How To Change Steam Username? A Detailed Guide On Changing Your Identity

Meta: Fed up with your old Steam username and wish to change? Want to sound cool with a new nickname? Wonder how to change Steam username? Our simple guide will help!

Launched in 2003, Steam is one of the most popular cloud-based gaming sites among avid gamers and eSports players. This platform has been around for almost two decades, gaining great customer loyalty thanks to its inception.

To play games on Steam, you need to activate a user account represented by a username so that fellow gamers can find you and add you to their friend lists.

The thing is that you might find your 16-year-old player name a bit dumb as you grow older. The question is how to change Steam username when you start to dislike the current one?

You can change it, and change it very easily with our simple guide.

  • Login Steam and press the current name in the top right
  • Choose View Profile
  • Choose Edit Profile
  • Type a new name
  • Choose Save Changes

This article will also tell if there’s any downside to changing your username and the tips on protecting account privacy. Let’s get into the details!

How To Change Steam Username

How To Change Steam Username?

The term steamID, or Steam username, refers to a distinct identifier for each specific Steam account. Every player will have a different profile name. This name appears in the upper right of the home page.

In a multiplayer session, your fellows will see and use it to contact you during the game. The good news is that you can change your Steam username.

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However, before digging into the process, there are a few notes that Steam users should know.

What To Keep In Mind Before Changing Your Steam Profile Name?

Every Steam user has to select a nickname to start using their accounts.

For many people, their in-game presence has been synonymous with a fixed username for such a long time that their friends even use that nickname to call them in real life.

Our preferences and the way we would like to express our self-esteem can change over time. If you created your SteamID years ago, it’s no surprise that you want to change it now.

However, your Steam friends, who are used to identifying you by the current ID, may be confused with this sudden change.

Fortunately, Steam will automatically send a message to inform the one you’re talking to about your recent profile name change.

On the other hand, if you receive this automated message, please remember that Steam warns against scams where bad people impersonate others and try to steal high-value gaming items.

So it’s better to confirm the message by checking the sender’s previous aliases.

Steps To Change Steam Username

Changing a profile name is not difficult.

The process is not complicated at all. You can change Steam player name quickly and simply by doing the following:

  • Log in to your Steam account via a web browser or by installing the app on your PC.
  • Press your existing username at the upper right corner next to the Library button. It’ll take you to the profile section. Then, choose ‘Profile’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Tap ‘Edit Profile’ to go to the Steam account settings. A list of options pops up, and you need to click on the section ‘General’ on the left.
  • Then, press ‘Profile Name.’ Now, you can enter the new name that you’re thinking of and choose the option ‘Save Changes’ at the bottom of the screen.
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Your new SteamID is now displayed on the profile page. Your friends will see it in any gameplay.

Steam will save the history of your usernames in case people look for you after a sudden name change.

If you want to delete all the previous player names, go to your home page, press the icon ‘arrow’ beside your username, and choose ‘Clear Previous Aliases.’

How To Add Custom Nicknames?

Many Steam players use the same name, so it’s sometimes confusing to find a friend.

For this reason, Steam allows users to set a custom nickname for each specific friend in their friend lists and view their previous profile names. Many find this feature very useful and convenient.

Here’s how to add custom nicknames for your Steam friends:

  • Press ‘Friends & Chat’ at the lower right corner
  • After your friend list opens, choose a friend and click on the ‘arrow’ icon heading downwards.
  • Press ‘Manage’. You can pick between ‘Add Nickname’ in case you want to add a nickname and ‘Recent Names’ should you wish to view that user’s previous names.

This way, you can identify any buddies who frequently change their usernames.

Can I Change My Steam Account Name?

You’d better think carefully before choosing an account name.

You must be aware of the fact that you can’t change your Steam account name under any circumstance.

Even the Steam support team will not be able to help you with this change, so please note to think carefully before selecting a Steam account name.

You should understand the difference between the account name and username on this platform. You use the first one to log in to Steam, not the latter.

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Each account name is a numerical identification code. Therefore, it will go with you forever, except when you delete the account and create a new one.

How To Keep Your Steam Account Safe?

It’s extremely crucial to safeguard your Steam account because of many high-value items and online personal data as well. You’d better take a few practice steps to add some protection layers to your account for the sake of privacy.

First, you’ll need to enable the two-factor authentication setting. Once you activate this feature, Steam will notify you via mail or SMS whenever someone is trying to log in to your account or change your personal settings.

Plus, we advise you to cover your account with a tough password so that the chance that a hacker can crack it will be lower. While that person is struggling to enter your Steam account, the app would inform you of the potential risk.

Another important tip is to ignore emails asking for details. You should know that Steam will never mention any monetary details outside the platform. So bear in mind that you only make credit transactions on the official platform.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re a Steam professional or a hobbyist player, knowing how to change Steam username is a must before you join this interesting gaming site.

If you’ve just changed your avatar or profile design, switching to a new player name that matches the interface is also a good idea.

Now, it’s time to make yourself sound cool in-game!




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