What Does Quoting On Discord Mean? How To Quote Someone On Discord?

Quote On Discord

Discord is a popular messaging application for gamers all over the world. Users may communicate with others on the site by building servers. However, some users are irritated that you can’t quote a recipient’s Discord message for quoting messages on this platform. So, how to quote someone on Discord? As a result, we’ll go through … Read more

An Ultimate Guide On How To Show FPS In Apex Legends & 8 Tips To Increase FPS

Use Steam

  Many people love Apex Legends for its fast-paced gunplay, smooth and thrilling action. Besides, players are even more excited when they can monitor their frame rate through the FPS counter. However, some first-time players don’t see this stat, or sometimes you don’t see the counter on the screen. This may be because the FPS has … Read more

How To Spoiler On Discord? Make Things Easier When Using Discord

The Discord Spoiler tag is a useful feature.

 Discord is a communication platform allowing users to create and catch up with like-minded communities. However, in such servers with many participants, some messages you send may not be suitable for everybody. Fortunately, Discord comes with a useful markdown feature to hide sensitive messages. It’s the spoiler tag. In this article, you will learn the … Read more

How To Screen Share In Discord Server? Helpful Tips To Stream On Discord

The screen share is also available for Discord mobile.

Discord is a full-featured communication app letting users set up and join large chat servers for gaming, business, or social interests. The beauty of this platform is that it comes with a useful screen sharing and video calling solution. It allows you to add up to nine people to your server and make video calls … Read more

Apex Engine Error: What Are The Causes And How To Fix

There are some errors during the game

 Apex Legends is a battle game in which three players form a squad. They use characters with unique skills for the battle. However, users sometimes experience the Apex Engine Error which is annoying. To fix the issues, you can these tips: Update the drivers for the graphics card Activate the “Borderless Window” mode Adjust the … Read more

How To Fix Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working? 8 Brilliant Solutions

How To Fix Fortnite Voice Chat Not Working

 The players are left with no choice to cooperate with their teams due to the “Fortnite voice chat not working” issue. For a while, there have been many discussions online about addressing the voice chat difficulties in Fortnite. If you’ve recently discovered that your microphone is no longer functioning at parties, do not panic; you’re … Read more

How To Play Music Through Mic? A Step-By-Step Guide For Gamers & YouTubers

How To Play Music Through Mic

You might have seen YouTubers playing songs and adding audio effects through mic while still talking. Actually, the technology they use to combine sounds of many different audio signals, like Audio Mixture, is fairly expensive. Indeed, amateur streamers and YouTubers can enjoy this awesome feature without buying costly stuff. In this article, we’ll clue you … Read more