How To Check Graphics Card On Laptop

What do you use the laptop for? Playing games, working, graphics design or more other things. You also need to know about the graphics card and check the graphics card. Many people think that it is not too important because the most important parts of a PC are CPU and RAM. It is a mistake to think like that, you not only need to know about it but also ought to know how to check graphics card on laptop. Right now, we will let you know why we tell it is as important as other hardware.

One day, when you see that your laptop does not work as well as the previous days, what do you think about this problem? The reason can be that the CPU model is old, the memory of RAM is fewer, and both have some problems with the graphics card. And finding graphics card may be the most simple of the 3 that you can do with some steps in some minutes. Hence, today, we will construct you to do that. In addition, we will also give you more information about it via these sections:

  • What Do You Know About The Graphics Card On Laptop?
  • Detailed step Of How To Check Graphics Card On Laptop.
  • FQA.
  • In Summary.
  • What Do The Writers Think About This Topic?

All the information we give you in this article is really simple and useful for you. So don’t give up soon. You will be disappointed and regret not reading what we give. Alright now, don’t waste much time. Let’s get started together right now.

What Do You Know About The Graphics Card On Laptop?

A Graphics card or video card is a part of graphics hardware and it can also be the most important one. Besides CPU and RAM, this is also an equally important component for both computers and laptops. This card has the task of drawing desktop, decode videos to render demanding PC games.

Especially, not only PCs for playing games, graphical laptops but also normal laptops, a good graphics card will give you higher graphical settings. Thanks to that, you will have better conditions to work and relax. And also thanks to that, the picture quality on the screen will become better, clearer and sharper. Nowadays, GPUs (graphics processing units) are usually created by AMD, NVIDIA or Intel. And these are also the most modern models today.

However, the model of GPU is usually changed year by year. That is the reason why you need to do GPU checks regularly to ensure that you are able to timely update to the latest version so that you always have the best visual experience.

In spite of that, how to check your GPU may be something that is still quite strange and new. Therefore, we will let you know the way of finding graphics cards and check their system information right now.

Detailed Steps Of How To Check Graphics Card On Laptop.

Let’s come to detailed steps to know what graphics card you have on the Windows 10/7/… operating system and more specifically Windows 10. Actually, it is also quite simple, you will know all the system information about your Windows 10 graphics with only 4 steps. And almost all system information will be shown in the “Task Manager” dialog.

Check the name of “what graphics card do I have?”

This is the first step for you to do. Before you want to learn more about something, you need to know the most basic thing first – that’s the name of that object. So does the video card. The useful Device Manager will help you to know its name. Therefore, in some steps, you will open Windows Device Manager.

How To Check Graphics Card On Laptop

  • 1: Now, you open the Start Menu on your laptop first.
  • 2: Then, type the word “Device Manager” and click it to open Windows Device Manager. After that, you will see its name near the “Display Adapters” section.
  • 3: In the case you are not really sure about it, next, do a right-click on it.
  • 4: After doing a right-click on Display Adapter, you will continue selecting the “Properties” that have just appeared. It will show you more exact information about your graphics card.

Note: You can also get to the same Properties box from the Windows 10 Start menu – select Settings, then System to get to Advanced Display Settings, and then Display Adapter Properties.

After knowing its name, you will probably still want to learn more. And of course, there is a lot of other useful information. Let’s continue.

Way 1:

Step 1: Open the “Task Manager” dialog

How To Check Graphics Card On Laptop

At this step, you are able to close the window above. Then, start right now.

  • 1: The first thing you need to do is click on the taskbar.
  • 2: Next step, move the mouse and select the “Task Manager”.
  • Note: If you don’t want to do many steps like that, here we have another shorter way for you. You can also use the keyboard with 2 keys “Windows + Esc”. This is the keystroke to open the “Task Manager” dialog.

This is the dialog that we talked about above. In it, you will see all things you want to know about graphics cards. Continue next step in the topic of how to check your GPU.

Step 2: Check all system information of each graphics card

The next information you receive will be a more important one. It will let you know “Is your graphics card outdated?”, “Do you need to replace a new graphics card?” and you need to choose a graphics card from which manufacturer to match the computers, PCs or laptops (AMD, NVIDIA or Intel). These may be questions that many people want to know the answers to before changing to a new one. Let’s see what you will do.

  • In the “Task Manager” dialog, click on the tab “Performance”. It is usually placed at the top in the right corner of the screen that you can see.
  • In this case, your laptop has a different layout that hasn’t displayed this tab yet. Don’t worry. Calm down and click to the tab “More Info” then go on with the “GPU 0”.

And here, all the information about the manufacturer and the model name appeared. In addition, more information about the graphics card that you probably want to know can also be shown here by Windows 10’s Task Manager such as dedicated memory, usage, both usage by application, etc. and you can detect NVIDIA cards too. If your laptop has more than 1 Windows graphics card, all of them will be shown in this dialog.

Way 2:

Not only that, we still have another simpler way for you to try. However, this way is still used with the older model than Windows 10. That is using the DirectX Diagnostic Tool, through the Device Manager tab.

Step 1: Press Windows and press letter R at the same time

Step 2: Open the dialog thanks to the keyword “dxdiag”

Then type “dxdiag” and press Enter to open “DirectX Diagnostic” Tool.


Step 3: Check all its information in the tab “Display”


First, you will see some information about your device. And if you want to get more about the graphics card, you need to click on the “Display” tab.

And then, all the things you need are here. You will see it in the “Device” section. Some things such as name, manufacturer, device type, VRAM – the amount of video memory in your video card and so on. (you can look at the picture to see all).

We shared with you all steps to check video card Windows 10. In addition, we still want to give you a small tip. In the case you have many cards on your Windows 10 PC, you can also control them easily with an app that is Windows 10’s Settings. Or you can also experience them in the NVIDIA Control Panel. These all things are installed into it too.


Q: Why should I know how to check the graphics card on my laptop?

A: The reason we also shared above. But we will still talk one more time for you. You know that GPU checks are very important. It affects the image quality of the device. If you don’t check and your video card model is old, you will not have a clear image and smooth processing speed. Know how to check it to know when you need to upgrade or replace a new one, from that, you will always work and play effectively and easily.

Q: Do I need to do GPU checks and change windows graphics cards regularly?

A: Actually, you don’t have to constantly check them every week or month. Because a model of Windows graphics card can be used for a few years. Therefore, you only need to check if you have used your laptop for a long time or when you feel that your laptop no longer works as well as before.

Q: What do I need to pay attention to when I want to replace a new graphics card?

A: The first thing you need to care about is the problems with your old graphics card that make you decide to replace a new one. Then, choose a new one which is able to improve. However, the second thing for you to check is the manufacturer. A new graphics card needs to have a similar manufacturer to the old one to ensure it matches your device.

In Summary

After all the information and knowledge we gave you, you not only know how to check graphics card on laptop but also know about the importance of the display card. And we believe that you will not regret a moment finding and checking your graphics card after a long time in just 3 simple steps:

  • Way 1: For Windows 10:
  • Step 1: Check the name of “what graphics card do I have?”
  • 1: Start the “Menu” → type “Device Manager” → its name appears near the “Display Adapter” section.
  • 2: Do these manipulations if you are not sure: click right on it → choose the “Properties” → exact information here.
  • Step 2: Open the “Task Manager” dialog.
  • Click on the taskbar → select the “Task Manager” → its dialog will appear.
  • Step 3: Check all the information on each graphics card.
  • 1: Choose to open the tab “Performance” (in the top right corner).
  • 2: Click on the tab “More Info” → continue clicking the “GPU 0”.
  • Way 2: For Older Windows Than Windows 10.
  • Step 1: Use the keystrokes “Windows + R”.
  • Step 2: Use the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.
  • Type “dxdiag” → press “Enter”.
  • Step 3: Choose the tab “Display”.
  • 1: Click on Display tab.
  • 2: Check the information in the “Device” section.

These are 2 ways for you to select one and both of them are simple and easy too. Let’s try to know the current status of your device. And improve it in time.

What Do The Writers Think About This Topic?

In our opinion, if we use a laptop, we still think that knowing how to check graphics card on laptop is a useful thing that everyone ought to know because it is also essential hardware in each computer. Most especially, that is people who use laptops to play video games and do graphics design, these are people who need to care about this thing most.

Because good experience when using a device also depends on the model of that device, when it becomes older, it definitely will not be as good as the original. Check it will help you update, upgrade or replace in time to always have the most wonderful experience and conditions for working and relaxing.

Those are all things we want to share with you in this article today. If you want to read more, you can also try some of our other articles.

And if you have any options or suggestions, leave them in the comment box, we will try to add more.

Another thing is that if you know anyone who needs this knowledge, don’t forget to share this article with them.

Hope you have a great time.

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