Top 7+ Best Laptop For Drawing: The Perfect Choice For Every Price!

Welcome to our review of the 7 best laptop for drawing today. In this article, you’ll find a range of laptops ideal for creatives, as well as the best advice on choosing the right drawing laptops for your needs and budget.

Best Laptop For Drawing

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Top 7 Best Laptop For Drawing Reviews 2021

1.Microsoft Surface Book 2 15 Inch 1TB i7 16GB RAM Bundle

Surface Book 2, although not much has changed in appearance compared to its predecessor, Microsoft’s upgrades on this machine are very valuable. The configuration has become more powerful and more efficient thanks to the Kaby Lake Refresh processor generation – the first time the U series CPU has 4 cores and 8 threads, in addition to the Pascal generation discrete GPU.

There are also a lot of other small changes such as the locking mechanism of the hinge, a better keyboard and trackpad, a larger battery, etc., all aimed at bringing the user experience to the maximum possible with This 2 in 1 laptop for drawing.

The design of Surface Book 2 is identical to the first-generation Surface Book with square, sturdy lines and stands out with Dynamic Fulcrum Hinge – a design inspired by the books that make the Surface Book line unmistakable. among the 2 in 1 machines on the market.

Machine construction material is still magnesium alloy with the characteristic slightly coarse gray color of this material. The feeling of touching the surface of the Surface Book 2 is still the same, still, a bit hissing even though the surface has been treated with a smooth texture.

However, I personally still like this shell because thanks to magnesium, the weight of Surface Book 2 is still light, the total weight of the machine is about 1.6 kg including the keyboard dock.

Since the Surface Book 2 generation, Microsoft has officially added a 15″ version in addition to the traditional 13.5″ version. The machine I borrowed is still 13.5 “and perhaps this is the most ideal screen size for Surface Book in general because it is neither too big nor too small to use in many different modes, especially is in tablet mode.

The machine part is 15mm thin, in detail, looking at it horizontally, you can see the separation between the back of the device, the space for the cooling system, and the body. This cooling slot system has been improved by Microsoft, with more space for faster hot air to come out. Inside there is still a thin fan for the Core i7-8650U CPU.

Camera equipment on Surface Book 2 is still similar to the previous generation with an 8 MP rear camera that supports AF, a 5 MP front camera for video chats and selfies when needed. It is worth noting that the front camera also supports Windows Hello face login with an infrared sensor that supports night recognition.

Surface Book 2 version 13.5 ” has the same screen parameters as the previous version with PixelSense screen, wide viewing angle IPS panel, 3000 x 2000 px resolution in 3:2 aspect ratio. The screen’s contrast is very good and the brightness is also slightly higher.

The touch screen supports 10 points of touch and is compatible with accessories like the Surface Pen and Surface Dial. Book 2, Microsoft does not include Surface Pen, which we have to buy for an additional $100.

2 speakers are placed quite tightly on the edge of the screen, this speaker system supports Dolby Audio Premium and Dolby Atmos technology for headphones via a 3.5mm jack.

When folded, the Surface Book 2 still has a gap between the keyboard and the screen, it’s just enough to separate these two components to prevent scratches on the screen as well as the keys to sink when folded.

One thing I don’t like about Surface Book 2 is that Microsoft integrates a magnet on the top of the machine so that when folded into the keyboard dock, the machine can be closed but the suction is great while the front edge is square. So it is quite difficult to open the screen, I often have to use 2 hands and opening with 1 hand is almost impossible even though the hinge is smooth enough to keep the balance between the screen and the body.

The machine part and keyboard dock connect via the Surface Connect port and are held firmly by the clamps. To open and close we just press a button on the keyboard, the disconnection sound indicates that the machine has been disconnected from the dock.

The point of improvement is that Microsoft has changed the locking mechanism inside the machine. The company still uses a mechanical wire (Muscle Wire) to drive the opening and locking mechanism, but adds a ceramic lever to hold the device tightly to the dock, thereby solving the screen shaking when used often on the device. Previous generation Surface Book.

The opening angle of the hinge is not large, only about 110 degrees, but this is not a problem because we can remove the screen to use it in different positions.

Switching to the dock, the main connection ports are located on this component. The Surface Book 2’s dock has 2 standard USB 3.0 ports and an SD card reader slot on the left edge and a Surface Connect port for charging + connecting to Surface accessories and a USB 3.1 Gen1 standard C port on the right side.

Thus, Surface Book 2 is the first machine in the Surface line with a USB-C port, but unfortunately only USB 3.1 Gen1 with a speed of 5 Gbps instead of Thunderbolt 3. In addition, Microsoft has removed the mini DisplayPort output port that has always been on previous Surface versions and we were forced to find a solution to export with a USB-C to DisplayPort cable.

The keyboard and trackpad are also slightly improved, especially the keyboard with a longer keystroke for a better typing experience. The keyboard integrates 3-level backlit lights and a reasonable layout that is easy to get used to. Particularly, the trackpad remains the same size, glass-covered surface, and supports multi-touch operations with high accuracy and sensitivity thanks to the Microsoft Precision Touchpad driver.

Surface Book 2’s keyboard dock is also upgraded with Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 discrete GPU and an improved cooling system. The GTX 1050 has comparable performance to the GTX 965M on the Surface Book Performance edition (the top end of the previous generation). In addition to the GTX 1050, Microsoft also offers a GTX 1060 option on the 15″ Surface Book 2.

  • Lightweight yet massive pill
  • Excellent cooling
  • No up-firing base audio system
  • Small trackpad
  • Very steeply-priced
  • No Surface Pen blanketed

2.Samsung 2019 Notebook 9 Pro 2-in-1 13.3″ FHD Touch-Screen Laptop

The screen of Notebook 9 also has an interesting function that is fully opened 180 degrees. Now you can use the screen to show your photos and drawings to your partner or simply share the pictures you just took on a recent outing with friends.

One current limitation is that when you bend 180 degrees like that, the interface of the machine will not automatically return, you have to press the combination Fn + F7 to rotate the new interface. Similarly, when returning to normal mode, you also have to press the button again.

The thinness of the body along with the slight cut on the sides is also what makes the Notebook 9 look very sexy and unlike any other laptops for drawing on the market. This cutout spans most of the side of the machine, only at the end is it thickened to make room for connection ports.

Ever since the Series 9 series started appearing a few years ago, I’ve loved this indentation, and Samsung still maintains it to this day.

Speaking of ports, the Notebook 9 15″ has a USB-C port. Only this one port that you can output images to an external monitor, copy data, and charge peripherals. This year not only Samsung but also many other brands also bring USB-C to their devices this is an inevitable trend and that’s very good.

Notebook 9 15 “the version I tried uses a Full-HD screen, there is no mention of 2K or 4K options. If this screen becomes a higher resolution, it will taste better, our experience will be even better.

  • Uses S-Pen to a remarkable impact
  • Long battery existence
  • Excellent look and feel
  • Fast charging
  • Inconsistent battery lifestyles
  • Downward-firing speakers

3.Dell 9370 XPS 13.3in 4K UHD Touchscreen Laptop PC

4K touch screen, still beautiful. Parameters measured by X-Rite i1Display Pro 5 months ago: sRGB 98%, adobe RGB 77%. Editing photos with Photoshop and Lightroom, I am quite satisfied because of the low chromatic aberration.

4K resolution and thin bezels, so watching YouTube or Netflix is ​​too good. If I had more money back then I would have bought 15″. The slightly annoying point on the touchscreen drawing is that it leaves a finger swipe, if I don’t wipe it right away, my eyes will itch.

I used to use Dell Vostro 5470 and Macbook Pro 15 2012. According to my experience, the 9370 gives the best laptop for drawing in typing feeling of all three because it is smooth and light, has a moderate bounce and has reasonable key positions. Now I’m afraid of the hunchback, so I bought a laptop stand and typed it with a Logitech K380, so I regret it.

Because I rarely use it, and I have already put my laptop on it, the position of the webcam is located directly below the 2 nostrils (which many people evaluate badly) does not affect me. The quality of the webcam itself is acceptable.

The best thing is to plug in the charging cord because there is no need to think about which port to plugin because every port is powerless.

But I discovered this only when using the USB 3.1 port to charge: if the device is turned on, it will stop charging, if it is turned off, the device will continue to charge. This case has not been seriously affected so I did not dig deeper.

The device uses a 256 GB Samsung PM961 NVMe SSD. The speed of starting the machine, handling basic tasks is still fast. Please see the CrystalDisk results below. Because I often copy photos and videos, 256 GB is a bit weak and I have to use an external hard drive. I am considering buying a 970 EVO 1TB to replace.

I noticed that the fan in the machine will be loud when opening more than 30 tabs simultaneously on Google Chrome, or when using Photoshop, AI that opens too many layers and heavy files, or uses QGIS mapping software to process Excel files heavy. It was quite uncomfortable at first, but I got used to it, sometimes it’s because I put on headphones every time I turn on the device.

Heavy tasks, using a lot of software, it takes about 2 to 3 hours to run out of battery. And watching YouTube, surfing the web, takes about 4 hours. Indeed, the price for using a 4K screen but the size of the machine is only 13”.

This XPS 9370 uses Killer’s Wifi chip, so it’s not as stable as Intel’s. From time to time, once in a few months, I have to right-click on the Wifi icon and select “Troubleshoot Problems” to get the signal. I accept it so I don’t complain.

  • Attractive design;
  • Vibrant display screen;
  • Strong overall performance;
  • Good battery life general
  • No USB Type-A Ports; Improved webcam nonetheless seems up your nostril

4.Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

This laptop has a lightweight of only 1.2kg, an effective 3:2 aspect ratio screen, beautiful display quality, thin screen borders, a well-designed keyboard, seamless monolithic Alcantara fabric hand cushion. . Overall, it makes for an excellent device both in terms of design and performance assurance for reliable tasks, only…. no USB-C port!

The first thing I like is the design of the device. We have a very clear presence of the Metro design language that Microsoft has been pursuing from the past to now with a slightly lumpy aluminum back and nothing but the square, sharp, and shiny Microsoft flag logo.

On the rear edge, we will have a heatsink running along the body. I tried opening a lot of browser tabs, watching Youtube, etc., but the fan still runs quite smoothly and almost makes no sound, although when I put my hand behind, the feeling of hot wind is still quite clearly present. clear.

The other side will be the legendary Microsoft Connector connection slot. Although there are quite a few advantages, including inhaling charging or connecting to external accessories, it is clear that this year is 2018 and it should have been a USB-C port and Thunderbolt 3, which is great. know what.

And if we look closely, we will see strong bevels in many different dimensions. The first is the beveled face down below the bottom of the device, from which the viewing angle effect looks much thinner.

At the same time, the part from the screen to the bottom of the user’s hand is also beveled down. That combined with the overflowing Alcantara fabric, when typing, almost all of our hands will be placed on a smooth, smooth surface that is not sharp or uncomfortable.

And this is also my next favorite point in the Surface Laptop. We have an Alcantara sheet covered from the palm rest to the entire frame of the keyboard, not only for a seamless overall but also very smooth and quiet to use. The entire palm rest area is very large, accounting for nearly half of the keyboard cluster.

The keyboard system is made in the same color as the “background” Alcantara below. The keys have a long enough travel, the physical feeling when typing is quite clear. Especially when I try to press a part of the edge of the key, the whole key goes down vertically, proving that the flex phenomenon does not appear.

However, it seems that the Alcantara layer is covered on the metal material below, so the position close to the hinge, the thick fabric seems to be slightly convex, not very seamless.

And another super remarkable point on the Surface Laptop is the screen. we have a 13.5-inch screen and the ratio is 3:2. This is one of the few laptops that use this ratio, and the benefits it brings are extremely worthwhile: more content can be displayed, no more wasted space like on a 16:9 screen.

Talking about the screen border. Surface this digital art laptop does not have an “infinity” border like Dell XPS or Specter, but in fact, the screen border is still classified as thin. On the other hand, this black border is located below a layer of glass, so the overall look is very modern and high-end.

A little bit about the configuration. The version I borrowed has the most basic configuration with the 8th generation Intel Core i5 with a clock of 1.8Ghz each, 8GB RAM, and 128GB SSD. Bench results will be presented to you in the next post.

However, the use of the 8th generation chip will create a balance between processing performance and battery life. And according to Microsoft, this laptop that you can draw on for 10 hours and more.​

  • Competitive energy degree
  • No greater Windows 10 S Mode
  • No Thunderbolt 3 alternative
  • Too few ports for its size

5.Microsoft Surface Pro 7 – 10th Gen Intel Core i5

In terms of design, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is identical to its predecessors, still finished with super-durable Magnesium alloy with extremely well-finished details. Seeing the design as well as the level of perfection, Microsoft has made a huge investment in its tablet-laptop hybrids.

However, there are a few problems with the design of the machine. If you wear a separate keyboard and use the device in tablet mode, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is difficult to use comfortably. With a weight of more than 1kg (when wearing a removable keyboard assembly), this is not a very “tablet” weight.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 looks like a notebook, and the actual use of the machine “in laptop mode” can be considered extremely “light” and very convenient. With a relatively lightweight compared to a laptop, you can comfortably move the machine anywhere even without using a carrying bag. This is the most convenient point on Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

However, the problem lies in this: If you want this machine to “stand”, then every time you use it, you will have to turn it upside down and rely on the extremely sturdy tripod to be able to build Microsoft Surface Pro. 7. It sounds normal, but when you do this operation many times a day, this is an annoying experience. This is the point that the writer finds the most “inconvenient” on Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

In general, if you accept to ignore a few minus points in terms of design, the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is still a machine with an extremely good level of completion in the current tablet-laptop market.

The version with a removable keyboard is in the hands of the writer and is also being sold at the ThinkPro store system, which is currently equipped with an Intel Core i5 gen 10 processors, 8GB RAM, and 128GB ROM. Yes, with this configuration, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 should only stop at pure office tasks. All experiences related to web surfing, Word, Excel, text display are extremely good on this machine.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is one of the laptops you can draw on also use basic multimedia tasks, but remember that “just basic” (photo color correction, photoshop, …), you should not render 2Kor 4K videos on the device. hey, maybe it will “smoke” there.

If you use the screen of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 for work purposes: fine. However, for entertainment purposes, this is a pretty big problem, the 3:2 screen ratio is not suitable for entertainment. In addition, the screen border is very thick and less fashionable than this 2020, which also brings a pretty bad visual experience.

In return, Microsoft Surface possesses extremely top display capabilities: 12.3-inch size, up to 2.5K resolution, extremely low chromatic aberration rate. In terms of visibility during simple work, this machine does well and does extremely well.

Of course, the ability to touch smoothly is also a plus point on Microsoft Surface Pro 7. However, for the individual writer, it is not very useful.

The removable keyboard cluster on the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 even gives a very happy typing feeling, even better than on the popular Smart Keyboard of the iPad Pro. Although there is a slight vibration when typing, in return, the layout on the keyboard is arranged very reasonably, the key travel feels “very flattering” to the typist.

In general, after a week of experience, this is the component that makes the writer most sympathetic to Microsoft Surface Pro 7.

The trackpad is small but very smooth and accurate. If you are bored and do not want to use the baby trackpad, the touch screen of the device will be a great solution for you.

In exchange for the seamless design, the limited number of ports is what users will have to trade on this machine. 1 USB-A, 1 USB-C with Thunderbolt 3 support, 1 when SD memory card, and 1 headphone jack are what users will get. However, this may be Microsoft’s calculation because no one plugs in an external mouse or a separate keyboard to play games on this machine.

Through the actual test of the writer’s battery life, opening Youtube videos continuously on Microsoft Edge browser with brightness and volume set at 50%, every 30 minutes, the device will lose 7% battery. It can be concluded that the battery life on Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is only up to 7 hours, too little compared to the 10.5 hours that the company announced earlier.

Those are the most objective feelings and evaluations about Microsoft Surface Pro 7 after 1 week of experience. All in all, in terms of the overall experience, this machine was born just to work, but with a beautiful design, top level of perfection, and above all a lot of conveniences that it brings, Microsoft is Worth the price of less than 1000.

  • A bright and colorful show
  • Excellent optionally available keyboard
  • Soft speakers

6.HP Envy X360, 2019 Flagship 2 in 1 Laptop

Like the previous generation, the most prominent highlight in the design of the new HP Envy x360 13 is none other than the hinge capable of rotating an angle of up to 360 degrees like its name. This not only helps users to rotate the screen at an arbitrary angle for more convenient use in many different conditions but also “turns” this laptop into a large-screen drawing tablet for laptop in just a few minutes. ticks thanks to the touch screen.

In general, the overall machine is a neat design style, emphasizing flexibility and rigidity with very sharp lines. From there, making the device more luxurious and helping users feel more secure when using it because of the extremely solid design that the device brings.

The versatility and versatility of the new HP Envy x360 13 laptops are also reflected in the multi-touch screen, allowing you to directly touch the screen with your finger to directly manipulate the components in the machine. count more quickly.

Colors are displayed vividly, brilliantly and details are clearly shown to make your experience more wonderful.

I quite like the keyboard on the HP Envy x360 13, it gives a very different experience than the previous laptop keyboards I’ve used. The keyboard has a moderate depth, the pressure is quite light as well as the keys are large, so typing and working are very enjoyable, long use without fatigue.

Besides, equipping the backlight for the keys is also a plus point to help you work even in low light conditions. Unfortunately, the manufacturer only allows turning on or off through the default shortcut on the keyboard, not for tweaking to decrease or increase the brightness as you like.

As for the TrackPad, this part of the mouse is a bit small and cramped because the manufacturer intentionally did so to minimize the size of the machine. Overall, its experience is also very impressive and comfortable.

TrackPad is smooth and rough, without hissing phenomenon even when hands are wet. Smart gestures such as scrolling the page, quickly switch between applications, return to the main screen, etc. are still equipped.

The HP Envy x360 13 laptop has a pretty powerful hardware configuration, so the handling of office work or a little heavy is playing light games, the machine responds well. The machine is equipped with an 8-core AMD Ryzen 7 2700U processor with a clock speed of 2.2GHz.

Comes with a comfortable 8GB RAM capacity for multitasking, 256GB SSD hard drive pre-installed with the copyrighted Windows 10 operating system to help all operations respond quickly, smoothly, and without delay.

However, through the Cinenbech R20 software that measures the processor’s rendering ability, the Ryzen 7 2700U is slightly better than the score of the Intel Core i7-8565U. This is probably due to the recently launched Cinebench R20, so it has optimized updates for the latest generations of processors including AMD.

The surface temperature of the hand contact part of the device is also quite cool, only the warmth of the speaker and small function keys on the top should not affect the experience.

I tested with PCMark 8 software, the mixed Home test including moderate gaming + office web surfing, video editing, … at 70% brightness, the machine lasted 3 hours and 37 minutes (from 100% until it was still available), 20% battery). This result shows that if you use it for a typical office worker, the battery can reach about 5 hours.

This is a choice for active office workers who want to do it. more work on my laptop, not just word excel, …

  • Bright show
  • Very appropriate performance and solid battery lifestyles
  • Consistently out of inventory

7.HP Spectre X360 Flagship

When it comes to the most advanced Ultrabook lines, we often immediately mention MACBOOK from the giant APPLE. But now, HP has broken that with an ultra-light, ultra-thin and can be said to be among the thinnest in the world with a thickness of only 10.4 mm.

The laptop is aimed at the business segment, people with high incomes and always looking for convenience, compactness, luxury, and class. And to meet the above needs of users, HP Specter is the outstanding 2-in-1 ultrabook laptop and worth your choice at the moment.

Extremely powerful hardware with Intel 7th generation Core i7 7500U CPU, onboard VGA is Intel HD Graphics 620, 8Gb DDR3L 1866MHz bus RAM and 256Gb SSD hard drive for you to comfortably store office data as well as have 1 Opening speed – the software is extremely fast. The speed of writing and reading data of SSD is 10 times faster than HDD with 7200rpm rotation speed.

In terms of design, the HP Specter x360, although very thin and light, still inherits the beautiful design of its predecessor. The entire body is made entirely from solid aluminum for a premium and sturdy feel.

The case is slightly roughened like the shell of the Macbook, so it is very resistant to fingerprints. Combined with a dark gray case, it is the new HP logo made of copper-plated metal in the middle, which creates a big highlight and is also different compared to the silver color of last year’s design.

The two sides and front of the machine are flattened and glossy more copper than other areas. The back edge is rounded to fit when the HP Specter X360 allows you to fold the device up to 360 degrees. And also with a hinge that can flip 360 degrees, this laptop model can easily be turned into a tablet quickly.

On the bottom, Specter X360 has 4 round silicone bases at 4 corners, not horizontal bands like last year’s version, but like what HP has applied to Pavillion and Envy.

The parameters provided by HP for the HP Specter x360 are 1.32Kg weight, 30.7 x 21.8 x 1.39 cm dimensions. Compared to laptops in the same segment, this is the thinnest machine today, it is much thinner than the Lenovo Yoga 910 and Dell XPS13, or even the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin. And I am sure that this is the most compact and convenient machine today that you can easily carry with you.

Regarding the connection ports on the HP Specter x360, HP tends to streamline the connection ports on high-end devices, but the company still provides enough to meet the needs of users. On the left, we will have a USB 3.1 port with the ability to charge the phone even when the device is in sleep mode, a 3.5 audio jack, and a power button.

On the right side, we will have 2 USB Type C Thunderbolt 3.1 ports and volume control buttons. In addition, HP also says that its fast charging technology can charge 50% of the battery in just half an hour.

With the above number of communication ports, if you want more communication ports to serve your work or you only have USB 3.0 connections, you need to invest more in yourself, which is a USB interface adapter. 3.1 to increase the number of ports, or to switch to the more popular 3.0 interface.

All in all, I’m very pleased with HP’s new design for the Specter x360 this year. This Ultrabook is still too beautiful, luxurious, and solid even though it is designed to be thinner and lighter, suitable to be considered as a tablet. Although the number of ports is a bit limited due to the lack of free space to compensate.

However, that is completely unaffected by the user. So I still hope that HP will keep this design for future versions, except that adding an SD slot or a communication port to output to a large touch screen laptop for drawing will be necessary for users.

Next, let’s come to the review for the HP Specter x360 monitor. In this version, HP equips itself with a 13.3-inch IPS screen with a resolution of Full HD 1920×1080 and still inherits the impressive design of the familiar Specter model.

The screen will be placed in a layer of tempered glass that spills over the edges and is pressed tightly against the background to give a sharper display image. Specter x360’s screen has sRGB coverage of up to 94%, surpassing the average rate of 92% of laptops, of which the Yoga 910 is 98%, the Samsung Notebook 7 Spin is 72% and that of the Dell Inspiron is 62%.

Equipped with CHI MEI’s CMN1367 IPS panel, the Specter x360 has excellent viewing angles and a maximum screen brightness of 327nits allowing you to use it anywhere, even outdoors.

The touch screen works very well too. It’s completely improved from last year. Fingers will easily glide across the screen when controlling and leave very few fingerprints. The hinge is also solid so the screen does not wobble when you use it with touch.

Now let’s move on to the keyboard and the touchpad. There is no more outstanding point when HP still follows the familiar model of previous versions. You can respond and type quite quickly when the short key travel is only 1.25mm and requires a fairly light press of only 62 grams. The keyboard is still equipped with a backlit backlight and only a certain brightness.

The touchpad is quite large and meets all user needs well. Everything you do when browsing the web, scrolling with 2 fingers, and arranging windows is completely precise and comfortable. HP has been very successful with this touchpad, while the keyboard will need a bit more improvement.

Comes with the device, there will also be a Stylus Active Pen pen so you can manipulate it more accurately on the touch screen. On the pen body, there are 2 programmable buttons with the HP Pen Control application for right-click input, volume change, screen capture, and some other functions.

The Stylus will make writing, drawing, and note-taking faster on the x360. The only regret is that HP did not design a pen slot or something like a magnet to be able to bring the pen with the machine.

About Sound and Camera. HP still combines with Bang & Olufsen to equip Specter x360. And there is an upgrade from HP that is the speaker, instead of being left on the sides like last year, this year it has been moved to above the keyboard with a familiar textured diaphragm.

With experience, the machine sounds quite clear and clear, only a little regret that it is probably still a bit lacking in bass.

The camera of the device is Truevision Full HD. However, in low light conditions, it seems that it will not be very sharp. But it is still much better than many other ultrabook laptops in the same price range.

Checking Specter x360’s battery life in Power Save mode, 40% brightness, Wifi off, Bluetooth off, and playing a 720p movie continuously running in full screen, it’s surprising that it can last 1 figure That giant is 14:29.

The temperature measured at the touchpad is nearly 31.5 degrees, the center of the keyboard is 36 degrees and at the bottom of the device is 41 degrees. However, don’t worry, those are just numbers when you use the machine continuously with high hardware for a long time only.

In short, the HP Specter x360 is an Ultrabook in the high-end business segment. The product will not be able to reach the majority of users with a rather high price of more than 2000. But with a sophisticated and luxurious design.

The quality of the machine is perfect from the design to screen and also machine configuration to serve office tasks. If you are looking for a machine like the one above where the price is not an issue, then surely, this will be a special product for you.

  • Good looking new layout
  • Long battery existence
  • Expensive
  • Minor overall performance gains

Tips For The Best Laptop For Drawing

To be able to choose for yourself the best laptop for drawing needs to have a lot of factors. Not only must a strong configuration, VGA graphics card, high screen resolution to handle smooth and accurate work but also depends on many factors.

Suitable CPU chip

For a job in graphic design, a laptop must be able to use specialized software such as Photoshop, video editing software, AI, construction design software, etc., which is very necessary.

Therefore, when you want to buy a laptop used for graphic design, that laptop must have a strong configuration, such as a CPU from Core i5 or higher and preferably Core i7 so that when working in graphic design, You can create large files or open any software for the same operation while still ensuring work performance.

How much RAM is suitable?

For a laptop for graphic design, RAM is very important, because that laptop must have enough space to both be able to turn on specialized applications and ensure that the laptop can use that software smoothly. but.

Therefore, to meet the installation requirements of the software, you should choose computers with at least 4 GB of RAM, but preferably 8 GB or more to handle the job well.

VGA graphics card

With a laptop for graphic design, equipping a discrete VGA graphics card is the most important “weapon” today. If you do 3D design, design a lot of models, you can have high-end cards like GTX 1050 …

Usually, people who specialize in graphic design often give preference to the Macbook line because the laptop is integrated with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640 card. In addition, there are some advantages that graphic design users choose this line because of.

There are many useful graphics software available on Mac OS operating system, the computer has a luxurious design – thin and easy to move. However, depending on the performance of each Macbook line, the product price is also different and certainly not cheap.

Laptop screen


In terms of screen size, you should choose a computer screen from 14 inches, and if you have a Macbook 12, a 13.3-inch screen is enough, because users who specialize in graphic design software, different most definitely use it. add a large removable screen and have better performance to work with.

The screen resolution must be from Full HD (1920 x 1080) or higher so that when you do graphic applications that often have to zoom in with a high display, they will work more accurately. In addition, the color of the Full HD, 4K screen will also help you be more standard in the design.

Storage hard drive

The design files in the computer are usually quite large, so it is best when choosing the best laptop for drawing to need a large hard drive. It can be said that the computer SSD hard drive is the perfect choice because the ability to start the machine as well as the software will be faster, in addition to being more durable, but the price will be extremely expensive. With the same 500GB capacity, a computer with an SSD can be two or three times more expensive than a regular HDD.

Operating system

It’s too easy if you want a laptop running Mac OS, the only option is to buy a Macbook, Macbook Pro because besides Apple, we don’t have other companies involved in manufacturing computers running this OS like Windows, so so The choice will be easier.

In short, if you like Mac OS, go buy a Macbook (Pro), and depending on your pocket and use needs, you will choose to buy a Macbook Pro or a Macbook Air, an 11.6-inch or 13-inch, 15-inch Retina screen. Since this article is mainly about choosing to buy a Windows computer, please continue to criterion 2.

Investment cost


How much money can you spend to buy a laptop, in my opinion, that is the most important criterion? Because obviously, we can’t just have 10 million but ask to buy a gaming laptop like Alienware or Macbook Pro Retina. Raising the amount above 15 million will be “easier to breathe” when choosing a machine.

We can buy an ultrabook, or a brand new Sony Vaio running Windows 8. It is undeniable that the more beautiful or powerful the machine, the more expensive the price and vice versa. In addition, the price depends on the brand and market segment.

For example, a 15-inch laptop with a discrete GPU, 4-core CPU will be more expensive than a normal 15-inch 2-core CPU and uses an integrated GPU because of its stronger configuration and more accompanying technologies.


A practical experience is that during the last New Year 2013, I took my adopted sister to buy a laptop. The problem is that she was given under 1000 by her parents and we have to find solutions for the answers: cost, design, configuration, and preferences. So I took her to a really big computer store, with enough brands and models of laptops to choose from.

The first friend said that “just a 14-inch machine, the configuration is stable and durable, you don’t need to care about the style”, but when it arrived, Acer was criticized “I don’t like this brand”, Asus is criticized for being rude, Dell is “I heard it’s not durable”, Toshiba is “wow, the machine is so bad”…

In short, 10 machines are criticized for all 10. In the end, she just nodded to her. Vaio E costs 11.9 million, right in the pocket.

I want a touch screen

If you have Windows 8, you must have a new touch screen, feel free to point at the screen to draw, surf the web like on a touch smartphone. Then you can take a look at Dell Inspiron 14R 5421 Touch: 6-hour battery, Windows 8, 10-point touch screen.

Usually, to refer to a model with a touch screen, companies will name it with the word Touch at the back, or in the model will have at, for example, Toshiba S40t. Sony also has a new line of relatively affordable prices, Vaio Fit and Fit E that also have touch screens.

I want my laptop to have a long battery life

Windows laptops have diverse advantages in terms of configuration, models, and prices, but not all models have long-lasting batteries. Normally, the more cells the battery has, the more capacity the battery will last, for example, a 9-cell battery will last longer than 6 cells, 4 cells.

But in return, the more battery cells, the larger the battery will make the device bulky. The exception, of course, is that later ultrabooks use less power-saving components, so they are both more powerful but also less battery-draining.

Screen size, style: 15″ widescreen but must be thin and light

Best Laptop For Drawing

Being asked by elephants for fairies, that’s our common mentality when choosing to buy something, me too. If you are not too interested in games, but prefer a 15-inch screen to watch action movies, browse the web more happily, but don’t want to have to carry a bulky 3kg machine, then Ultrabook will be the choice at this time. your choice, eg Asus PU500C here.

However, in exchange for a large, thin, and light screen, you have to accept that the battery life is not high, the machine can only meet us for about 3 hours of use.

A few other notes: upgrade hardware, keyboard, trackpad.

Hardware upgrade:

Of course, laptops cannot be easily upgraded and replaced with desktop hardware. However, most of our machines can still replace the hard drive, RAM, WLAN / Bluetooth chip, because these components are designed to be removable.

A laptop with 2GB of RAM is currently quite weak to run many tasks at the same time, so we should find out if the machine can upgrade the RAM, through the available slot, and if possible, go up to 4GB to make the machine more efficient. run better.

In addition, replacing SSD drive with traditional HDD is also a very effective solution to improve the speed of the computer. But SSD costs many times more than HDD while the capacity is smaller, for example, 256GB SSD costs about 4 million while HDD 1TB is only about 2.5 million. Therefore, you also need to consider when looking at this solution.

Keyboard, backlit or not:


A machine with a keyboard backlight will give us an advantage when used in low-light environments, especially for students who need to study late at night and do not want to disturb those around them. In addition, the layout of the keys and the bounce when typing are also things to consider when choosing a device. A good keyboard will give a more satisfying and comfortable typing experience.


Similarly, of course, there are times when we will use the trackpad on the laptop, not an external mouse, so a machine with a wide, sensitive trackpad and multi-point support when used will be more preferable and more effective.

In addition, if you regularly use an external mouse, you should also pay attention to whether the device you are about to buy has the function of turning off the trackpad, to limit the situation of jumping the pointer when typing on the keyboard because of accidentally touching the trackpad.

External speakers:

Machines with good speakers will have the advantage when watching movies, listening to music with friends thanks to the high volume. Some laptop models with good external speakers include Toshiba with Harman Kardon speakers, Asus with SonicMaster technology, MSI G series with DynAudio speakers, Dell Alienware with Klipse speakers.


What laptop is good for drawing?

Almost all laptop manufacturers on the market today offer laptops for professional graphic design. But the most popular are still the computer companies that have big names in this market such as Dell, Lenovo … and even Apple holds a part in this market. Just choose well-known computer brands to buy, but you have to be good anyway to survive in this fierce market.

What is the best laptop for drawing and animation?

Buying a business laptop or a laptop drawing for school may not be too difficult, but when buying a graphics laptop for CAD and 3D, you need to check many different things.

These are the types of work done by professional architects using CPU tuning software like AutoCAD, Solidworks, and many other heavy-duty applications. This software requires a powerful laptop like a workstation with an excellent set of configurations.

You can think of spending more than 1000 and getting a powerful laptop with a new hexa-core Intel i7 or i9 processor and the latest Nvidia GTX or RTX GPUs for CAD to work, but CAD software like Solidworks and AutoCAD do not recommend these CPUs and GPUs to run their software.

They are not ordinary CPUs and GPUs, and they are not even used in regular laptops. These are multi-core hyper-threaded CPUs and GPUs found only in workstation laptops, and they are optimized to run heavy applications.

Which laptop has the best pen?

For precise operations such as drawing graphics or simply using a computer touch screen as a writing surface, a stylus is an indispensable device.

Simply put, this is a device that helps us manipulate the touch screen more accurately than with our bare hands. Especially with current 2-in-1 laptops, brands such as Lenovo laptops, Asus laptops also have included a stylus in the product box.


As we all know, not only students but also high school students have a great need to use the best laptops, not only for studying (making presentations, composing Word, Excel) but also for entertainment such as: playing games, browsing the web, uploading phone ROMs… So in addition to desktop computers, laptops are an option that you are interested in when choosing to buy a new computer. So, on the occasion of the new school year, the time when many of you will choose to buy the best laptop for drawing, this article will give you some of the most basic notes when choosing to buy drawing laptop for the new school year.





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