Do Laptop Cooling Pads Work? A Laptop Cooler Pad Buyer Guide

Heat is said to be a nightmare for all electronic devices. In fact, when electronic devices operate, the CPU and RAM will generate quite a large amount of heat, causing the machine to heat up. Therefore, you need to find a solution to dissipate heat and reduce the temperature of the laptop, avoiding overheating. In this article we will learn together about laptop cooling pads, do laptop cooling pads work with your laptop? If you are using laptop for gaming, maybe you need know how to keep your gaming laptop cool while playing a game.

Below you will find some information about laptop cooling which helps you to decide whether you need a cooling pad fan or not. Keep reading ASM to keep up with beauty trends for laptop cooling pad in 2021.

What Is Laptop Cooling Pad?

Laptop Cooler Pad has many different names such as laptop fan, cooling pad with heat dissipation function, cooling the laptop during work, contributing to increasing the machine’s durability and limiting damage.

Base design, placed underneath the laptop is both a cooling fan, cooling the computer and a laptop stands for users to sit in a more correct posture, limiting hunchback when working with a laptop.

The heatsink base can be made of plastic or metal, inside there is a built-in cooling fan and some cooling tools. The base is sized to fit each type of laptop, such as 11 inches, 13 inches, 15 inches, 17 inches, etc., so you can rest assured when using it.

Structure Of The Cooling Pad?

A cooling pad has the following main components:

  • Base made of plastic or alloy.
  • Inside the base design a cooling fan compartment, there is 1 big fan or 2 small fans on either side or 3 fans, 4 fans, 6 fans, etc.
  • USB cable to connect to the laptop.

Laptop Cooling Pads Work

What Types Of laptop Coolers Are Included?

Laptop cooling pads have 2 basic groups:

1. Active laptop cooling pad

The active laptop cooling base type prioritizes the use of many small fans to cool the computer based on the power supplied from the laptop via a direct-connected USB port.

The principle of operation of the active laptop cooling pad is that when your laptop is used for a long time, it will heat up, the base will automatically dissipate heat and cool the laptop until the laptop returns to its normal state. often.

2. Passive laptop cooling pad

Passive laptop coolers are not as popular on the market as active ones. This type of laptop cooling base works on energy from organic salt compounds, limited to 6-8 hours and if used for a long time can negatively affect the computer battery.

Laptop Cooling Pad Target

The laptop was created with the mission to be compact, reduce the cumbersome, you can take it anywhere you want. However, it is because of its compact design that it has thermal problems because all systems are enclosed in the machine.

Over a period of use, you will see the phenomenon of the computer heating up, which will cause a lot of problems that affect the durability of the laptop. You will notice that this situation occurs more when your laptop is used for a long time or cheap laptops.

However, heat problems are not limited to cheap models, even expensive laptops can get hot if you use them too much. Another point is that checking the temperature on a laptop is not easy, that’s why you need a laptop cooling device to make your laptop durable.

Among the ways to cool down a laptop, using a laptop cooling pad is the most commonly used tool, so why is that, is the laptop cooling pad effective? Why do users choose laptop cooling pads?

  •  The laptop cooling base is very convenient, fixed at the desk or disassembled in a backpack to carry around.
  •  The laptop cooling base creates a gap between the table surface and the laptop, so the hot air from the laptop escapes is easily dissipated by the fan to the outside.
  • The laptop cooling stand elevates the computer so that the laptop screen fits the user’s vision, avoiding shoulder fatigue and hunchback when operating on the machine for a long time.
  • The laptop cooling pad is designed according to the size of the computer, so it is suitable for the majority of laptops on the market.

With all the information above, to answer the question Do laptop cooling pads work in the title, then I can confirm with you that using a laptop cooling pad is extremely effective to cool down your laptop.

Things To Consider When Buying A Laptop Cooling Pad

As an important and essential part of a laptop, so the selection must also be focused, here are the criteria you need to consider when choosing:

Design and materials suitable for laptops

The thing to consider when buying the first laptop cooling stand is its design, the heatsink must have a wide surface with good heat-dissipating metal material and the footrest must be designed very firmly, because now even though There are ultra-thin and ultra-light Ultrabooks that are only under 1.5kg, but there are still laptops weighing up to 3 or 4kg, especially laptops for gamers.

In addition to being considered a cooling fan, a laptop cooling pad also helps to raise the laptop screen to fit your vision and does not suffer from hand fatigue when operating the keyboard for a long time. The most important thing is that you have to choose a laptop cooling pad with a design that is in harmony with your laptop. Currently, on the market, there are many lines of laptop cooling pads suitable for laptops with sizes from 15, 16, even 17 inches.

Position and number of propellers

This is something to consider when buying a second laptop cooler when choosing the right heatsink for your laptop. First, you need to locate the heat dissipation port on the bottom of the laptop. Some laptops have a heat port located in the center, some are skewed to the left or right

If the heat outlet is centrally located, you can choose heat sinks with a large exhaust fan in the center to draw heat directly and accurately. If your heat outlet is skewed to the left or right, then you should choose a base with 2 fans, so you won’t worry about the heat outlet and the fan being misaligned.

Therefore, the best way when choosing to buy a laptop cooling pad is to choose one that has a metal surface to dissipate heat. Have 2 or more fans or at least the fan should be big enough to cool all over the back of the laptop.


Redundant USB connection port

When using a laptop cooling pad, you will have to use a USB port to power it. That means you lose a USB port on your laptop, which will be very inconvenient when you have to use many devices that need a USB port at the same time.

Choose a portable laptop cooler with a double USB port or a spare USB connection on the body of the heatsink. If you decide to place a fixed laptop cooling pad, you don’t have to think much about its size or design.

If you are a person on the go, you should choose a laptop cooler with a thin base that still ensures heat dissipation, and is easy to store in a backpack.


This is the last thing to consider when buying a laptop cooling stand that you have to look out for. Currently, there are many types of heat sinks with different prices on the market. But a good laptop cooling fan will also go hand in hand with its price.

You don’t need to buy an expensive laptop cooler if your use is only basic because it will be a waste, but also don’t buy a cheap one because it will not be durable. If you want to invest in the long-term for your beloved laptop, then carefully consider the types of laptop coolers when choosing to buy.

Laptop Water Cooling Kit

The laptop water cooling kit is one of the most trending products today. But unlike conventional laptop cooling, water cooling is a more complex system and includes quite a few components. Moreover, each detail has its own characteristics that require players to understand and understand all of them. Here are some details about water cooling laptops that readers can refer to

1.What is laptop water cooling?

Similar to cooling a laptop with a fan or a metal plate, the main task of the laptop water cooler is to keep the CPU temperature at an acceptable level to ensure stability. But the way these two laptop coolers work are completely different.

Fan-based laptop cooling bases are used to increase the contact surface of the CPU with the air. The fan is responsible for increasing the amount of air moving through the surface of that metal foil and the air will absorb heat and the fan will blow them elsewhere. However, laptop water cooling will put heat from the CPU into an empty copper block called a water block. The water inside the block will absorb this heat and bring it to the cooling unit by pushing the pump.

Thus, it is easy to see that the advantage of laptop water cooling is that the amount of heat is handled outside the computer case in a predetermined direction. Absolutely no “dispersion” like when using a laptop cooling base with a fan.

2.Construction of Laptop water cooling kit

A set of Watercooling includes the following main parts:


It is no exaggeration to say that this is one of the most important parts of a water cooling system. The block will be responsible for transferring the heat emitted from the CPU, VGA, Main, and RAM into the water. That is why the design of the Block is extremely important to the overall performance.

Block performance good or bad is often evaluated based on factors such as:

  • The grooved copper face is thin and small.
  • How to squeeze the juice in a block (because each company has a different way of squeezing)

In case your needs are higher and want to use water to cool the graphics card. Buy blocks specifically for the GPU instead of choosing those that cover the whole card. They may be more efficient though. Because the type of block designed specifically for the GPU is often more cared for and made from better materials.


The water runs into the Radiator and is divided through the small grooves in the middle, which are closely spaced heatsinks for higher heat dissipation.

Reservoir (tank)

When the water cooling system is installed, we pour the cooling water into the tank to complete the system. Tanks are usually made from Acetal, Acryl and Glass. In fact, the Reservoir determines the aesthetics of the case. That’s why you need to choose carefully.


Water wants to move through the components of the water cooler, it needs a push and the pump will take care of this function. That’s why you should buy a quality pump.

Fitting and Tube

Fitting is divided into 2 types: soft tube fit and hard tube fit.


Of course, a water radiator must have water or some special liquid inside. Coolant is simply a type of cooling water that conducts heat for the entire computer water cooling system. More specifically, this type of cooling water also contributes significantly to increasing the aesthetics of your system.

3.Who is water cooling suitable for?

Water cooling is suitable for those who have a high frequency of work, open the machine 20/24, and have to use heavy and ram-consuming software such as photo and 3D design software.

Other Ways To Cool Down Laptop

when working for a long time, laptop will produce heat, causing the machine to heat up and radiate around. If it happens often, it will affect the life of the laptop as well as reduce the working performance of the machine. Therefore, the heat dissipation for laptops is very interested in users.

Currently, there are many ways to cool the computer CPU such as:

  • Enable self-cooling on Windows.
  • Use custom laptop cooling software and manage applications running in the background on Windows, thereby limiting overload, reducing CPU heat, and saving power. Laptop cooling software is a common way to cool down laptops, used by many users: Speedfan, CPUIdle Extreme 30, …
  • Many people also use the BIOS method, a hardware troubleshooting process to cool the computer chip, cooling down the CPU. However, this method is not suitable for the vast majority of laptops today.

Our Top Pick

Outstanding Laptop Cooling Pad Products

1.Thermaltake Massive

Massive TM by Thermaltake is the best cooling pad for MacBook pro. Massive TM has a perfect fit for all Mac laptops, from the Macbook 12 to the Macbook 17, thanks to its adjustable size that keeps your computer in the right fan position. Besides, this laptop cooling base has two fans to suck in hot air and then push hot air out.

Massive TM has 4 separate thermostats to regulate the temperature yourself, and you can also manually adjust the temperature by rotating the turbine. It is also designed with a foldable foot so you can adjust the position of the computer easily.

After a period of using Massive TM, I have realized some extremely outstanding advantages of it, that is, it can monitor the temperature of the computer, and when the temperature of the laptop becomes too hot, you can accelerate the turbine for instant cooling.

Large pads – maybe even too big. Massive TM is sized to fit all 17-inch laptops, so if you use smaller Macbooks, you will find it too large. This laptop cooler features aluminum controls that let your laptop slide around on the base under your control. This controller ensures your MacBook stays where you want it to be. The latches are also spring-loaded, so if you place your laptop on a spring-loaded latch, it will pop out instead of causing your keyboard to bend.

Thermaltake Massive TM Aluminum Panel Dual 120mm Fans Adjustable Temperature Sensor 10"-17" Laptop Notebook Cooling Pad CL-N002-PL12BL-A
  • EXTREME VENTILATION: Dual 120mm temperature regulated fans allowing manual/automatic adjust the fan speed
  • TEMPERATURE SENSOR: Adjustable temperature sensor monitoring up to 4 different areas
  • DISPLAY CONTROL PANEL: Easy and smart multi function display panel include lock button and and fan control
  • WARRANTY: 3 years for parts and labor

This cooling pad has the feature of automatically sensing the laptop’s temperature when you place it on top of the laptop heatsink. They will automatically detect hot locations on the laptop and conduct cooling. Normally, the cooling system of this laptop heatsink will have a cooling effect at 20 degrees Celsius. In case you still find the laptop hot, speed up the turbine for instant cooling.

Another advantage of Massive TM is that the fan does not generate noise during running. If you have to work at night, this heat sink is extremely suitable for you, because it will not make too much noise, affecting other people’s sleep.

There are also foldable feet on the bottom of the base to help you adjust the placement of the device. These laptop cooling stands also have the ability to adjust the height to suit the position of the person sitting. If you watch movies, please adjust the tilt to ensure the best movie viewing experience

Next is the USB cable with the task of powering the fan. It is equipped with a USB-to-USB cable that is about 8 inches in size. You will need a USB adapter or a longer USB to USB cable to connect to the power.

If to say what is the best thing about Massive TM? That is the feature that displays the temperature on the screen. This feature helps you always check the temperature of the laptop and make reasonable adjustments. If you find that your MacBook Pro is running at about 85 degrees, turn on the fan to reduce the temperature.

2.Cooler Master NotePal CMC3 Notebook Cooler

do laptop cooling pads work

Cooler Master CMC3 are laptop external fans which considered one of the most outstanding products of Cooler Master. Cooler Master CMC3 is made of high-quality plastic, measured 11.42 x 12.68 x 1.97 inches, equipped with a large fan with a size of 20cm in the center.

Cooler Master NotePal CMC3 Notebook Cooler
  • Cooling Pad for notebooks 12-15"
  • A 200mm cooling fan keeps your laptop cool to the touch, yet is nearly silent
  • Front Anti-Slip holder to prevent your laptop slip from NOTEPAL CMC3
  • German (Publication Language)

The amount of wind is 74.5 CFM, which is the right speed of the laptop cooling base to help expel heat outside. The fan noise level is 21dBA, which is within the allowable range and does not have a great impact on users. The base can be used for laptops with sizes from 14 to 15 inches.

The base must be connected to a USB port to work. When activated, Cooler Master CMC3 will cool and dissipate heat quickly for your laptop, you don’t need to worry about the machine getting hot anymore.

3.CM Storm SF-17

CM Storm SF-17 Gaming Laptop Cooling Stand impresses users with its coolness and high aesthetics. Not only that, but the practical usability of the base is also very good, allowing users to easily adjust the height and easily move flexibly, etc.

CM Storm SF-17 - Gaming Laptop Cooling Pad with 180 mm Fan and 4 Ergonomic Height Settings
  • Silent and Powerful 180 mm fan for excellent cooling performance; o Supports laptops up to 17”
  • Steeples Fan Speed Dial with power on/ off function
  • 4 Height Adjustments for optimal working / typing angles
  • 4 Port USB Hub to expand connectivity
  • Improved Cable Management with grooved sides for cable routing

This CM Storm SF-17 Gaming Laptop Cooling Stand is equipped with 4 integrated USB ports and a rotary knob that allows users to adjust the fan speed. In addition, the base is also designed with a relatively bright red LED strip so that the user can adjust the on / off flexibly.

The fan’s fan has a size of 18cm, for good cooling both inside and outside of the laptop. This stand is suitable for laptop devices with a screen size of 19 inches or less.]



In short, there are two types of coolers on the market, active and passive. The most efficient coolers will always be active atop heatsinks. Look for a laptop cooler with multiple fans, preferably 3 or more. However, consider the noise problem. Depending on the quality of the fan, the noise volume can interfere with watching videos or playing games.

If you care more about noise than heat, choose a passive laptop cooler. You should prioritize options made from materials with high thermal conductivity, like aluminum. Metal laptop stands can also act as passive heatsinks. Tilted laptop coolers are also generally more comfortable than flat options.

Besides, if you are a person who has to use the computer a lot, and works on heavy software that requires the capacity of Ram and CPU to run continuously, you can consider a cooling water kit. It helps reduce heat much more effectively than other laptop cooling pads.

Hopefully, this article will help readers have more knowledge about laptop heat sinks to make the right choice for your laptop. After the article, I hope you can find the answer to the question do laptop cooling pads work?






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