Top 9+ Best Laptops For Engineering Students 2021

If you are a student, you will need a laptop that balances study and entertainment. With so many options and so many different price points, finding the best laptops for engineering students can be as daunting as being given a math problem to do at home.

When you buy a laptop for study, make sure it has long battery life and fast CPU performance. And if you like taking notes by hand, buy one of the best 2-in-1 laptops.

We’re still in the process of reviewing some of the laptops that might find on this list, so be sure to check back often for the latest and greatest student laptops.

Top Best Laptops For Engineering Students And Pay Attention When Choosing The Best Laptop!

Our Top Pick

Top 7 Best Laptops For Engineering Students Reviews 2021

1.Apple MacBook Pro

  • Crazy lengthy battery existence
  • Dated layout


2.NEW Microsoft Surface Book 3 – 15″ Touch-Screen

  • GPU performance
  • Battery lifestyles underwhelming


3.2020 Lenovo E15 ThinkPad -15.6″ FHD Full HD

  • Powerful
  • Nipple-equipped keyboard
  • Only 52% sRGB included


4.Acer Nitro 5 Gaming Laptop, 9th Gen Intel Core i5-9300H

  • Solid specifications for a price range computer
  • Stays cool beneath stress with customizable fan controls
  • Plenty of ports for peripherals
  • Bulky length
  • Finicky trackpad
  • Weak audio


5.Dell XPS7390 13″ InfinityEdge Touchscreen Laptop

Dell XPS 13 7390 is a laptop model-oriented by Dell as a high-end entertainment line. A machine with a compact shape but still ensures stability and durability to serve work as well as entertainment throughout a working day.

The appearance of the Dell XPS 13 7390 compared to the previous life has not changed much, still, the familiar Dell logo is shiny, still a cool aluminum frame with sharp beveled edges creating an eye-catching highlight for the laptop. compact machine.

But unlike the MacBook lines, Dell uses magnesium alloy along with a soft carbon fiber coating for the inside of the machine, creating a subtle highlight as well as creating a comfortable feeling for users when used in time. long. Especially when compared to laptops with metal palm rest areas, small current leakage will be avoided.

The base is still familiar with the XPS identification logo along with meticulously machined air intakes. Along with that are 2 rubber bands to prevent the machine from slipping on smooth surfaces. The seams are meticulously finished.

The hinge is firm, opens up and down firmly, there is no shaking, loose, and in case of need, one hand can still open the machine easily.

The device is equipped with 3 USB Type-C ports with 2 ports on the left side supporting the Thunderbold 3 standard, the remaining USB Type-C port on the right is just USB Type-C 3.1 supporting high-resolution image signal output.

All these 3 ports support laptop charging. However, users should still only plug the charger into the USB Type-C port with the charging cord icon according to Dell instructions to ensure the safety of the power source for the device.

In addition, the right side of the device also has a combined 3.5mm audio port (used for headphones with a microphone) and a microSD card reader that supports mSD/mSDHC/mSDXC standards.

Thanks to Dell’s generosity for Type-C ports, it is enough to see how much the upcoming trend will be towards USB Type-C. Therefore, to be able to use the machine comfortably with common peripherals, users should equip a USB Type-C to HDMI/VGA/USB-A expansion device…

The first impression is the thin edge of the Infinity Edge screen of the device, the workspace seems to be

The small size of 13.3”, but feels like a quite spacious and airy working space. One welcome change is that Dell has brought the webcam to the top edge of the screen, the usual position of all laptops. Video quality only stops at 720p HD, if used in a bright enough environment, everything will still be as beautiful, low-light environments will be a bit noisy.

With a focus on high-end users, Dell has equipped a standard screen, FullHD 1920×1080 resolution with a diagonal size of 13.3 inches. The images show details in a sharp, clear way. The colors appear vividly and realistically.

The brightness of the screen is also very impressive when working well in well-lit areas, plus the anti-glare coating on the outside, users are completely confident to work anywhere. With an IPS panel, this monitor’s visibility even works out at different viewing angles, almost anything displayed on the screen will look just as good to everyone sitting around you.

Using the keyboard to edit text, the feeling is not comfortable. Perhaps with a machine size of only 13.3” compact like this, the keyboard with a backlight of many different levels of brightness like this is enough (probably suitable for those with small hands).

The touchpad is something completely different from the keyboard. Large size, the feeling of dragging with your finger is very good and accurate. The multi-touch Precision touchpad is responsive, fully functional supported by Windows 10 (zoom/zoom, page scrolling, right-click function …), almost nothing to criticize.

The machine’s speakers include 2 1W speakers arranged hidden in the body, sound exit slots are distributed on 2 sides of the machine.

In return, with 4 digital recording microphones equipped by Dell along the front edge of the machine, the quality is quite good. When using voice chat to talk to loved ones, the audible feedback is loud and clear.

CPU: Intel Core i5-10210U Comet Lake (10th generation) with 4 cores and 8 threads, base clock at 1.6Ghz, turbo mode to 4.2Ghz but won’t last long because this is a U-biased chip save electricity. More information from Intel, this chip is still manufactured on the 14nm process, and is integrated with the Intel UHD Graphics graphics processor core like the previous 8th generation.

So the overall graphics processing capacity is not as high as the Ice Lake series chips, which are manufactured on the 10nm process and integrated with the new Iris Plus graphics processor core for much better performance.

Some other information such as 8GB LPDDR3 RAM is soldered on the motherboard, 256GB M.2 2280 NVMe SSD – upgradeable to 2TB, Wifi 6 AX1650 supports more bands and 4 times higher speed Current 802.11AC Wifi standard, Bluetooth 5.0, 1-touch fingerprint at the power button position.

With the above configuration, daily work involving dozens of web browser tabs, photoshop image processing, 4k movie viewing, large-capacity excel files… is completely simple. The ability to play games on the device is only temporarily acceptable like League of Legends, CS: GO, or FIFA Online … or some emulator game applications on Android like Bluestack, for example. And if you want to play games on this cute little machine…

The solution would be to add a discrete graphics processor eGPU connected to the machine via the Thunderbolt 3 port. But it certainly won’t be comparable. comparable to gaming laptops or professional gaming systems.

The heat dissipation ability of the machine is quite good when it is supported by 2 copper heat pipes, when the CPU is operating at high intensity continuously, the heat will follow 2 copper pipes leading to the heatsink fins and be blown by 2 small fans. the back of the machine.

Users will not feel much difference in the temperature change of the machine while working, maybe a little warm. In addition, when in a quiet environment, the user will then feel the wind blowing of two small fans rotating at high speed pushing the heat out.

The battery according to the device has a capacity of 52WHr (4 cells) which is still equivalent to the previous models. Actual usage time depends on the operating mode of the machine: if used with office applications, browsing the web, watching movies, and having enough screen brightness, the usage time can be extended. 8 – 10 hours long, enough for a working day.

The boot time from pressing the power button to when the user can use the machine to work falls in about 15 seconds. During work that needs to be moved, users simply fold the lid down and go.

Everything running in the machine will remain in Sleep mode and users just need to turn on the machine and resume work quickly. Thanks to the continuous updates, the current version of Windows 10 according to the machine can type Vietnamese TELEX directly without using UNIKEY Vietnamese percussion.

Dell’s available support laptop for software engineering always checks system stability with new updates for device drivers in the machine. The Dell Mobile Connect application connects to the phone via Bluetooth and transfers all notifications from the phone to the laptop, helping users not to miss important information.

Users can even make calls and manipulate some basic phone features directly on the laptop without touching the phone.

  • Webcam now above show
  • Big battery existence increase
  • Updated processors
  • New Frost color alternative
  • The power button is a bit hard to press (have to press a bit deep).
  • The quality of the keyboard is just enough, not very good.
  • Limited upgrade later (only SSD can be upgraded to a higher capacity.)
  • The ability to connect peripherals is not high, it is necessary to buy an additional device to expand the USB-Type C port into common ports such as RJ45 network port, HDMI port, USB-A, SD card reader, …


6.Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – 12.3″ Touch-Screen

The whole machine is made of an Aluminum-Magnesium alloy frame that shows certainty at all angles, the buttons are very firm and compact, the details on the machine are made very meticulously, polished to ensure elegance and luxury. The edges of the machine are rounded to bring a user experience when holding it without feeling entangled.

The kick-stan stand is still made like on the pro 6 for users to customize the tilt angle of the machine in different use positions, but in my opinion, it is more sturdy than the Pro 6. The screen is still the same as before, very easy to stick to fingerprints.

On Surface Pro 7 there is something that users have always expected, yes, it is USB-C. After many years, Microsoft finally knows how to listen to users more, in a market where almost all laptops or tablets in the high-end segment will default to equipping themselves with a USB-C port or even a USB-C port.

There is also Thunderbolt, it was not until 2019 that Microsoft equipped the Surface Pro 7 USB-C, which is a pity that it is not Thunderbolt, but anyway Microsoft has changed.

Surface Pro 7 still uses the Type Cover keyboard like the previous generation without much change and of course, Microsoft does not sell the keyboard and the machine.

With office work needs, this machine is too fast and super fast, even opening dozens of chrome or word, excel tabs can make it difficult for her.

To increase the difficulty for Surface Pro 7 I tried to edit photos on it, about the first 30 minutes, the operations still happen normally, when I use pts for longer, the tasks start to have a slow loading phenomenon. than.

So I advise you not to do heavy tasks on Surface Pro 7 for a long time, it will greatly affect the chip in the machine.

Surface Pro 7 has a battery life for office use as announced by Microsoft of 10.5 hours. This number is even lower than the Surface Pro 6’s 13.5h.

During actual use, I open youtube videos continuously with Microsoft Edge browser with 50% brightness and 50% volume level, every 30 minutes the device drops from 7% battery. So the actual battery life for more than 7 hours.

The number compared to Pro 6 is quite low, Microsoft has not yet spoken to explain this, this will be a point that makes users quite confused when choosing to buy this machine.

Surface Pro 7 is equipped with copyrighted Windows 10 home, which is constantly updated to fix errors from Microsoft. There is a built-in camera that supports windows, hello to unlock the device by face.

You just need to install windows hello in the password setting and when booting up, the camera automatically scans your face and recognizes and opens the device, no need to enter the password in the traditional way.

  • Vastly stepped forward overall performance
  • USB-C in the end
  • Now with Wi-Fi 6
  • The overall loss in battery existence
  • USB-C isn’t Thunderbolt 3
  • Few, if any, different design adjustments
  • Screen bezels are thick for 2019


7.ASUS ZenBook 13 Ultra-Slim Laptop 13.3” Full HD NanoEdge Bezel Display

When the story of a new day always begins with the episode of putting your laptop in your backpack and going, that’s when you realize that the computer has become an indispensable companion in your life. And having to carry “overweight” companions on your shoulders, you will appreciate the great things that ultraportable laptops like ZenBook 13 in this article bring.

ZenBook 13, also known by its codename UX331, is an ultraportable laptop built to… make it easy to take with you. This is also a product line that is also very often classified as a “business laptop”. It’s not because it’s optimized so much, but because entrepreneurs are people who appreciate mobility and don’t care about performance like the rest.

This is not to say that ultraportable laptop users don’t need performance, but basically, the current configuration is more than enough to meet their work needs such as image editing (Photoshop, Lightroom), surfing the Internet. web, check mail, Microsoft Office,… Not counting games, those are the things I need in a laptop for work.

Configuration Core i7-8550U, integrated GPU Intel UHD 620, 8 GB RAM of ZenBook 13 you will find very familiar. Expensive ultra-portable laptops are also there, and the maximum configuration prices are also there.

To put it bluntly, if the performance of ZenBook 13 doesn’t satisfy you, no ultraportable laptop will make you happy, the fault is probably because you have chosen the wrong target.

With a price of more than 1000, ZenBook 13 can be classified as a mid-range in the ultraportable laptop segment, you still have a pretty comfortable storage space with a 512 GB SSD, but using the mSATA standard for access is more modest than the altar speed of some high-end lines.

That said, unless you copy a large amount of data or process a large number of images with Photoshop / Lightroom, you will feel the difference, but booting Windows, surfing the web or using Office is still buzzing.

​You get a 13.3-inch FullHD IPS display with 100% sRGB color gamut coverage, B&O speakers, a chiclet keyboard, a large touchpad, and a host of popular connections such as USB 3.1/Type-C, HDMI, and more.

It’s a bit difficult to calculate, and some people will probably target the micro-SD slot instead of the standard SD, but you should keep in mind that some manufacturers make high-end ultraportables that don’t even include a memory card reader.

The only point is that you will probably have to get used to it if you switch to ZenBook 13 from other normal laptops is the keyboard. Not to the level of sida like a butterfly wing, but the 1.4 mm travel combined with the high bounce of this machine gives a rather strange typing feeling.

It took a few days, but once you get used to it, I personally think it’s pretty cool. Those of you who often have to compose documents will surely be satisfied.

And finally, what many of you probably agonize over: battery life. As always, ASUS claims that their machine can last 15 hours, but that’s just for reference.

In fact, with my daily usage habits mainly of surfing the web and composing, adding light image editing, the ZenBook 13 lasted about 10 hours with 75% brightness only. If you ask me, that’s pretty excellent.

In short, I personally feel that ZenBook 13 is one of the most valuable ultraportable laptops at the moment. It doesn’t really stand out from the rest of the world, but you can’t find any significant weakness in all respects either. A thin and light laptop to accompany every day, don’t press it to catch the game.

  • The attractive, lightweight frame
  • Good performance and battery existence for its size
  • No integrated headphone jack
  • Memory is soldered on

Tips For Choosing And Using The Best Laptops For Engineering Students

Engineering is considered an industry that requires sophistication as well as high accuracy, so in the learning process, you will be taught through many different software engineers to serve the specifics of the subject. The best laptops for engineering students will be an effective support tool for you in this job, but unlike the basic industries, your laptop will need certain requirements.

Autocad, Pro Engineer, Solidworks, Catia,… are the engineering software that most of you will have to use in your industry/specialization.

To be able to run them smoothly, your laptop needs to have a configuration from mid-range to high, a few specifications you need to know when buying a machine are CPU, RAM, HDD & SSD, screen and especially card. discrete graphics.

Battery life

The first is portability, which goes hand in hand with screen size. 13-inch laptops are popular among laptop for college engineering because they offer a good balance between display and portability. The Dell XPS 13 is a great example. It weighs 0.9 Kg and is only 1.27cm thick, but you get a 13.3-inch bezel-less display.

We’re also seeing more and more 14-inch laptops, like the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon, that are very portable with slightly larger screens.

Battery life is another important factor. If you’re bringing your laptop to class or the library, don’t count on having a power outlet! Consider a laptop with at least 9 hours of battery life, which should be enough to get you through a few classes.

When it comes to specs, we recommend buying a laptop with Intel’s U-series or H-series Core i5 CPU, at least 8GB of RAM (16GB is great), and minimal SSD storage. 256GB. AMD is going strong with 4000-series chips, so keep an eye out for those chips.

You may find that the new 2020 MacBook Air doesn’t fit those requirements (it has a low-powered Y-series CPU) but it’s still a good choice if you like macOS and don’t want to spend a lot of money. Speaking of which, Chromebooks like the Pixelbook Go offer excellent value for students.

Other things that will help you complete a successful report or research complex topics include a comfortable keyboard and responsive trackpad. And when it’s time to relax, be sure to buy a laptop with a vibrant and bright display (like any of the ones listed here).


The peculiarity of the engineering industry (electrical, mechanical, mechatronics,…) is that in addition to practical observation, you also have to know how to use software to apply it in practice, which is often the same software. need a high processing power to handle.

Therefore, your laptop needs to own a Core i5 to i7 chip, it is best for the best laptops for engineering students to equip it with a Core i7 because it helps you have a better experience when working with many applications on the same screen.

Due to the characteristics as well as the nature of the work, we often have to use software such as SketchUp, Autodesk 3Ds Max, …. Therefore, laptops for technical people must be strong to be able to process large information flows at high speed.

Often you not only run 1 software but 2-3 applications at the same time, if you only use weak CPUs, you will experience jerks, lags, and even freezes.

The advice for you is to choose machines with CPUs from Core i5 or higher, but you should also not choose machines running U chips because this is a power-saving chip. Instead, choose chips like QM, HQ, K…


Ram is temporary data storage memory. That is if you turn off the machine or disconnect the power suddenly, the information on the ram will also disappear. The more RAM equipped, the more your machine can handle multiple engineering programs at once.

For those of you who study engineering or use software like AutoCAD, Altium, or Proteus, I recommend choosing models with a ram capacity of 8GB or more. In addition, you should also pay attention to the speed of Ram because raising Ram only helps you to have more processing space, not to increase the read speed.

As you all know, the larger the capacity on the machine, the lighter the CPU will handle the work and limit the situation of machine stalling and slowing down.

Equivalent to a CPU with a high-speed processor, the RAM of a laptop for mechatronics students also needs a large storage capacity, so you should choose a minimum of 4GB RAM. If you have more conditions, you can also upgrade to 16GB RAM to support the CPU more efficiently.

HDDs and SSDs

With hard drives, you should choose SSD instead of HDD because SSD gives a much faster boot speed as well as software, and also has higher durability.

The only drawback is that the price of SSDs is quite high, compared to the same amount of money, you can buy a much higher capacity with HDDs.

For those of you doing graphics, using technical software, it is almost mandatory to use an SSD to optimize usage time. So when buying, you should choose machines with SSD drives or choose machines with built-in HDD + SSD.

To store a lot of software for learning as well as class documents, videos, pictures, reports as well as favorite games, at least your HDD should be equipped with 1TB.

At the same time, Kim Long encourages you to equip an SSD drive. Although with the same capacity, SSD drive costs 10 times more than HDD, it has very good advantages to support your learning.

In addition to durability, SSD also helps you open the computer for engineers faster, the software runs faster, the data access speed is also faster, and especially avoids the Full Disk situation when you use Win 10.


The screen, in my opinion, recommends choosing a size of at least 14 inches or more and using an IPS screen with FullHD resolution. Most of you currently use 15.6-inch or higher 17.3-inch screen models like the Dell M6800, but with these models, the size will be a bit large and heavy.

Using an IPS panel instead of TN will give you better viewing angles and better colors.

Those who use additional photo editing applications such as PTS, AI need to pay attention to the factor called color range. Usually, for models that want to edit photos with standard colors, the RGB color range needs to reach 90% or more, for example, the HP Zbook 15 G1 with a price range of 10 million also has a 15.6-inch FullHD screen with 90% of the sRGB color range.

About size: you can ignore the 13.3″ or 14″ laptop because the screen ratio is too difficult, making your vision limited when you have to do design-related software. Preferred sizes are 15.6″ and 17″ screens, maybe the weight of the machine will be a bit heavy compared to other student laptops, but that won’t be a problem because most engineering is the choice of students.

About resolution: often have to do the design of drafts, drawings, etc., so image quality and true and accurate display colors are always extremely important factors, that’s why engineering student laptop Mechanical members need Full HD resolution is a requirement.

Discrete graphics card (discrete video card)

With laptop models for technical people, the machine should be equipped with dedicated graphics cards that can be NVIDIA Geforce or AMD cards with 2GB of memory or more.

With NVIDIA cards, you will have GTX or Quadro cards, then I recommend that if you only have work needs without too much entertainment, choosing a Quadro card will be more reasonable. Because this is a line of dedicated cards to handle more design graphics tasks.

Why? Because this line of cards gives more accurate computing capabilities than GTX.

The discrete card operates completely independent of the system’s RAM, whose function is to specialize in graphics processing. The laptop already has a graphics card, so what function does this discrete card have?

The graphics card available on the machine (also known as the Onboard card) usually works quite weakly, while the discrete card is capable of working independently, so it will take care of games, graphics, editing, design, … more defined and fully functional.

Therefore, for the technical industry, you should choose a laptop with a discrete card or when you have stable financial resources to supplement later.

Operating system

Regarding the operating system, the seller will have 2 options that are Mac and Win. However, Macs are often quite expensive, so if the economy does not allow you to still buy a Win machine to save costs. Not to mention some software is still not available on Mac today, although you can still install Windows on Macbook, it is quite a waste to ignore smooth MacOS.

Heat dissipation ability

Heat dissipation is also a very important issue that you need to pay attention to, I recommend that if possible, you should research the models you need to buy in advance. Especially the pictures related to the interior of the machine, you should pay attention to the fan to see if it is placed close to each other or the size is too small compared to models of the same price range.

Because the heat dissipation is not good, when you are running the machine will be very hot as well as emit a loud sound. Not to mention that the radiator is too large or improperly arranged, which will also cause discomfort when using, for example, heating the palm rest.

Upgradability needs to be easy with graphic laptop models

And after learning all of the above, you should also care a bit about the ability to upgrade or not. Because often with your personal needs, sometimes we need to upgrade the ram, hard drive or graphics card, CPU (with older models).

You should consider if that model has important components such as ram, the hard drive died on the mainboard because that means you can’t upgrade or replace. Or if it breaks, it also means that you have to throw it all away but can’t reuse it.

12 Very Simple Ways To Cool Down Computers And Laptops, Anyone Can Do It

Whether your computer or laptop is a machine for gamers or office workers, the device will inevitably heat up after a period of use. Here are 12 ways to cool down computers and laptops very simply, anyone can do it to minimize this situation.

Put your computer, laptop in a cool place

Placing computers and laptops in a cool place is the most common and easiest method of computer cooling. For computers, you can improve by installing cooling fans, laptops can use stands, but you should not put them on objects such as pillows, blankets, cushions, glass surfaces, .. because it will Make the ventilation holes, the fan does not radiate heat out.

Note: If there are no children in the house, you can remove the computer cover to air it. However, doing this can lead to dust that will stick more often, resulting in the fan blades getting dusty, making it difficult to operate the heatsink.

Regularly clean the overall computer, laptop

To fix the problem, you need to have some basic knowledge of laptop cleaning, because when removing the laptop, there are some parts on the machine that are very easy to damage.

The best laptops for engineering students are that you should bring the device to some specialized store or center for assistance in cleaning the machine and re-applying the thermal paste for you.

 Using computers and laptops in low-temperature environments

If you are performing heavy tasks on your computer or laptop such as rendering, playing games, etc., you can help keep your beloved laptop from overheating by using them in low-temperature environments. using the air conditioner.

Apply thermal paste to the CPU

Applying thermal paste is a common method commonly seen in long-term machines, with reduced heat dissipation. However, this also needs to be experienced because it can cause short-circuiting, short-circuiting, damage to the surrounding hardware, and determine the efficiency of heat dissipation.

Before applying new glue, you need to clean the CPUs with alcohol and make sure they are dry. Then you take a sufficient amount of glue, do not take too much or too little, and spread it thinly and evenly on the CPU surface.

Use a water cooling fan

This is the most effective method and is often used by gamers, but it is quite expensive. However, you will not regret using them because they help the machine operate smoothly, safely, and without heat.

In each water cooling fan, a hollow block made of copper is used and there are 2 holes for water to flow in and out, a pump circulates cold water down to the CPU in closed tubes, then pumps water out of the system. before going back to the CPU for further cooling.

Add cooling fans for other components

If you are using relatively heavy software, using a cooling fan is not enough. Therefore, you can install another cooling fan to cool the case, in which one will directly cool the PC, one will do the job of blowing the heat out.

When you add a barrel fan, make sure that the suction and discharge levels are consistent as a difference creates dead air and negative pressure, leading to an increased chance of overheating.

Plugin laptop charger

 The attractive, lightweight frame Good performance and battery existence for its size

Some of you often have the habit of plugging in and using it, which is normal and convenient. But this is what causes your battery to quickly degrade and generate more heat. So if you have a stable power source or use it for unnecessary work, you should not use a laptop charger to use it.

Turn off computers and laptops when not in use

If you do not need to use the computer, you should not put the computer to sleep, but turn off the computer by shutting it down. In addition, during use, you can limit opening unnecessary applications so that your CPU does not have to run too many programs, from which your computer will cool.

Do not overclock the CPU

Overclocking the CPU is a move that makes your computer run faster but also generates more heat. Since you are then changing the factory defaults, this will usually void your CPU’s warranty.

So if you’re using a laptop without a lot of space for additional airflow, don’t overclock your CPUs as they won’t be able to handle the heat. Instead, you should use the default hardware configuration of the manufacturer to avoid potential pitfalls.

CPU upgrade

Most new computers come pre-installed with lower-end fans designed to cool your CPU. But when the fan and heatsink are not working well, it is necessary to upgrade to a more powerful CPU.

All About Errors On Laptops – How To Fix Faulty Laptops

Not really understanding your laptop? Can’t find the cause every time the laptop has an error? This must be a difficulty for many of you when using a laptop. In this article, we will summarize all about errors on laptops | How to fix faulty laptops. So that you can better understand, as well as fix basic errors on your laptop yourself. Let’s follow along.

The laptop has a hardware failure

Laptop screen error is the most common situation. Includes 2 typical errors:

Laptop with black screen error

Laptop with black screen error may be due to windows copyright error. You just need to check and reactivate your windows.

Due to software errors: When the computer works for too long and runs heavy software. This may result in the screen being “stuck”. Handle by Restarting the machine and check the software again.

Due to display and connection errors: Due to connections through DVI, HDMI, DisplayPort, etc. Check cables carefully and clean connectors.

Graphics card error: First check the monitor power cord, next check the VGA/DVI connection cable. Test the graphics card by removing it, then plugging it back in. Try with another graphics card if card to be sure.

Software error due to heat: The computer uses a long time with heavy software. Causes the computer to generate heat. The computer will then automatically turn off the system to cool down. For this error, you need to check the heatsink slot and clean the laptop.

Laptop screen broken, bleeding ink

Caused by a strong impact on the screen. Form black ink strips. You need to find a reputable laptop repair address, to check and fix this error.

Screen error has light spots (white spots), screen stripes error, screen color is blurred

Many customers say that they often encounter laptop screens with light spots (white spots), screen stripes, and screen errors. The main reason is that the shield behind the screen is discolored. Incorrect display of colors.

How to check for errors: Leave the screen black and take a screenshot. Put the image into the paint tool, if you see white spots on the image. Your computer is having a dead pixel error. Take the computer to the repair center to be debugged.

Laptop with hard drive failure

When the laptop hard drive fails, it often makes strange sounds and rattles when accessing data. When opening files, there is an error “Corrupted”. Bad Sector error causes the machine to hang and operate slowly.

If you are not familiar with the hardware in the computer. You should bring the device to the shop to be checked and repaired. However, in my opinion, if the hard drive is damaged or bad, you should buy a new hard drive. If you are not sure if the hard drive is damaged or not, see how to check the health of the hard drive immediately

Laptop Ram Error

Ram is an important part, where temporary processing information is stored. When the laptop has a ram error, there will be the following symptoms:

BSOD Blue Screen: This error usually occurs because the computer is overheating. Check the heatsink if the computer is not hot, the other cause is a RAM error.

Laptop does not start: The computer automatically turns off or cannot be started.

Data retrieval error: The data cannot be opened. Check by going to Start Menu -> Control panel -> system. Check the RAM information to see if it matches the theory or not.

Run heavy applications or crash: Heavy applications cause RAM overload. The machine usually starts up slowly. You should check if there is any software running at the same time as the startup. The machine often hangs or crashes.

The laptop motherboard is damaged, error

Common mainboard errors are: Error not recognizing expansion card, AGP, Sound, RAM, BIOS dead error, Convergence, image not displayed, Completely paralyzed laptop/PC error.

The mainboard error can be related to VGA, CPU, RAM damage because many machines these parts are integrated on the mainboard, so if they have problems, the mainboard is also affected.

Network card error, charging circuit error, card copy error, … These errors require experienced people to intervene. The worst-case scenario is to replace the entire motherboard

Laptop broken, broken, bent hinge

These errors are usually caused by the computer being affected by an outsider. Due to its strong impact, the computer is dented and distorted. The hinge is bent, making the computer unable to fold. For these errors, you need to bring them to the repair center to be fixed.

The wifi department on the laptop is broken

The signs of identifying damaged laptop wifi are: Laptop lost wifi, laptop wifi cannot connect to the network, weak signal reception.

Cause: The router is faulty, the wifi has not been turned on on the laptop, the computer is infected with a virus.

Repair by accessing Computer => Manage => Device Manager => Click Network adapters => you will see the name of your laptop’s WiFi card. Conduct a WiFi card health check to determine the cause.

The cooling system is broken, the cooling fan is not spinning.

The cooling fan is broken, causing the machine’s temperature to rise. This leads to jerks, lags, and freezes, threatening the software in the device. The main cause is a Broken fan, faulty I/O fan control on the main, faulty thermal sensor, etc. Need to take the laptop to a reputable repair center.

Laptop with battery failure

A laptop with battery failure is often accompanied by a sign, showing a red “X” with the message “Consider Replacing Your Battery”

Cause: Improper update of the driver or damaged battery cell.

Laptop with keyboard error

Signs: The keyboard can’t type, jumping when typing.

How to fix: Proceed to clean the laptop keyboard. Check the keyboard configuration by starting => Control Panel – Select Ease of Access Center => Make the keyboard easier to use – Uncheck all arrows => OK. Bold important words.

The laptop has a software error

Laptop software errors are very common, these are installation errors that do not affect the laptop but are inconvenient and uncomfortable. Immediately see laptop software errors:

Driver error: Laptop is missing, the driver is lost

A driver is a tool for the hardware on the computer to communicate with the operating system. Different hardware requires different drivers. Therefore, when you encounter an error about the hardware in your computer, it may be because your computer has not installed the driver.

How to fix it: Check the driver settings on the computer. If missing, update. Redownload the driver on the laptop manufacturer’s website if necessary. You left-click on the file My computer => Manage=> here you check the drivers that are marked then you press update by updating or deleting and reloading.

Laptop with windows error: the operating system is faulty

Signs of computer error windows: the computer crashes unexpectedly, RunDll error message, the screen shows an error message, the computer turns off and on continuously, the web browser cannot be opened.

The cause may be due to driver errors, using an old version of windows, many strange files in the machine. Using multiple anti-virus software at the same time leads to conflicts. Running too many programs at once. Insufficient RAM memory, faulty peripherals. Malicious software enters the computer

Need to check the windows update time is long. Update and delete unnecessary files. Remove anti-virus software. If not, the best way you should reinstall the new Windows operating system for your laptop.

The laptop failed to catch wifi due to software

Laptop error can’t catch wifi due to software can be caused by: Not enabled Wifi catch feature on Laptop, Because previously installed a VPN client software to Fake IP address, this makes Windows 10 misunderstand as error, computer infected with a virus. Yellow exclamation error due to IP conflict or too limited wifi access.

Fix by: restart the computer, check if the wifi is turned on. Check the wifi transmitter. Reinstall the wifi driver. Check the windows operating system again.

Laptop blue screen error

This is the most difficult error to fix on the windows operating system. Causes: faulty RAM, faulty power supply (PSU), device overheating, HDD or VGA. In addition, it may be due to faulty drivers or malicious software.

The office cannot be used: Word, Excel, Powerpoint,…

Word, Excel, Powerpoint, .. are basic and indispensable software for laptop users. This software can not be used because.

Possible file error: The file is not in the same format as the office. Check the file extension and file information.

Or due to copyright: Office’s license has expired. Account error, check your account on the home page of Office. You need to renew or download another version of office.

Graphics software cannot be used

Similar to the errors in the office. Unusable graphics software can be caused by:

Possible file error: The file is not compatible with the software’s format.

Or due to copyright: Copyright expired or error. Account login error. Need to renew or install other versions.


Which laptop brand is best for engineering students?

Macbook – High-end laptop line

Overall assessment: This is a high-end product line, running the screen under the MacOS operating system, helping you connect and secure information on iCloud. With strongly developed technology, Macbook always shows the “class” in design as well as the quality that they bring.

The design is thin and light, only about 1.5 kg, the Apple keyboard, and touchpad are all very smooth, achieving an almost absolute score for users.

Currently, Macbook Pro and Macbook Air are the two most popular laptop models among consumers.

The price of the MacBook Pro 16 Touch Bar line can be up to 3000 and the segment is as cheap as the Macbook Air 13, which is about more than 1000. This is quite a high price compared to other laptops on the market, but it is completely worth the money you spend.

Lenovo – ThinkPad line for office people

Overall assessment: Lenovo is also a high-end laptop product in Windows operating system, this is one of the powerful configurations chosen by many people today.

Especially, the Lenovo Thinkpad line, which was once famous in the business world, has now reappeared more massively with higher configurations, more suitable in the new trend.

Square edge design, compact and beautifully built, durable, sturdy, and battery life is excellent. With a weight of less than 2kg and a 360-degree rotating screen, giving users a “genuine” feeling.

Lenovo keyboard has a good bounce, suitable for those who play games often, users will not need to worry about playing games without fear of “damaging the keyboard”, because Lenovo’s keyboard is completely smooth, making you comfortable roof in use.

Should buy a good laptop brand – Dell

Overall rating: Always rated as the brand that maintains its stability, this is the best-selling laptop product of the year. Slim, light design, highlighting the main color tone, bringing a more advanced vision than other lines.

When it comes to Dell, the first thing that comes to mind is durability. Because they can withstand harsh weather with little heat or strong impacts… Dell engineering laptop is the most sustainable choice.

HP – Stable Laptop Series

Overall assessment: When it comes to buying the best and most durable laptop, you should not ignore HP. The US-made computer company has high performance and durability, but HP Laptop products are considered to be more terrible and cheaper than Dell.

In the past, hp specter laptops were often criticized for being square, ugly and rough, but in recent years, the company has begun to improve and increase performance as well as the keyboard and trackpad experience to bring users. the most convenient to use.

Should buy a good laptop brand – Asus

Overall assessment: Asus products are always equipped with average configurations such as i3, i5 to generation intel core i7, the higher the I configuration, the higher the price. Depending on the configuration, Asus will have the corresponding performance.

For example, Asus laptops with i3 configuration – the corresponding performance can meet the needs of typing, entertainment, and gaming. As for the i5 or gen intel core i7 configuration, the performance is stronger, can handle quickly when opening many applications or playing heavy games, doing graphics software.

The design of Asus laptops will also depend on their performance and configuration such as I3 is designed to be simple, suitable for studying and working. i5 is luxuriously designed, high-class, and equipped with many modern technologies.

Acer – Mid-range laptop series

Overall assessment: Which laptop brand should I buy? Acer has a “famous” brand in the laptop industry, but the product is still in the popular segment, so it is used and loved by users.

Acer, like Asus, has diverse segment lines and offers many models for users to choose from. High configuration, lightweight and thin, simple design is not fussy but still exudes luxury for the device.

Do engineering students need a powerful laptop?

An engineering sector is a typical group of industries with many specialties such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, construction engineering, architecture, electronics and telecommunications, road and bridge construction, engineering, aeronautical engineering, petroleum, automation, ship engineering, nuclear engineering, environmental engineering, etc.

So having a powerful laptop is essential!

Is Apple laptop good for engineering students?

The answer is yes, depending on the model and engineering laptops details as we mentioned above.

How much RAM does an engineering student need?

As you all know, the larger the capacity on the machine, the lighter the CPU will handle the work and limit the situation of machine stalling and slowing down.

Equivalent to a CPU with a high-speed processor, the RAM of a laptop for mechatronics students also needs a large storage capacity, so you should choose a minimum of 4GB RAM. If you have more conditions, you can also upgrade to 16GB RAM to support the CPU more efficiently.


Well, that’s all you need to keep in mind before buying the best laptops for engineering students. The admission time is coming, I have many mobile workstations for engineers for you on the occasion of returning to school.





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