have a stain or dirt more embedded that we can use a damp sponge, but yes, extreme caution so that it can not drip on the connectors and ports of the screen itself.

To clean the connectors or ports, it is best to use an air blower to remove dust and any particles that may have been stored in them.

It goes without saying that to clean the back of the screen we must be very careful not to rest the screen itself on any surface that can damage or scratch it, and of course, avoid a position where our own pressure can damage it.

With the back clean, we move on to the frames and finally we will clean the panel. In this case, it will be best to follow the advice mentioned above regarding products and types of materials to use on each occasion to avoid any



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