Best Motherboard For Ryzen 9 3900x In 2021

AMD’s third-generation Ryzen CPUs have completely transformed conventional desktop computing. This 3000-series was ideal for content creation PCs, 3D rendering systems, and Adobe Illustrator workstations because it offers an unrivaled mix of single or multi-speed.

This powerful CPU, however, could only achieve its goal with a high-quality motherboard. The guide includes evaluations of several of the favorite models, their variants, and the considerations to consider when purchasing one to assist you in finding the ideal model.

So, before we start building a PC, make sure you read all the way through!

What Is The Definition Of A Motherboard?

A motherboard, perhaps the most crucial component of a computer, distributes electricity and facilitates communication between its RAM, CPU, as well as other hardware. Its foundation is made of a very stiff sheet of semi-material, often a hard plastic.

Traces, or thin layers of aluminum foil or copper, are printed onto a sheet. These traces are extremely thin and form the circuits that connect the various components. In addition to circuits, motherboards include several slots & sockets for connecting every one of the devices.

Best Motherboard For Ryzen 9 3900x

Are Now All Motherboards Created Equal?

Motherboards have progressed in tandem with the evolution of computers. Whenever selecting the correct model, it’s critical to ensure that the item fulfills your needs both now and in the future. There are numerous places where all best motherboards vary, including:

Sockets And Chipsets

Different chipsets support different hardware component combinations, such as GPUs, RAM, and so on. As a result, selecting a unit only with the correct socket & chipset for both the CPU we intend to construct is critical.

Factor Of Form

Users have had some freedom in designing their PC based on their environment because motherboards come in several sizes. If you need a lot of space, a full-size tower case is best, but a much smaller case could be perfect for a home theatre PC you want to put beneath your living room TV. Furthermore, as a motherboard’s physical size grows, so does the number of components it can support.

What Should I Look For When Buying The Motherboard For Just Ryzen 9 3900x?

Choosing the correct best flagship motherboard is difficult nowadays, with so many motherboards types available. Here are a few things to check for before we buy a PC to assist you to construct the finest computer possible:

Support For Memory Overclocking

Ryzen CPUs have often relied on Infinite Fabric from the initial generation. This reduces latency by using memory speed, making it a highly crucial element to consider when purchasing any AMD Ryzen Processors model.

Quality units generally come with a long Qualifying Vendor List (QVL), that improves your likelihood of acquiring the RAM to run at higher speeds.


There is nothing more aggravating than running out of storage or RAM only to discover that all of the accessible computer motherboards already are full. Check the amount of PCI-E slots, Memory slots, M.2 openings, and SATA connections that the version you’ve picked has.


The functions you may use with our system are determined by the chipset. The X570 is among the finest Ryzen 9 graphics cards on the market right now. It has additional PCI-E 4.0 bandwidth, allowing customers to add hyper NVMe memory to their platform.

How We Selected

So, how can you know whether a motherboard is a good investment or maybe a complete waste of money? The quick answer is that performance & motherboard features must be carefully balanced.

When looking for the best motherboards, we prioritize performance above anything else, and almost all of our suggestions will help you get through your Ryzen 9 3900X.

Our decision was influenced by factors such as firm size, VRM performance, and design, chip cooling, power connections, connections, PCIe 4.0/DIMM connections, overclocking capability, build quality, & storage choices (M.2, SATA).

You probably bought and intend to purchase a Ryzen 9 3900X with the intention of putting up an aficionado system. As a result, we’ve only listed motherboards that use AMD’s PCIe slots integer X570 chipset, rather than the older B450 & X470 chipsets. You can get cheaper motherboards with all those other chipsets (particularly if you don’t care about PCIe 4.0), but we’ve avoided them totally for the sake of future-proofing.

Below are five motherboard suggestions, each with a brief assessment that explains why we chose them as the best motherboards again for a Ryzen 9 3900X.

Evaluation Of The Top Ryzen 9 3900x Motherboards

An excellent motherboard was required for this wonderful CPU. The following were thorough evaluations of a few of the top motherboards for Ryzen 9 3900x will find the most relevant to your choices:

An AMD Ryzen 9 3900X is now a powerful processor, and only a solid motherboard can help it reach its full potential. We’ve compiled a list of the top AMD Ryzen 9 3900X motherboard.

Our Top Pick

X570 Premium:

1.Rog Strix X570-e From Asus PCIe Slots

  • Heat dissipation is improved with metal armor.
  • The patented I/O shield is pre-mounted, making setup a breeze.
  • Intel Wi-Fi 6 exceeds gigabit speeds, elevating your LAN to new heights.
  • SafeSlot provides improved shear resistance and PCI-e device retention.
  • Armory Crate software enables quick RGB effect and illumination tweaking for supported devices.
  • It is possible to increase efficiency.
  • Only two M.2 connections are included.
  • There are no voltage monitoring points or onboard buttons on this board.
  • Recent Buyers’ Experiences

What Makes It Stand Out To Us

This device stands out to us largely because of the numerous features it offers at such a low price. It offers outstanding value for money, with twin multi-GPU slots, amazing M.2 performance, eight SATA3 slots, and all the USB connections you’ll ever need. Furthermore, the cutting-edge PCI-e Gen 4.0 architecture provides a plethora of speedier storage alternatives.

Who Will Make The Most Use Of It?

This device is intended for gamers, as the name indicates. Multi-gate teaming is a feature of the ROG GameFirst software that allows players to have the greatest online gaming experience possible. Its overclocking capability also makes it suited for power users.


This type is both a power user and a gaming board, with eight SATA and eight I/O-panel USB3 Gen2 connections. Its comprehensive feature set and inexpensive pricing make it one of the top models on the market. The two M.2 connections, on the other hand, maybe inappropriate for some.

Affordably Priced Option:

2.Aorus Elite Gigabyte A520

  • Profiles up to and including 4400MHz are fully compatible.
  • The ALC1220 codec, which was released recently, enables surround sound audio playback.
  • Smart Fan 5 keeps the system cool while maintaining its performance.
  • Intel Wi-Fi 6 802.11ax ensures fast and stable onboard networking.
  • The Infineon digital PWM controller allows users to get the most out of AMD Ryzen 3rd Gen processors.
  • It’s heavier and more expensive than other models.
  • G.skill RGB software may conflict with AORUS RGB software.
  • Recent Buyers’ Experiences

What Makes It Stand Out to Us

This computer has a number of high-end features, such as a 2.5GBPS Ethernet LAN system, 3 PCIe 4.0 M.2 slots, and a Wi-Fi 6 interface, but it’s the heatsink that really makes it stand out. The heatsink, which is made of aluminum fins and enclosed in copper pipes, efficiently minimizes any overheating issues.

Who Will Make the Most Use of It?

This device is perfect for those looking to construct the finest AMD gaming PC possible. It’s ideal for intense gamers and power users since it provides flexibility and highly tuned performance. It’s also excellent for music fans who wish to use the device to realize all of their aural desires.


Overall, we think this unit is deserving of a spot on our best-of list. The device maintains the system’s excellent performance while keeping it cool, thanks to an ingenious heatsink and a Smart Fan 5. While it is ideal for both music and gaming, it is more expensive than other versions.

B550 Best Budget Motherboard:

3.Steel Legend ASRock B550M

  • Overclocking performance is improved with a large VRM heatsink.
  • Wi-Fi rates of up to 2.4 Gbps are available through the wireless network interface.
  • It’s extremely simple to operate, including power, clean CMOS, and a reset button.
  • The choice of high-quality materials avoids bending caused by graphics cards or hefty coolers.
  • Included Dr. Debug shows information, enabling users to see if there are any problems with the linked devices.
  • The fan is a little loud.
  • The type-C internal header’s placement is a little odd.
  • Recent Buyers’ Experiences

What Makes It Stand Out to Us

The ability to overclock this device sets it apart from the competitors. It has 8+4 CPU power connections, which provides adequate power for customers to overclock their CPU without difficulty. Its VRM also has 60 Amp power chokes, which significantly improves its performance.

Who Will Make the Most Use of It?

AMD AM4 Socket Ryzen 3000 and 2000 Series CPUs are supported by this product. It’s ideal for music fans and gamers alike, as it comes with a Realtek ALC1220 HD audio codec.


This model not only looks great, but it also performs really well. The massive VRM heatsink boosts overclocking performance, while the efficient wireless network interface delivers lightning-fast Wi-Fi rates. The loud fan, on the other hand, maybe a turnoff for others.

X570 Entry

4.ASUS Prime X570-P 

  • The heatsink that is extremely efficient
  • PCI-Express slots with metal reinforcement
  • Audio and advanced LAN networking capabilities
  • There is no access to the internet

What Do Recent Purchasers Have To Say?

The design and performance of a board are important to customers, and ASUS PRIME boasts both of these qualities. As a result, the product provides an immersive advanced audio features experience while gaming. Its elegant appearance and high-quality workmanship appeal to them.

It offers unrivaled customization and the ability to fine-tune your equipment to operate exactly how you want it to.

Why Does It Catch Our Attention?

It sticks out to us because of its numerous customization possibilities and up-to-date advancements. Its next-generation connection, as well as several slots and ports, make it ideal for a gaming system.

It overcomes the processor’s power supply problem with 14 power phases, resulting in outstanding performance. As a result, ASUS is an excellent brand for creating this sort of device, and it puts itself ahead of the competition.

Who Will Make The Greatest Use Of This?

Those who are serious about their gaming results should take advantage of this opportunity. It has numerous PCIe slots that can support a variety of graphics cards for immersive gaming.

It is designed for peak-level consumption thanks to the industry-standard cooling system. With 14 phases of power solutions, the board’s power-hungry components now function better.

As a result of the significant memory speed that stabilizes the high-end output system, it is a priority for gamers.


In conclusion, the ASUS PRIME X570-P is the ideal option for users. It’s ideal for players who desire to get the best possible outcomes in their chosen profession.

The BIOS is created in a reasonable manner that may be used by anyone. PRIME’s hallmark feature is its customization, which allows for fine-tuning for increased productivity. The motherboard is in good functioning order and provides ample space for all of the computer’s components.

Best Enthusiast Motherboard Construction:

5.Formula ASUS ROG X570 

  • The fastest data transfer rates are provided by two PCI-e 4.0 storage devices.
  • Users may fine-tune every element of their system using the AI Suite 3 control panel.
  • Support for Wi-Fi 6 provides increased network capacity, enhanced performance, and ultra-fast networking speeds.
  • System-wide tuning automates the creation of cooling and overclocking profiles tailored to your system.
  • Maximum longevity is ensured by ASUS’s secure slot, pre-mounted I/O shield, BIOS Flashback, and high-end components.
  • Models that are more costly than others
  • The ASUS AURA Sync is not included.
  • Recent Buyers’ Experiences

What Makes It Stand Out to Us

With a 14+2 phase architecture and one of the finest VRMs, this device delivers unrivaled overclocking for the Ryzen 3900x. Slow mode for LN2 cooling, retry and power buttons, safe boot buttons, and an LED display for postcodes are among the inbuilt troubleshooting tools. It also has a Clear CMOS and a Bios Flashback button, allowing users to quickly upgrade or reset their BIOS.

Who Will Make The Most Use Of It?

This is the device for you if you’re searching for a unit that works brilliantly with the X570 chipset! It’s made for advanced overclocking, including liquid nitrogen cooling as well as a bespoke water loop. Users may also enjoy great online gaming experiences thanks to the convenience and ease of a wireless connection.


ASUS has a history of producing high-quality motherboards, whether they’re high-end or low-cost, and this model is no exception. It’s an amazing machine with a plethora of outstanding features that performs like a beast. It’s unquestionably a trustworthy Ryzen 9 3900z processor alternative.

What’s The Best Motherboard For Ryzen 9 3900X?

Our suggestions will work perfectly with the AMD Ryzen 9 3900X processor. The ASUS ROG Strix X570-E is a fantastic motherboard for most Computer owners who wish to experience the best of what X570 has to offer, even allowing for reliable overclocking.

The X570 is AMD’s latest motherboard to supports the Ryzen 3000-series processor, but there are plenty of alternatives if you don’t want to go with our top pick. This ASUS Prime X570-P would be another wonderful example, with PCIe 4.0 support, high-quality hardware, and a decent BIOS.


These are the finest AMD Ryzen 5 3600 motherboards.

The motherboard is the brains of your computer, linking your CPU, RAM, GPU, storage, as well as other components and allowing the operating system to communicate with them. The finest AMD Ryzen 5 3600 motherboards are listed below.

Getting Ready To Cool Off

The finest cooling options for your new AMD Ryzen 7 5800X processor

The ideal CPU cooling again for AMD Ryzen 5800X is one that keeps the processor cool while not blowing your ears off. The finest CPU coolers for the job are listed below.

Your Computer’s Brain

These are the finest motherboards for the AMD Ryzen 5 5600X processor.

AMD has already released motherboards because of its new Ryzen 5000 series processors, including the A520, B550, or X570. The AMD Ryzen 5 5600X is a mid-range 8-core CPU that works best with motherboards in the mid-to the upper level.

What Should You Know Before Purchasing?

The finest motherboard is, without a doubt, the most crucial aspect of PC construction. Because every component of the system is linked to the board, making the proper selection is critical. Here are some things to think about before you buy something to make sure you don’t waste your money:


The majority of contemporary motherboards come in three sizes. ATX is the most common form factor and has the most slots and connectors. The micro ATX motherboard is 2.4 inches shorter than ATX and has fewer expansion slots.

Finally, Mini-ITX is perfect for a small PC because it only has room for a single add-in card and a few RAM and storage connections.

Amount of Ports

Check the unit’s I/O area and USB headers to determine whether it has the external connection possibilities you’re looking for.

These allow customers to add extra ports to their PC case through a front-panel connector or expansion slot brackets in the rear.

RAM Ports Available

The majority of motherboards on the market today have four RAM slots, although high-end HEDT boards have eight, while tiny best Mini ITX motherboard versions only have two.

The quantity of RAM that may be installed is limited by the number of slots available, so make sure you select the model that best matches your needs.

Installing a Motherboard

The motherboard is the most crucial component of your computer, even if it isn’t the most exciting. It’s also the biggest, making installation a little more challenging.

These steps can help make the installation procedure simpler whether you have an exceptionally big eATX board, a smaller mATX or ITX board, or a standard ATX motherboard:

1. Place the motherboard on top of the rear panel to check where standoffs are needed. They may also come pre-installed on some PCs.

2. Use a standoff tool to tighten the standoffs onto the plate if necessary.

3. Install and secure the rear I/O shield to the case’s back. To securely lock the shield in place, make sure you push on all four corners

4. Placing the motherboard above the standoffs is a good idea.

5. Screw the device in place, but be careful not to overtighten it.

6. Install the RAM modules and connect them.

7. Connect the main ATX motherboard power cable to the CPU power leads. (For further information, consult the PSU and motherboard manuals.)

8. Connect the power and HDD LEDs, as well as the speaker and reset switches, to the front I/O switches.

9. Connect the fans to the pins on the motherboard.

10. Connect the device to the USB, audio, and other case wires.

11. If you’re using a SATA HDD or SSD, connect the wires to their corresponding ports before installing it.

12. Place the GPU in the PCI-e slot and ensure sure it snaps into place securely.

13. Secure the GPU by screwing it to the rear of the computer.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the best motherboard for Ryzen 9 3900x is a difficult process, especially with the large variety of models available today. With so many options and features to choose from, it’s easy to become perplexed. Hopefully, the above evaluations will assist you in locating the model that best meets your needs!

Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing the correct motherboard, especially for novices, maybe a very complex and time-consuming process. Here are some commonly asked questions to help you make an informed decision:

What does VRM stand for on a motherboard?

A VRM (Voltage Regulator Module), sometimes known as a processor power module, is an installable module that determines and maintains a microprocessor’s voltage needs. It enables the use of processors with varying voltage needs on the same motherboard.

What Voltage Is Used by a Motherboard?

Motherboards and other circuit cards often utilize +5V or +3.3V. Older versions are more likely to utilize +5V, whereas newer models are more likely to use +3.3V.

Does the Motherboard Have an Impact on CPU Performance?

Because raw performance is enhanced, a motherboard’s capacity to overclock has a direct impact on CPU performance. Overclocking improves performance across the board in addition to boosting frames per second.

AMD Vs Intel Which Is Better

These processors have excellent CPU performance, and practically all Intel processors include an integrated graphics processor (GPU). This processor likewise runs at a faster speed than AMD processors, albeit at the expense of increased power consumption and battery life.

Is Ryzen 9 3900x Overkill?

As previously said, the R9 3900X was overkill for hardcore gaming, as there isn’t much of a difference in gaming capabilities between Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 9.

When it comes to streaming, video editing PC transcoding, and other tasks, having the extra cores can be beneficial.





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