Easy Tips On How To Back Up iPhone On Google Drive

Nowadays, with most smartphones, it has the critical task of storing essential information such as contacts, appointments, photos, or more. However, you cannot guarantee that they will not be damaged or stolen at any time.

That’s why Apple – one of the famous phone brands today, has provided a fast backup solution in the form of iCloud. However, Google Drive is also the perfect choice for this backup. So, how to back up the iPhone on Google Drive?


Why Is Google Drive Useful?

Why is it useful
Why is it useful

Before we talk about how to back up Google Drive, we think it is essential to have some information regarding the benefits of this application.

Similar to the iCloud cloud storage system, the Drive is responsible for receiving and storing data that your phone or PC moves between different platforms in a very efficient way.

This application can also share files and edit documents, documents, or spreadsheets flexibly and efficiently. Because of that, it is also very suitable for you to optimize your work every time you need to work in groups.

In addition, one of the conveniences that the Drive brings to users is the ability to directly send files from the Drive to the recipient’s Gmail. They can then now open or save the file to their Driver without downloading it.

How To Back Up iPhone On Google Drive

Backup iPhone On Driver
Backup iPhone On Driver

Without making you wait too long, here are three quick and easy ways for you to backup your iPhone to the Drive:

Backup Contacts, Calendars, and Photos with Google Drive

Backing up your contacts, calendar, photos, or videos to any cloud service ensures a few notes below:

  • First of all, make sure you have enough Wifi or cellular connection to avoid slowing down the backup process.
  • Next, use your email account with the extension @gmail.com instead of a business or education account.
  • Finally, since backing up your calendar, contacts, or photo data is done manually and doesn’t continue in the background, you won’t be able to use any other apps. The backup process will keep the screen on until the backup is complete.

Overall, you can easily see that this method is the better choice for you to back up your contacts or calendar, but it seems to be quite time-consuming with photos and videos. 

Don’t worry, though, because the following method is also the perfect option for you to back up your photos.

Automatically backup and sync photos with Google Photos

Google Photos
Google Photos

If method 1 is a good choice exclusively for backing up contacts or schedules, method 2 is better for backing up your photos. We will use the backup and sync feature from Google Photos with this method.

It’s easy to see, right from its name has helped users understand more about its professionalism. 

Notably, this method is more convenient and faster because you won’t have to open the application when backing up and still ensure the application is still active in the background.

Especially if your collection has new photos, they will automatically back up quickly. In addition, all photos can also be up to a business or education account if you want. Conveniently, right?

To make the most of your backup process, here are short and easy steps to get you up and running with the Photos quickly:

  • First, open the Photos and click on the “Hamburger” icon in the top left to bring up all the options.
  • Right after that, tap “Settings” and “Backup and sync.”
  • Finally, right after turning on backups by flicking the switch, choose an upload size that’s right for you. At this step, you can set the download mode when there is a Wifi connection or use mobile data for instant backup if you want.

Back up files and folders manually with the files app

With the previous two methods, you’ve probably quickly backed up your contacts, calendar, photos, or videos. You will promptly find that backing up to your phone is quite simple.

However, saving any file or folder to the phone does not seem to be an easy task.

Those documents are all created and set up by you from an application or website. Immediately after that, they start to store on iPhone to avoid the possibility of sudden loss or loss of data.

Choosing the Drive to select multiple files or folders doesn’t seem very feasible in practice. Instead of having to back up items one by one, prioritizing using Apple’s files will save you the most time. 

You cannot select multiple files and folders; you need to backup items one by one, which gets annoying quickly. We’ll be using Apple’s Files app instead.

  • After clicking on Google Drive, select the “settings” icon
  • Edit -> enter personal ID
  • Use the navigation bar to select multiple files
  • Copy and go to Google docs.

iCloud vs. Google Drive

If you are a person who regularly designs professional images or content, the cloud application that you definitely cannot ignore besides the Drive is probably iCloud. However, perhaps you have also wondered about these two applications’ features, performance, and more.

Right in this article, we will give the outstanding advantages and disadvantages of these two famous applications. Continue reading and find out.



First of all, it’s easy to see that iCloud and Google Drive have a lot in common. Both these applications guarantee performance, the ability to sync and backup, and create file association copies according to the user’s purpose.

The next thing that these two platforms have in common is that they integrate with the Adobe Creative Cloud Suite. However, during my experience, the Drive seems to work smoothly and better with these third-party suites.

It’s hard to find a downside between these two platforms. However, perhaps we still rate Google Drive higher because they are easier to log in to more accounts. 

In addition, swapping between tabs is also more flexible and is ideal when you use a lot of mail for different purposes such as work or volunteering.

The Drive also offers better collaboration features through shared storage. Therefore, we think this platform is suitable for designers who run ads regularly, helping to reach closer to customers and colleagues.

However, iCloud also stands out for its security features. And, of course, a plus point will be completely worth giving to iCloud when it comes to safety.

Both platforms require a few essential authentication factors in recent times, although for iCloud, all data stored on the server has end-to-end encryption according to the 128 standard-bit AES

Of course, Google has encryption at rest, but no terminal code is included. So although this is not the case, your data may be disclosed by Google employees or anyone to whom Google provides your data.

So, in terms of the privacy policy, iCloud will probably be perfect.


Google Drive is the most versatile as it works for most devices, including iOS, macOS, iPad, Windows, and Android. More specifically, Google Drive seems to be very suitable to use even when your network connection is poor.

Meanwhile, iCloud works exclusively for iOS, macOS, and iPadOS devices. While fully integrating into operating systems as well as functioning in the background.

But there is one downside to iCloud that professional users probably realize is that they have difficulty connecting as soon as possible. 

Plus, downloading the iCloud client is a hassle and sometimes a frustrating experience.


Easy Tips On How To Back Up iPhone On Google Drive

Next, we continue to mention the next common point of these two platforms, the ability to support. As soon as some unfortunate problems arise, both Apple and Google are reliable options for you.

Since they’re the top two apps, they’re also at the top in terms of safety and having quality support websites and easy-to-access customer representatives.

Moreover, the forums and the articles of experts also do not have a significant difference between iCloud and Google Drive.

However, according to our experience, we prefer to choose Google because it will be simpler to contact a Google consultant. It took us up to 30 minutes to contact Apple, while it took us just over two minutes to access Google.

Package price

The data plan of Google and Apple has a significant difference. If Google offers users up to 15 GB of free storage, Apple only offers 5 GB for free. 

No matter how much memory is, they all depend on your usage and storage needs. If you need a lot of storage, of course, you need to upgrade to a higher capacity plan according to your wishes.

If you need to upgrade, you can refer to iCloud’s most common and reasonable plan, which is 50 GB, total storage is 55 GB, and costs $0.99/month. With Google, for $1.99/month, you get 100 GB of space.

Also, if you require more storage, around 200GB, both platforms support the standard price of $2.99/month. Besides, if you need more than that, you can upgrade to a 2TB data plan for a price that hits $10/month on both platforms.

You can also notice that there is not a big difference in the prices of Apple and Google. However, it seems that Google continues to win more points with users because of its high discount every year. In addition, Google plans are also very convenient for you to share and use with your family.


We covered helpful information related to Google Drive. Hopefully, you have a suitable answer to the question “How to back up iPhone on Google Drive?

Finally, if any questions need answering, leave your comment right below this article, and we will soon send you the most suitable answer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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