How To Check If Controller Is Working PC In 6 Simple methods

Hardware needed to communicate with computers, such as keyboards, trackpads, mouses, and so on, is often plug and play. Generic, off-brand, no-name, and knock-offs would all operate fine with a PC. That is why you need to know how to check if controller is working PC to ensure your relaxed gaming time.

Our guide will walk you through troubleshooting gaming controllers in Windows games. This page contains instructions for determining game interoperability, verifying the games console in Microsoft, and enabling windows gamepad controller compatibility in Windows game titles.

What Are Game Controllers?

There have been video game controllers for as far as there have been video games. They differ in design, composition, and button arrangement, but they all work the same way: to help you take control of the game.

How To Check If Controller Is Working PC In 6 Simple Methods

To learn more about gaming controllers, you must first grasp how they operate. Each button, in essence, has a bit of metal on the bottom. Whenever the button is pushed, it makes contact with two conducting strips on the power cord, completing the circuit. The game controller detects the connections and transmits data towards the machine’s CPU with which it is paired. The CPU then compares the game’s data or program to reply with the actions corresponding to the button push. This happens almost instantly; when the orders do not register now, this is called “input lag.”

This procedure describes two universal features found on all controllers: a circuit board and some casing. The shell is often made of plastic and also is molded to form the correct controller form. It is worth remembering that just designing a gaming controller may take months. It is challenging to create a design that is both distinctive and pleasant to hold for extended periods.

Joysticks are round plastic sticks with rubber covers that are used as input devices. Joysticks are utilized for movement and aim, and they function very differently than buttons. Potentiometers, which are interfacial charge transfer, are situated perpendicular beneath the joysticks. The power is constantly flowing via the potentiometers; however, the resistance determines the flow. The joystick can be used to raise or reduce resistance.

The controller detects the angle and sends it to the console that displays the orientation on-screen. The resistance is raised or lowered by twisting or pressing down on the joystick, assuming the console supports that feature. This type of control is referred to as the “analog control.”

Input pushes are often sent over a wireless or cable link. Wired controllers are primarily found on older devices such as Nintendo GameCube or Sega Genesis. They perform the same functions as every wired network, with crucial commands relayed via wire or cable. Wireless controllers deliver data through Bluetooth or infrared.

Other systems, on the other hand, have controllers integrated right into the console. The majority of these are portable devices, such as the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo Game Boy. For this purpose, only a laptop’s keyboard qualifies as a controller, mainly whether you’re playing a computer game.

Controllers are similar to tiny, specialized PCs in their own right. They execute specific functions which aid the client by utilizing electronics and power. Moreover, similarly to computers, some will be more efficient or simpler to operate than others.

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Game controllers are yet another sort of input device that, like mouses and keyboards, is available from well-known brands and a plethora of knock-off producers. However, unlike mouse and keyboard, they don’t always operate in the same way. If Windows 10 has been unable to download the necessary drivers, they might not always function at all.

If you attach a gaming controller to your PC, but it’s not working in either game, you need a test game controller Windows 10 to see if the data is being identified. A gaming controller might not always function for various reasons; therefore, if you have got a universal controller or perhaps an Xbox or PS4 controller that’s not working, you must check to see whether its controller is being recognized. This test controller Windows 10 may be performed with any modern browser.

Step By Step Guideline: Test To Show Is My Controller Working Or Not

The whole article explains how to handle gaming controllers throughout the items mentioned in the Applies To section. To solve gaming controller issues, use the procedures listed in the order they occur.

Method 1: Confirm that the game is compatible with gaming controllers

Several games don’t support gaming controllers directly.

For additional info on gaming controller support in some of these titles, visit the Microsoft Knowledge Base by clicking the article number: 300970. In gameplay, the game controller doesn’t operate or doesn’t perform as intended.

Method 2: Running the gaming controller through its paces on Microsoft Windows

Because there are multiple versions of Microsoft Windows, the instructions below may change on your machine. If they are, go to your product manual to finish all steps. Follow these procedures to test the gaming controller on Windows:

Step 1: Open Game Controllers in the Control Panel. Use one of the below techniques to do this:

  • Select the Start menu on Windows Vista, enter joy.cpl in the box of Start Search, then click ENTER
  • Select Start menu, Run, enter joy.cpl, and afterward select OK on Windows XP or you can test game controller Windows 7 and even previous Windows versions

Step 2: Then, right-click your gaming controllers and choose Properties

Step 3: Check the gaming controller’s functioning on your Test tab

If you cannot choose your games console or whether the game controller does not function properly, please get in touch with its producer for assistance

Method 3: Setting your gaming controller as your preferred device

Follow these procedures to set your gaming controller as the preferred device:

Step 1:Open Game Controllers in the Control Panel. Use one of the techniques below to do this:

  • Select the Start menu on Windows Vista, enter joy.cpl in the box of Start Search, then click ENTER
  • Select Start, Run, enter joy.cpl, and select OK on Windows XP and previous Windows versions

Step 2: Select Advanced

Step 3: Choose the gaming controller that you wish to have under the Preferred device.

Step 4: Select OK twice more

Method 4: Activating the gaming controller

You might need to activate the game’s console for your game to work correctly. Follow those procedures to accomplish this.

Step 1: Select Settings.

Step 2: Select the Enable Joystick check box from the Control list

Step 3: To close the windows 10 controller settings, click OK

Method 5: Refresh the joystick

To test joystick Windows 10, perform the following steps:

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Step 1: Close the game

Step 2: Remove and reconnect the joystick

Step 3: Begin your game again

Method 6: Restart the controller

To restore the default windows 10 game controller settings in Flight Simulator X, perform the following steps:

Step 1: To begin, launch Microsoft Flight Simulator X, Select Settings, select Controllers, and the Reset Defaults button.

Step 2: If the issue persists, reload the Flight Simulator file system. To accomplish this, take these steps:

  • XP (Windows XP Professional): Start by clicking the Start button, click the Run button, and type these commands in the Open box, then hit ENTER: %appdata%\microsoft
  • Microsoft Vista operating system: Select the Start Start button, then type these commands in the Start Search box, then click ENTER: %appdata%\microsoft

Step 3: Select Folder Options from the Tools menu.

Step 4: Select the View tab inside the Folder Options dialog box.

Step 5: Select the Show hidden files and folders check box by clicking.

Step 6: Clear the Hide protected operating system files check box with a click.

Step 7: Remove the Hide file name extension for the recognized file types tick box with a click.

Step 8: Click the OK button.

Step 9: Identify the Flight Simulator file and double-click it.

The folder for Microsoft Flight Simulator X, for instance, is called “FSX.” “FS9” seems to be the folder’s name containing Flight Simulator 2004.

Step 10: Erase the.cfg file by right-clicking it.

Step 11: When requested to verify the file removal, choose Yes.

Step 12: Relaunch Flight Simulator.


If the controller, such as keyboards and mice, does not acknowledge a keypress, the control button is most likely broken. When no input is received, it implies your controller is not configured on your PC. Other keypress statistics that are presented might assist you in tailoring the sensitivity of a button.

Whenever the Gamepad Tester detects the controller, but it does not function in your game, the issue is most likely only with the game itself. It might not support drivers and might block general drivers if you are using them.

Apps may simulate a PS4 or Xbox controller or even reconfigure buttons on generic consoles.

Frequently Asked Questions About Checking Game Controller In PC

How can I make all of my gaming controllers work together?

It is common knowledge that consoles from multiple platforms and consoles may be used if specific measures are done beforehand. It would have been a pity, for example, if someone had to purchase more game controllers for his PC if he had another pair of PlayStation 3 controllers hanging around.

Thankfully, there’s also a method to make devices all interoperable with others, so you’ll need to use an adaptor at moments and not at others. The most pressing issue that consumers wish to address is making numerous controllers work with their PC. This procedure is not complicated, but its outcome is not guaranteed. Because the Xbox One is a new system from Microsoft, it’s logical to assume that controllers will be available for Windows PCs. That’s also correct, and there are methods to attach your Xbox One controller to any computer through Bluetooth, a micro USB cord, and an Xbox One adapter. You must be aware that Bluetooth connectivity is only available if you run Windows 10 with Anniversary Update activated. Whether you have another OS, you must attach the controller via a micro USB connection.

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You can watch this video to understand the ways to utilize a genetic PC gaming controller:

What Are The Most Frequent PC Gamepad Issues?

While most handheld gaming systems include a built-in controller, other gamepads were needed to motivate a PC through USB.

It has been a big point of anxiety for Windows 10 customers, as Microsoft’s newest operating system does not appear to recognize current gamepads for specific users.

More technically competent people believe the issue stems from Microsoft changing the original device driver during the Windows 10 installation.

Others claim that the problem stems from the hardware’s driver not being digitally signed. Nonetheless, many people experienced the issue after upgrading to Windows 10, whereas the gamepad was linked to your PC. In other terms, if it had already been disconnected during the update, the problem might have been avoided.

Here were some of the most common problems that customers have reported:

  • USB gamepad not detected on Windows 10, 8, 7: Because the pain may occur on any Windows version, attempt either of our remedies since they’re all backward compatible with previous versions of the operating system.
  • Gamepad not recognized on Windows 10: The problem is most likely caused by a driver, therefore update the gamepad drivers and see if it helps.
  • Xbox gamepad not detected: Xbox controllers are supported by Windows 10. We have previously addressed Xbox controller difficulties on Windows 10 under one of our earlier posts, ensuring to read it for more details.
  • The gamepad does not work in PC games: The controller is most likely not correctly set up. Furthermore, your game drivers may be the source of the problem; therefore, keep them up to date.
  • Controller not found in Device Manager: If your computer is not recognizing the gamepad, you must locate any unfamiliar items in Device Manager and install their software.

How Can I Test My Xbox 360 Controllers To My PC?

It’s necessary to verify the connection after loading the appropriate software and connecting in or synchronizing the controller. Open your PC’s Start menu, go to the searching menu, and type “game controllers” into the search box. Set up USB gaming controllers should be shown as an option.

To confirm that the controller is working correctly, rotate the joysticks, draw on triggers, and push all control buttons. When everything is in order, the relevant action will be marked in the app. When each button is pressed, your system should show it. It makes no difference whether part of your life it reflects if it reflects all of your activities. It makes no difference which region of the display is lit up if this reflects the whole of your actions.

When your application isn’t correctly pairing to the controllers and specific buttons are not lighting up the arena, visit Xbox’s support page for comprehensive troubleshooting instructions.

Final Thought

When attached, this utility shows the average status of the inputs, Gamecube controllers, joysticks, and everything that your game can report. We trust that you will fully understand how to check if controller is working PC by completing our instructions.

Thank you for sticking with me to the finish. Have fun playing games!


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