The Best Graphics Card Under 200 In 2022

If you’re constructing a windows Pc on something like a budget graphics card, then graphics cards that are suitable for that design in terms of cost are often between $150 and $250.

Unfortunately, we are currently suffering a GPU scarcity from Jan 2022, which began in 2022 and has only worsened since then. The epidemic has stressed supply lines, which has resulted in huge demand (including from crypto miners).

This implies that finding a current processor at regular pricing (MSRP) – or even at all – is difficult. As a result, you must choose between waiting or paying more for anything that is now available.

In any case, we’ll continue to update this website in the hopes that now the best budget graphics card situation improves. As a result, we’ll keep listing the best graphics card under 200 depending on MSRP for statistical measures.

Our basic suggestions about what to search for in an effort to get as much bang for your buck should be useful in any cash.

best graphics card under 200

Should You Buy Now or Wait? Edition for May 2021

It’s difficult to recollect a period where graphics cards were in such low supply compared to demands as they were in 2021.

Go over to igor’sLAB and study industry expert Anton Wallossek’s research to learn much more about the causes for the present supply shortages (there are numerous).

In early 2020, Nvidia & AMD launched their current high GPU, the RTX 30-series & RX 6000-series, correspondingly.

Every one of these products is presently selling for much more than MSRP, assuming they are still accessible.

GPUs for entry-level & mid-range budget graphics card games are also severely harmed. However a younger breed of mid-range games based on Ampere & RDNA2 architecture will be possible soon in 2021, we may anticipate them to be scarce for some period.

For the time being, finding a new video memory card from either the latest crop at a fair price needs a level of luck. Another alternative is to be willing to spend a higher price than normal or to look into the secondhand market.

Some previous-generation GPUs, like the Radeon RX 580, 570, or 590 (that are still capable but inefficient), may be offered for much less than $200.

gtx 1060 under 200

Our Top Pick

The Best Graphics Card for the Money is one that costs less than $200.

1. GTX 1050 GeForce Ti 4GB from Gigabyte (Greatest Pick)

Features and specifications:

  • 768 CUDA Cores
  • 1392 / 1506 MHz GPU Clock
  • 7008 MHz Memory Clock
  • 4GB of GDDR5 memory
  • 128-bit Memory Interface
  • PCI Express 3.0 bus interface
  • 12 (DirectX)
  • 4.5 OpenGL
  • DVI-D, DisplayPort, and HDMI are the available output ports.

2. GeForce 1650 GTX Super Ventus from MSI (Most Powerful)

Features and specifications:

  • PCIe x16 is the GPU interface.
  • GeForce 1650 GTX SUPER Chipset
  • 4 GB of memory
  • GDDR6 is a kind of graphics memory.
  • 128-Bit Memory Interface
  • 1530MHz is the frequency of the clock.
  • 1740MHz Boost Clock Rate
  • 12 (DirectX)
  • 4.6 OpenGL
  • 7680 x 4320 (maximum resolution)
  • 100W TDP
  • 180mm in length
  • 2 fans for cooling
  • 1 PCIe 6-pin power connector

3. MSI GeForce Ti Gaming GTX 1050 X (Good Budget)

Features and specifications:

  • Processing Stream: 768 Cores CUDA
  • Silent configuration: 1392 MHz Max clock speed:
  • Mode of play: MHz 1468
  • OC fashion: 1493 MHz
  • Silent method: 1290 MHz & Game method: 1354 MHz.
  • OC fashion: 1379 MHz
  • PCI Express 3.0 x16 interface.
  • Display Connectors: 1 * DVI-D-DL, 1 x HDMI-2.0b x DisplayPort-1.4,
  • Digital maximum resolution: 60 Hz 7680 x 4320

4. Gigabyte RX 5500 Radeon XT (Good Airflow)

Features and specifications:

  • Boosting Clock to 1845, Baseline Clock at 1685 Megahertz Base Clock:
  • Processors streaming: 1408
  • Clock speed graphics Memory: 14000 MHz
  • Size of memory: 4GB/8GB
  • GDDR6 Memory Type
  • Bus of memory: 128 bit
  • PCI-E 4.0* 16-graphics Card Bus
  • Maximum Resolution: 4320*7680 at 60 Hz
  • 8 pin USB plugs
  • Display interface 1.4×3.
  • Output: Screen cable 1.4×3.

5. ZOTAC GTX 1650  Gaming GeForce OC version(Good Performance)

Features and specifications:

  • CUDA Nucleus: 896
  • Units of Texture: 56
  • ORDs: 32
  • Boost Clock: 1695 Speed Clock
  • Basic clock: 1485 (MHz)
  • Type of memory: 8 GDDR5 Gbps
  • The bandwidth of Memory: 128 (GB/s)
  • TU117: GPU
  • Architecture: Pascal Turing
  • TDP- 75W

6. Radeon RX 580 Sapphire PULSE (Best Value)

 Features and specifications:

  • Polaris P20 chip
  • 14 nanometers were used in the manufacturing process.
  • 1 257 MHz GPU Core Clock
  • 1,340 MHz GPU Max Clock
  • 256-bit storage bus
  • 256 GB/s Storage Bandwidth
  • 4 GB / 8 GB of memory
  • Wattage (Watts): 185 W

Buying Guide for the Best Graphics Card Under 200!

Choosing the correct graphics cards can be difficult, especially if you aren’t sure what to search for. Don’t be concerned! We’re here to assist you.

We’ve spent some time highlighting the most critical characteristics to look for in a graphics card.

1- Which Company Makes The Best Graphics Cards?

If you don’t want to support a certain company and your ultimate objective is a high-end GPU, it’s crucial to think about the firms that build popular graphics cards under 200.

It is, without a doubt, one of the most important determining aspects in assisting you in making the best decision.

NVIDIA currently offers better value GPUs from across the board, in our view. However, video graphics card prices fluctuate more frequently, and there are many levels of GPU performance. GPU graphics cards provide you with a better price-to-performance ratio on certain tiers.

On certain tiers, AMD-based visual graphics cards may provide the best performance. There is no definitive answer to the question of which graphics card maker is the best.

It is mostly determined by your needs, the best budget graphics cards, and the special offers present at the moment you purchase the GPU.

amd ryzen 3900x

2- Make A Decision

The most demanding games can only be played in 4K with a few graphics cards. This is usually a premium function, and you may have to pay a one-time fee of $1000.

Even yet, several graphics cards are still available that allow you to play your favorite games in 1080p.

They’ll usually run at 60 frames per second. The majority of the budget graphics cards on this list allow you to do so in under 200 seconds.

You may be saving a lot of money if you have a GPU that renders your visuals in 4K. It’s also a good idea to get a graphics card with less power for a reasonable price.

3- Dimensions

It is usually regarded as the most difficult obstacle to overcome. In most cases, length is measured in millimeters. Make sure your graphics card will fit inside the PC casing. This is a major worry for many users of prebuilt PCs.

Before making a purchase, make sure to examine and contrast the measures to the dimensions inside the framework. The majority of common ATX and Micro ATX enclosures should suffice. Nonetheless, for a secure investment, we urge that you double-check the dimensions.

4- Length

Another important factor to consider for consumers of pre-built systems. In the frame, width is commonly measured in PCI Express spaces, with two slots becoming the standard for most GPUs. You’re doing OK as long as you have two positions available in the chassis.

5- Strength

In this pricing range, power is also a crucial issue. You must verify that the graphics card you select performs well and consumes little power.

This is made more difficult by the fact that you can’t replace the power supply in a prebuilt workplace PC.

Every graphics card specification will list the required PSU wattage as well as the power connections. A PCI Express lane can power GPUs that don’t require a connection.

6- Keep An Eye On Your Monitor

While examining the specifications of graphics cards and selecting the one with the highest numbers, you may end up squandering a significant amount of your hard-earned cash. Take into account the refresh rate of your monitor.

The clock speed of a GPU is an important influence on its price.

If your monitor can’t refresh as quickly as your graphics card, you’re more likely to squander every bit of extra processing power your GPU has.

You do not, on the other hand, need to get a card that is slower than your monitor. It’s possible that the images will be jerky.


There is no way to increase or treble the data rate of a video card. You may use overclocking to help you display more intensive graphics. One should consider investing in an elevated graphics card unless you want greater graphical capability.

8-Form Factor

The majority of sophisticated and costly graphics cards were too large to fit inside a compact computer chassis. If you don’t want to spend money on an expensive Console gaming case, they should consider the physical limits of the one you have.

You may change the Graphics card to your liking.

9-PCIe Connectors

Another item to think about with the video card was the type of Pascal connection the power source has, as well as the kind of PCIe connection port the video card has. A majority of GPUs must be connected direct current power source.

To secure the battery pack to the video card, one can utilize a PCIe voltage regulator. Bear in mind that graphics card connection ports vary from the next one. In general, and the powerful any graphics card is, more and more pins it requires on the Pci voltage regulator.

Notes and summary

Under $200, AMD ” versus “ Nvidia (MSRP)

Thanks to its RDNA & RDNA 2 designs, AMD swept up with Nvidia throughout all GPU pricing categories last year. The freshly released high-end AMD and Nvidia cards are almost difficult to obtain, however, the entrance Radeon RX 5500 XT could work.

The GTX GeForce 1650 Super, commonly known as that of the 1650S, was Nvidia’s best graphics card under 200 (model – view – controller MSRP).

The Radeon RX 5500 XT appears to be a significantly more powerful GPU based on the current FP32 speed. In terms of real game performance, though, it’s a close battle.

In certain games, the RX 5500 XT outperforms the GTX 1650S, and in others, card RX 5500 XT outperforms your GTX 1650S.


Overall, either will allow you to play any AAA game at 1080p and should provide excellent benefit in terms of FPS/$. The RX 5500 Radeon XT is available in 4 GB & 8 GB versions, with the 8 GB units probably being the most potential possibility due to the additional graphics memory (VRAM).

It’s indeed infrequently feasible to find these for only about $200 in regular conditions.

Here’s a brief look at comparative GPU performance utilizing Futuremark’s 3DMark Speed Spy test scores. We’ve also included other budget GPUs as a reference, and we’ll go through a few of the following.

This isn’t a precise measure of relative game performance, but it’s a good indication of what you expect in video games on the whole.

Bottom line: That “FPS/$” equation fluctuates every day, as do GPU pricing, which has recently been unreliable for both the GeForce GTX 1650S and the AMD Radeon 5500XT.

Prior to the scarcity, the RX 5500XT featuring 8GB onboard VRAM was the fastest GPU under $200.

Under typical circumstances, these would be the best graphics card under 200. The top cards of Nvidia & AMD are indeed the GTX 1650 Ultra & AMD RX 5500 XT, correspondingly, with the RX 5500 XT 8GB being the most games potential possibility.

Unfortunately, 2021 is also not a typical year, and finding any of them just for their retail price was nearly hard.

Based on current costs, AMD’s Radeon RX 580/570/590 could still be a good buy. If you don’t mind the greater power usage, then RX 590 seems to be a very appealing alternative.

As compensation, it’s the Vega GPUs most recent and effective version. To power them, you may require a larger power source (PSU) and, in certain cases, an extra PCIe cable.

An 8-pin and just one 6-pin supplementary (PCIe) supply connector are required for both the RX 580, but no  Super needs more than that for one 6-pin connection.

If you’ve no option but to utilize a PCIe clip card, this GTX 1650 (semi) is a lot more affordable than the previous GTX 1060 Ti, but it isn’t as fast as other cards we’ve mentioned – although with VRAM GDDR6

amd vs intel gaming

Boosting System

The manufacturer boost clock is another subject worth noting. Most manufacturers improve the specifications of their luxury cards by increasing the highest GPU boost clock (and occasionally the VRAM performance), which is represented in the pricing.

The user’s ability to overclock the card is unaffected by these somewhat higher clock speeds. Larger cooling on more pricey cards, on either hand, is advantageous when overclocking.

Because each GPU chip is different in terms of quality, its overclocking potential differs. Unfortunately, one never tells how competent anything is until you buy it (thus the term “silicon lottery”).

The primary distinction would be that a manufacturing plant card is assured to operate at the set clock rates, but that’s not the case elsewhere.

In certain situations, more expensive & factory-overclocked graphics cards have superior cooling systems than less expensive graphics cards.

System and Power Supply Requirements

To use mid-range GPU in the $200 price bracket, you wouldn’t need a monstrous gaming setup. The most crucial thing is to make sure that the current transformer (PSU) is capable of handling the workload.

These cards based on Radeon RX 590 & RX 580 GPUs are the most games challenging of the ones we’ve looked at so far. For the complete system, AMD recommended a 500 Watt power supply.

Of again, this is dependent on how energy-efficient the rest of your system is. Again for reference model RX 580, the average board energy was 185 Watts, however, overclocked chips will require so much.

Core Processor

Newer cards, such as the GeForce GTX  and RX 5500 XT 1660S, are much less intensive, as well as a 350 Watts PSU is suggested in both situations.

While previous cards required the 8-pin PCIe (& occasionally a second 6-pin) information system, newer cards just represent a specific 6-pin plug.

If your power supply lacks auxiliary PCIe power connections and you can’t update it (for example, in a bespoke, small form-factor PC), the Geforce 1650S is your best choice from the list below. These cards are solely powered by the motherboard.

Aside from the power supply, the rest of your Computer parts should be relatively new. The processor (CPU) has an impact on connection speeds to some amount, however, if you’re and used an AMD Ryzen and Core i5 for the last several years, the change will be minimal.

Most Commonly Asked Questions

1. Is A 4GB Graphics Card For Gaming PC Under $200 Sufficient?

You can acquire a graphics card for under $200 if you want to max out the graphical medium settings and play recent games at 4K or 1440p. For 1080p gameplay, it’s primarily overloaded, but it supports all ray tracing effects that enable the functionality, making it a viable option.

If you’re building a mid-range gaming PC, you may pick the graphics card that best meets your needs in this price range. Nvidia’s mid-range cards are based on the Turing architecture and have recently been updated with super versions that can improve the price-to-performance ratio dramatically.

2. Can New Game Titles Be Played On GPUs Under $200?

Without a doubt! Most high-end 1080p gaming titles released in 2021 can be played on many best graphics cards under 200. In this price range, AMD and Nvidia both offer some solid options. All you have to do now is make sure they match your specific needs.

You can easily purchase a graphics card that can handle recent game titles if you consider the main elements highlighted in this guide and the top GPUs rated.

3. Which Graphics Card Is The Finest For Around $200?

If you spend less than $200 on a graphics card, you can easily upgrade to 1080p. In most complex games, MSI and GTX offer some of the best units that run at full settings at 60 frames per second.

You can enjoy a far better gaming experience with medium settings and common resolutions. Also, don’t forget to think about the points indicated above. You can acquire a card worth $200 if you consider these qualities and ideal performance.

4. Are Gaming Laptops Good?

Although such a high-end mobile gaming PC comes at a cost, it is certainly worth it if you are looking for a true gaming experience that goes beyond throwing birds at a pig’s house. Take the Razer Blade Pro 17.3″ Gaming Notebook Computer, for example.

5. Amd Radeon Vs Nvidia Geforce Which Is Better?

Every graphics card on this list is of excellent quality. Despite the fact that not all of them are suitable for hard gaming, they are a good choice for casual users. Keep in mind that the market is flooded with graphics cards of all types and specifications.

You are more likely to waste your money if you are not cautious when making a decision. A budget graphics card-friendly card is capable of performing nearly all jobs and is long-lasting.

A low-quality graphics card, on the other hand, is likely to be weak and lack any defensive features that will keep it running in the long run. Consider the GPU, VRAM, clock speed, and cooling capabilities.





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