Can be used other words?

Google is very strict when it comes to giving accurate results. Your website will not appear in search results if it is not following the guidelines. The biggest issue you can have is related to content duplication as Google wants to provide unique, fresh and informative content for the users.

Duplicate Content

The other issue is the lack of keyword usage. Many websites use keywords too many times and that variation of the word is not useful to the readers or the search engines. To avoid this, Google introduced the keyword density in the 2012 algorithm updateto weed out the sites using irrelevant keywords. Keyword density is the level of the number of keywords you use in your content compared to the total word count of the page. A low number means you are not using the keywords enough while high number can hurt your ranking.

The exact keyword density percentage is not available as a guideline. You can assume a density of 2-3% is enough for most websites and if you write articles of 300 to 500 words then you can use 2-3 times the targeted keyword. This will ensure you are using the keyword inthe right context without affecting readability.

However, if you own a website where you cover topics which are very competitive, your deliverable will be lower. To compensate for this, you need to increase the density of your targeted keyword which will start working on increasing your site’s ranking. But remember to use it in an organic manner – do not overuse the keyword in your page.

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An over-optimized site will end up getting penalized and de-ranked. It might also damage your credibility as a website asyour readers will notice the high usage of the same word, which is unnatural. You can have a look at our article on SEO and text optimization to get more information about this.

Adding UniqueWords to the Page

Understanding the need to add different words on a page is important. You should always add content in your pages which is relevant to your article. For example, if you are writing an article on SEO, you should mention the phrase a dozen times within the article. However, it is better to use it in an alternative way. Instead of mentioning “SEO” as a whole, you can break the phrases into “Search Engine Optimization” and “search engine”. This approach ensures your content is natural and if you have bad grammar, the articlebuilder would take that into account while placing it in your article. This is better than just repeating the same phrase 6 times but ending the article with a grammatical mistake.

Keyword Density for Headlines

There are several other tools to check the readability of your content. But the best way is to use the text editor in your HTML editor. If you use WordPress, you can use the “Text” tab for adding and editing content in your web page. If you are using the web-basedHTML editors, you have to download the text and paste it into your editor. The benefit of using an HTML based editor is you can check the word count and readability score of your draft. If your score is below 70, you can work on improving your writing style. You can use tools like Hemingway Editor and Readability Score to checkhow readable your text is.

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If you still find it is difficult to add more or similar words in your page, you can seek help from professional writers. Adding two or more writers to your team will help in adding more different, unique and useful words and will increase the engagement of your readership with your website.

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