How Long Do Macbooks Last: Research Results And Tips 2021

It is generally agreed that the MacBook is a significant financial investment. You would expect expensive items to perform smoothly and last a long time. In this article, we’ll study how long do Macbooks last and how to care for them.

The main reason people become Mac users is because of its reputation as a high-end laptop that has a beautiful design and is also sturdy. Although these laptops have a lengthy lifespan, they are not eternal.  There is a bevy of elements that influence the longevity of your MacBook, and accidents or thefts are always a possibility.

Fortunately, if you take proper care of your laptop, it should serve you well for a bunch of years.

Factors Affecting Macbook’s Lifespan

We categorize the factors into users and technology. Both are inevitable and considerably affect the product’s life expectancy. While you can minimize the detrimental impacts by taking good care, the technology factors lay beyond our control.

User factors

Whether fortune or objects endure or not solely depends on the owner.

  How Long Do Macbooks Last

Wear and tear

How well you care for a product, like with any other purchase, will have a significant impact on how long it will last. MacBook is no exception. It would last longer if you preserve your investment by not dropping it, throwing it around, or spilling liquids on it.

If one travels with it frequently, uses it in severe outside conditions, and doesn’t clean the surfaces so often, he may need to replace it relatively soon.

I don’t mean that you must not use it for any purposes; just remember that certain forms of use can decrease its lifespan, while proper maintenance will extend it. Same as the majority of other things you buy and use.

Type of user

How long your MacBook can last with you depends on the sort of user you are. The laptop will be able to stay with its owner over time if he is a light user who only uses it for word processing or perhaps some light tasks such as internet surfing.

If you’re a frequent user who uses your computer for heavy programs, huge file transfers, or for graphic-intensive videos or online games, you’ll find your system getting slower as it gets older.

Technology envy

This might be the most significant point why tech nerds need to update more frequently than normal users. Later technology is being put out, and people are starting to use it. We can’t bear the fact that others’ systems are better and more effective than ours.

Our existing gadget is undoubtedly good and functional, but we frequently feel compelled to have the newest technology, thus we eventually wind up buying a new MacBook even if our current one is almost still in good condition.

Technology factors


Apple has a tradition of designing products that are difficult to update. I certainly don’t mean to blame them; indeed it’s a brilliant business approach that has shown to be successful.

There’s no disputing that Apple goods, like the MacBook, are built to last. However, updating the hardware inside them yourself may be exceedingly difficult, otherwise impossible in some circumstances. In the long term, it is more cost effective to simply get a new one.


The battery gradually wears out. This doesn’t mean you have to run out and get a new laptop right away. There are guides available to assist you in replacing the battery, or you may get it changed at an Apple shop.

The typical battery lasts approximately four to five years. Once you change it, you should be fine for the remainder of your Laptop’s life.

Operating systems

All computer systems are subject to this issue. Technology ultimately catches up to that fantastic system you bought. There isn’t much we can do about it. Our OS becomes obsolete even faster as technology progresses at a fast rate.

After an operating system evolves, a previous system will ultimately be unable to upgrade to a new OS. Most Macbooks that were manufactured before 2013 are unable to update the latest version of macOS, placing them behind.

Numerous programs that you aim to run will no longer be able to operate on your computer if you do not upgrade your operating system. This will also cause several compatibility issues, necessitating the purchase of new MacBook models.

When To Get A New Macbook?

How Long Do Macbooks Last

If you are suffering more than 2 of the 4 problems below, you should consider buying a new Mac. We have listed 4 common indicators that you are using obsolete Macs.

The responsive speed is too low

An obvious sign showing that your Macbook is near the end of its life is that it reacts very slowly. Macbooks as well as other Apple products are well-known for effectively optimizing software and hardware. This means that their products work really fast and efficiently.

Technology advances at a breakneck pace, and a laptop that is five years old or older will not have the same powerful elements as a brand new one. On older MacBooks, important components of its working power, namely the RAM and CPU, will be much slower.

The battery runs out very quickly

How Long Do Macbooks Last

If your MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or Mac mini models’ battery life seems to be becoming shorter by the week, it’s likely that the battery is reaching the end of its life.

For example, your laptop runs out of power only 1 hour after fully charged. You have to plug in almost all the time when using the device. It means that the battery has become too old for even simple tasks like occasional web browsing.

No space free

The more documents, apps, and data you save on your computer as it becomes older, the less storage space you have. When third-party software and software updates are getting heavier than ever, it’s difficult for the old hardware as well as the current macOS version to keep pace with.

Additional sophisticated applications and future software will likewise need more space. Old MacBook models don’t always have a lot of storage space, and the closer your laptop gets to being full, the worse it performs.

Your laptop is no longer supported with the latest version of Mac OS

Every year, Apple releases a new macOS version or MacOS big Sur with better privacy protection and new interesting features.

You cannot upgrade your operating system to the latest macOS version because of its age. This can be aggravating to say the least, however after a few years, the computer may become an outdated Mac in terms of operating system changes.

This is quite understandable because outdated hardware cannot keep pace with the development of many futures software or macOS updates.

How To Properly Take Care Of Your Macbook?

Here are some helpful tips to help prolong the life of your Macbook:

Pay attention to the battery

  How Long Do Macbooks Last

The battery cycle refers to the amount of time the MacBook ran on battery power rather than being connected to a power outlet. If the laptop was completely charged, for example, you could disconnect it and work for a few hours. The charge was reduced by 50%, and you recharged it. You run on the battery the following day and charge it after it loses another 50% of its charge.

Normally, a Macbook battery can work efficiently before it reaches 1000 charging circles. Briefly speaking, MacBook attempts to charge to 60% as soon as possible to get the most energy out of it. When the battery level reaches 60%, MacBook speeds down and takes longer to hit 100%. The Laptop will cease charging entirely once the level hits 100%. Instead of using the battery, it takes power straight from the power adapter.

Clean regularly

How Long Do Macbooks Last

Cleaning regularly can help to avoid the risks from dust and tiny insects, thereby, can lengthen your Mac lifecycle.

Apple products are built from several materials, each of which has its own cleaning requirements. Here are some general guidelines to help you get started:

  • Only use a lint-free, soft cloth. Abrasive cloths, towels, paper towels, and other similar things should be avoided.
  • Excessive wiping might cause harm, so don’t do it.
  • All external power sources, gadgets, and wires should be unplugged.
  • Unless specifically specified for specific items, keep liquids away from the product.
  • Moisture should not enter any holes.
  • Aerosol sprays, bleaches, and abrasives should not be used.

Keep it dry

How Long Do Macbooks Last

Like other electronic products, Macbooks are vulnerable to a humid environment. Also, avoid putting your cold drinks, especially coffee next to the laptop. This may not only gather the moisture around the computer but also pose a risk of spilling onto the keyboard.

If a drink spills on your MacBook, press and holds the power button for a few seconds until it shuts down. This is referred to as “forced shutdown.” While random shutdowns are not always recommended, however, in this situation, speed is more important than anything else. Disconnect the power adapter from the MacBook if it is plugged in.

Keep it cool and ventilated

After water, heat is the second worst enemy of MacBooks. When its CPU is working hard, it becomes heated. The heat is absorbed via the MacBook’s underside.

When many Mac users place their laptop in bed and prop it up on a blanket or pillow, the air ducts might become clogged, causing heat to build up within the laptop. The CPU temperature will rise even higher as a result of this.

The CPU may be irreversibly destroyed if the temperature rises to a particular level. Mac, thankfully, will shut down to avoid this, but you get the idea. Keeping the laptop cold will ensure that it runs smoothly.

Additionally, keep MacBooks out of direct sunlight. I’ve seen folks leave their computers in their cars on occasion. The sun might harm the MacBook in addition to encouraging criminals to steal into the automobile.

Avoid scratches

If you’re using the device as a home computer, which means it’s always on the desk and plugged in, you shouldn’t be concerned about scratches. In many other circumstances – frequent travels, dragging the Mac from room to room, lugging the laptop from home to work or school, small children, etc. – it makes sense to invest in the investment’s security.

By using Macbook cases, sleeves and skins, you can protect your investment from being scratched

What To Do With An Old Macbook?

How Long Do Macbooks Last

If something goes wrong with your Mac and it’s in the outdated category, you’ll have a hard time getting the components you need to fix it since Apple won’t give them. Therefore, you can find that old Mac laptop repairs are almost impossible.

You may also be able to find an old Mac on e-commerce platforms or elsewhere and trash it for components, but we don’t think it’s worth the time and effort.

If your Mac Pro or other Mac models only has a single problem with the battery, you can think of battery replacement. This would save your budget well. A new battery can be found at every Apple store.

If your Mac is on the vintage list, Apple may help you, but there is just no guarantee. If you’re lucky enough to acquire the component, an Apple service provider might repair your Mac, however, the cost will almost certainly be exorbitant.

Final thoughts

So, how long do MacBooks last? There is no exact answer to this question because it depends on a variety of factors. Depending on the aforementioned considerations, it may be more appropriate to consider Mac lifespan as a range of roughly five to eight years. The average lifespan of Macbook pro maybe longer, ranging from 7 to 9 years.

A MacBook can last a varied period of time for various people due to all of the problems that can be attributed to its age and functional lifetime. Generally, if you’re not using your laptop for high-level work like video editing and instead stick to fundamental things like web surfing and other similar activities, your computer will live longer.

By the article, we hope that you have found useful information and thereby, can lengthen the lifespan of your laptop. Thank you for reading till the end!



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