Gummy UI improvements

I am currently working together with Jan on improving the Gummy tool (website still under construction). We have come a long way since Jan wrote the first version for his Master’s thesis. I figured it might be interesting to share a few screenshots of different phases in the development:

Here’s the first version (June 2007):


A version with roughly the same UI but lots of architectural improvements (November 2007):


The current version with an improved UI (March 2008):


I think the most significant improvement is the new toolbox. Designers can now more easily distinguish between different widgets. In previous versions, some widgets were hard to distinguish. We added labels to each widget in the toolbox, and improved the inline rendering of the widgets. Notice that these images are still not predefined icons, but real widgets rendered to a bitmap. However, in the current version we chose to render them at their optimal size and then scale the images down.

Rendering widgets to bitmaps also forced us to migrate to Windows. We started our development on GNU/Linux using Mono but had to switch due to an annoying bug in Mono’s implementation of Control.DrawToBitmap. Future versions should be able to run in Mono again when this bug is fixed though.

Update: Jan sent me a screenshot of an even older version of Gummy, dated back to December 19, 2006:


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