How do you clean a mousepad without ruining it?

Mousepads are a common piece of furniture in many homes . They come in a variety of shapes and sizes , and can be used for both work and leisure purposes. The most important part of a mousepad is the surface
How do you clean a mousepad without ruining it? : Here are the 6 simple steps for the best mousepad cleanup. Determine the mousepad’s fabric. Put soap and hot water in a bowl. Submerge the mousepad. Smoothly rub the mousepad. Real Good Rinse It. Clean the mousepad with air. SteelSeries Makes It Simple To Keep Your Mousepad Spotless.

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Precision of your mouse not what it used to be? Your mousepad may need cleaning. Scroll down for our easy step by step guide on how to clean your mousepad

How to Clean Your Mousepad in 6 Easy Steps

Your gaming equipment endures a lot, from marathon sessions to the occasional post-loss gamer flip-out (you always take it out on the people you love). The least you can do is look after it and give it a good clean occasionally. It is far too simple to ignore the pizza crumbs on your keyboard and the slick fingerprints left by an energy drink spill on your mouse after a late-night binge. Your mousepad is one component of your gaming setup that is frequently disregarded.

This underappreciated piece of gaming equipment plays a surprising role in your setup. A dirty mousepad can significantly reduce the accuracy of your mouse. Make it a habit to clean your mousepad thoroughly and frequently to prevent dirt accumulation. Here are the 6 simple steps for the best mousepad cleanup.

1. Determine the Fabric of Your Mousepad The fabric of your mousepad will determine how deeply you need to clean it – maybe it’s a neoprene mousepad or perhaps rubberized. Some mousepads are machine washable depending on the fabric, but we recommend to follow our guide instead as it’s the safest and best way of cleaning your mousepad withoutany risk of damaging it. This guide will work for all fabric mousepads if you follow the steps to the letter. If you have a pad that has a hard surface, particularly a plastic mousepad, you’re more than welcome to follow this guide, but all plastic mousepads really require is a wipe over with a damp cloth and a mild cleaner.

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2. Fill a Bowl With Hot Water and Soap Grab yourself a bowl or just use your kitchen sink, and fill it with hot water. Add a little hand soap and give it a swirl so it’s fully mixed in with the water. You could also substitute hand soap for dish soap – but hand soap is preferable since it’ssofter and kinder to fabrics.

3. Submerge the Mousepad Put your pad into the bowl or sink, and make sure to push it down so the water covers it and it’s fully submerged. Let it sit there in the water for a little while so any grease and dirt that’s been absorbed into the mousepad has time to dissolve.

4. Give Your Mousepad a Gentle Rub Time to get your hands wet. Once your mousepad has been soaking for a while, go ahead and give it a rubwith your hands. Remember to remain gentle with it so as not to damage the surface fabric, especially if you have a soft and sensitive mousepad. Be extra careful too if you have a mousepad with an illustration or graphic on it, since rubbing it can damage the design.

If your pad has a design similar to this QcK PUBG Miramar Edition, rub gently.

5. Rinse It Real Good When you’re happy that you’ve given the mousepad enough of a deep massage to get all of the dirt and stains out of the layers of fabric, rinse it under the hot water tap until all traces of soap are gone and the water runs fully clear.

6. Air Your Mousepad Out Thebest way to dry your mouse pad after it’s been washed is to just let it air dry inside or if possible hang it out in the sun. If you really are in a hurry to get back to gaming and don’t have time to let it air dry, you can use a hairdryer. But make sure to use the lowest heat setting and don’t get the hairdryer too close to your mousepad. Blasting your mousepad with too much heat can really damage the surface, so proceed with caution.

To switch between premium hard polymer and micro-textured cloth, simply flip the QcK Prism mousepad over. Avoid submerging Prism RGB mousepads in water. Instead, just clean the surface.

7.Keeping Your Mousepad Squeaky Clean Is Easy With SteelSeries Follow these 6 simple steps for cleaning your mousepad, so you can be sure nothing is standing in your way of winning – not even a dirty mousepad. All mousepads by SteelSeries are made of the highest quality cloth and are super easy to clean, making optimizing your setup a doddle.

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Can mouse pad be washed? : You can wash cloth mouse pads by hand or in a washing machine. But you must always be gentle when cleaning your cloth pad. For hand washing, use mild shampoos and soaps, and for washing machines, use gentle detergents. Always use cold water to clean cloth mousepads instead of hot or warm water.
How do you clean a dirty gaming mouse pad? :
How do you clean a stained mouse pad? : Apply a small amount of soap after wetting the mousepad with warm water. Use the sponge to scrub any stains off the mousepad’s surface after applying the soap. Be careful not to scratch the surface and use a soft sponge if your mousepad has a design on the top. Repeat on the back of the mousepad after flipping it over.
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To keep your equipment free of dust and grime, our product team has approved the mousepad cleaning procedure described in this guide.

In any case, it’s a good idea to regularly clean your mousepad and other peripherals if you’ve experienced any tracking problems while playing video games.

Wet wipes or a damp cloth work well to remove the oil, grease, and dirt that your hands transfer to rubber or plastic mousepads, but cloth or fabric mousepads require a little more work to clean.

(Note that this cleaning technique is only suitable for non-RGB/non-wired mousepads. Read How to Clean Your RGB or QcK Prism Mousepad on the blog if you have a QcK Prism or another RGB/wired mousepad. ).

You will need:

  • Milddish soap

  • Cleaning brush

  • Towel


  • Submerge your mousepad in a bathtub or large basin of some sort (like your kitchen sink), preferably full of warm water (reminder: don’t do this with a wired/RGB mousepad).

  • Pour a small amount of mild dish soap onto the mousepad. Remember, a little goes a longway.

  • Using the brush, scrub the entirety of the mousepad thoroughly to remove stains, oil, and debris.

  • Rinse the mousepad thoroughly and make sure to get it as dry as possible before setting it to dry on a towel, cloth side down.

  • After a couple of hours, the mousepad should be ready for gaming! Repeat as needed.

  • Enjoy your clean mousepad!

    Note: While we don’t recommend them, if you do choose to use sprays, wipes, or any othercleaning and disinfecting products on your equipment, please carefully read all labels to ensure safe and correct use for both your belongings and your own health.

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    Additional Question — How do you clean a mousepad without ruining it?

    How often should I clean my mousepad?

    Try to clean your mouse pad at least three or four times a year, especially if you work in an office. Naturally, if the situation demands it, raise that number.

    Can I use baking soda to clean mouse pad?

    Dos and Don’ts for Cleaning a Mouse Pad Use baking soda to get rid of smells and stains, or hand-wash your gaming mousepad for a thorough cleaning. Avoid putting your mousepad in the washing machine, despite how tempting it may be. The rubber padding underneath might become distorted, and the fabric might fray.

    Can you clean a mousepad with a Clorox wipe?

    Although you shouldn’t need to disinfect your mouse, a Clorox or Lysol wipe should do the trick. In order to prevent an excessive buildup of dust and grime, it is best to clean your mouse on a regular basis with a damp microfiber cloth.

    What is the buildup on my mouse?

    The majority of mouse pads are made of materials that resemble cloth, making them vulnerable to dust buildup. Additionally, they can become soiled from eating, drinking, or perspiring, which could impair the mouse’s functionality. The mouse rests on the mousepad, so it stands to reason that if the mousepad is dirty, the mouse will eventually become dirty as well.

    How do I clean a large RGB mouse pad?

    How do I clean my Logitech mouse pad?

    Conclusion :

    Cleaning a mouse pad without ruining it is an important task. By using a Dyson head vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner, you can clean the pad effectively and safely. Additionally, using a plunger can help remove any dirt and Mouse Pads from the surface. If you have any questions or suggestions about how to clean a mouse pad effectively, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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