Easily Transmit Your Web History to Yahoo! [groovyTips]

Yahoo! Mail has improved its Webmail service dramatically over the past year. In addition to a new interface, you can also now easily transfer your complete onlineWebmail history to your Yahoo! account.

Recently, I started using Firefox instead of Internet Explorer as my primary web browser. Since IE is my primary browser, I configured all of my Favorites, Bookmarks, and RSS Feeds in IE. Instead of importing all of my Favorites into Firefox, I decided to just importmy Webmail history into Yahoo! Mail. This way I can access my webmail favorites without having to dig through my IE favorites.

Transferring Your Gmail, Hotmail, or AOL Webmail to Yahoo!

Since most webmail providers allow you to check your mail from any computer, it’s a good idea to store your email account data in more than one place. If you store your e-mail in yourGoogle (GMail), Myspace (Windows Live), or AOL (AIM) account, you can easily transfer your webmail to Yahoo! with the following steps.

1. Log into your web-based e-mail account and export your messages to a folder on your computer with a name like “messages.EML” or something similar. Depending on the e-mail service you use, the EML file format may consist of several folders. For example, Gmail’s EML file consists of “Inbox,” “Chat,” and “Sent.” Your EMLfile must be in the same format as it will be when you import it into Yahoo!

2. Install Live Mail Connector by Windows Live or Mozilla Thunderbird (for Mozilla Firefox). The Live Mail Connector will allow you to transfer your messages from an .EML or .MBOX file toyour new Hotmail.com or Outlook.com inbox. If you’re using .MSG files, the .MSG file is converted into an .EML file when you open it in Windows Live. After installing Live Mail Connector, open your .EML or .MBOX file and it will automatically start importing your messages into your new Hotmail account.

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3. Now it’s time to move your messages over to your new desktop e-mail application. If you haven’t done so already, download and install Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook (whichever is available for your computer). After installing Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook, open the .EML or .MBOXfile that you exported earlier. Your messages will automatically be transferred to the new .PST file. You can now choose to keep these messages in Microsoft Outlook or open Thunderbird to view them. (Keep in mind, .PST files are for Microsoft Outlook and .OST files are for Thunderbird. )

Final Thoughts

If you have a .PST or .OST file in your oldWebmail account, you can very easily copy this to your new webmail provider. Just create a new folder in your .PST or .OST files and drag and drop all of your message there. You can then simply paste them in to your new account and your done! The .MPT or .OST files make it easy to transfer all of your old messages to a new web-based e-mail client. I hope you’ve learned something from this article. If you know of any other ways to easilytransfer your past and future emails to a new email account, be sure to tell us in the comments.

Easily Transmit Your Web History to Yahoo! [groovyTips]

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