How do I use fences in Windows 10?

Fences in Windows 7 was a handy feature which let you group various tasks and functions into separate phrases. For example, you could create a fence for email accounts and group email related tasks and separate from another for messenger and social media accounts. In Windows 10, Windows has created the Task View where you can group multiple tiles in single view. However, you can also create Windows 8 stylefences to regroup different types of tasks.

In order to make a new fence, right click on the desktop and select “Show Desktop icons” option. This will display all your desktop icons in a single view.

Desktop Icons in Single View

You can now right click on any icon you would like to group into a new fence. In this example, we’ll create a newfence for email accounts.

Create a fence in Windows 10

There is a “New Group” option inside the context menu for grouping the icons into a single window. After clicking “New Group” icon, a new window will open and it will display an icon for the newly createdgroup. You can now drag other desktop icons to the “new” section and rearrange the tiles by dragging them.

Create Fence in Windows 10

To close the fence, right click on the newly created icon and select the “close” command.

CloseFence in Windows 10

After closing the fence, you will get a single view again. Unlike other versions of Windows operating system, there is no option to resize or move the newsection to another part of the screen. Hence, make sure you arrange the panes in the right size before opening each task in the corresponding folder. You can also assign keyboard shortcuts to create a custom “Tab” type view of yourfences to save space on the screen. The commands for creating a new fence and closing it is same as with “Show Desktop” function. You can simply open the “Control Panel > Personalization > Taskbar > Navigation” menu and switch the “TaskView” setting to “Always show all settings” and set a keyboard shortcut for “View all desktops”. This will open a pop up which allows you to createnew fences and close them using the assigned shortcuts. Check out this article for a list of useful keyboard shortcuts in Windows 8/10/7 OS.

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