Top 5+ Best AMD Ryzen Laptops 2021 (Expert’s Choice)

After many years of launching products on the market, AMD has made an impressive comeback with ryzen laptop release with many best AMD ryzen laptops. 3 CPUs of the Ryzen 7 series were first launched, aimed at the high-end segment and ready to compete on par with expensive CPUs from Intel. Join us to find out the best AMD ryzen laptops with their strengths, ryzen laptop review in this article!

Best AMD Ryzen Laptops

Our Top Pick

Top Best Amd Ryzen Laptops Reviews 2021

1.G15 ROG Zephyrus Ultra Slim Gaming Laptop

  • Wonderful FHD 240Hz IPS show (144Hz choice isn’t always as desirable)
  • Stable performance, especially in disturbing loads
  • Plastic construct, and incredibly liable to showing smudges

2.2020 Flagship Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 VR Ready Gaming Laptop

  • Great overall performance for gaming and the whole lot else
  • Keyboard has backlighting problems

3.Flagship 2021 ASUS Strix Gaming 15 Laptop

  • Plenty of strength
  • Cheaper than competitors
  • Slightly chunky

4.HP Envy X360 13.3″ FHD 2-in-1 Touchscreen Laptop

  • Slim and smooth for a 2-in-1
  • Graphics overall performance disappointing

5.Acer Swift 3 Thin & Light Laptop

The Max graphics card, Intel’s 11th generation CPU, and GPU performance duo can be combined thanks to Deep Link technology. Mixed tasks (on Wi-Fi surfing the web with 150 nits).

  • Excellent multitasker
  • Very less costly for an Ultrabook
  • Not super for gaming

Notes When Choosing To Buy AMD CPUS That You Need To Know!

If you need a CPU for studying and doing simple tasks, the Ryzen 3 series is more than enough. However, if you own a laptop, try to choose Ryzen 7 because this processor can save power much slower than the desktop.

If you’re a gamer and need high CPU clocks more important than core count then we suggest you aim for at least 6 cores and then look for the highest GHz CPU you can find and afford it. financial capacity to pay. You can also focus on AMD’s “X” suffix models because they have higher clock speeds than previous base models.

You are working with a huge amount of work, then Threadripper is the best choice. With the specific job that requires a high-end gaming laptop such as Graphic design, video editing, production and music mixing, etc., Threadripper is an extremely reasonable choice for consumers. In addition, Threadripper will also be great if you intend to use your computer as a server.

Best AMD Ryzen Laptops

Both Intel and AMD divide chips into three user segments based on user needs: the affordable segment, the mid-range segment, and the high-end segment. However, each type of chip also has its own advantages and disadvantages

Overall, Intel is still the leader in quality. If you choose the same segment, Intel’s performance indicators, graphics cards, and overclocking capabilities are all very impressive. Or the smaller factors such as consuming less power, being cooler, and making less noise, Intel’s quality is always better than AMD’s, along with the price is also slightly higher than AMD’s. However, if in the same price range, AMD will gain an advantage when the price is cheaper and still meet the needs of users.

So, which AMD chip and Intel chip should users choose? If users want a high configuration but have a tight budget laptop, and are not rich, AMD is a perfect choice for economy and performance that still meets the needs of users.

If it comes to heavy tasks such as rendering videos or high-resolution images as well as multitasking, users will call the name Ryzen. If you need to build a PC or simply buy a laptop with a Ryzen CPU, you will not regret the money you spend. You can save up to 500 USD if you buy a Ryzen 7 1800x instead of buying an Intel Core i7 6800k, with that money you can invest in a 4K monitor, for example.

CPU generation

As for Intel CPUs, it will mainly be models of Core i3, i5, and i7 series, a few will use i9 and lower-end chip lines such as Celeron, Atom, etc. With Core i, intel-based laptops have come up to now. 10th generation.

As for AMD CPUs, laptop models are using CPUs of the Ryzen 3, 5, and 7 series. Currently, the CPU on AMD laptops has been updated to the 4000 generation.

The general rule for CPUs of both companies is that the higher the number, the stronger the performance, the next generation will be stronger than the previous generation in the same segment. For example: 10300H > 9300H, Ryzen 3500U > Ryzen 3200U, etc.

Select by Cache

Cache or cache memory is not the most important parameter of the CPU, but it should be considered. The higher the memory, the faster the laptop is obviously, the fewer users have to wait in the process of using the machine.

Select CPU by processing speed

The number of Ghz represents the CPU’s processing speed per second. The higher the parameter, the faster the machine runs. Of course, if you do not have the need to use heavy applications, it is not necessary to choose a CPU with terrible parameters because that will only make it more expensive.

Select CPU by TDP

TDP is the capacity of the CPU. Its unit is in Watt. If the TDP parameter is high, the machine will give higher performance. But at the same time, the laptop consumes a lot of power efficiently and is prone to overheat, the battery drains faster.

Choose Intel if you need Thunderbolt 3

If you need a Thunderbolt port, that’s one of the reasons why you should choose Intel. Thunderbolt is a new connection protocol on computers, jointly developed by Apple and Intel and released in 2011. Looking from the beginning of 2020, Intel has achieved its expected goal when Thunderbolt 3 has the ability to support USB. -C, DisplayPort, HDMI, high power charging,…

If you choose a laptop using an AMD chip, one thing is for sure, that machine will not support the Thunderbolt 3 port. It is not known when the laptop using AMD chip will have this connection. You can hope, but if you still need Thunderbolt 3, you should choose a laptop using Intel’s home chip.

PCWorld reviewers have tested the Ryzen 4000 Series CPUs and found that AMD offers much better multi-core and single-core performance than the previous generation, sometimes even better than Intel’s Ice Lake.

But, these factors are not as important as the useful software that laptops using Intel CPUs bring. We can mention DL Boost or QuickSync. Of course, laptops using AMD chips will not have this software.

It’s a lie to say that you don’t care about performance, but most users need stability in everyday tasks, such as using Chrome, Microsoft Office, etc. In fact, Core i5 or Ryzen 5 is too old. enough for a normal user.

Intel & AMD: Who’s More Versatile?

The purpose of this article is so that users can understand the type of CPU they are looking for according to the purpose of use such as gaming, office computing, or multi-tasking. On the market, there are many types of CPUs with Multi-Core and Massive Threads, but what we need to pay attention to is the performance level of Single-Core and Multi-Core.

For gamers:

A long time ago, Intel CPUs dominated the gaming market. But by July 2019, AMD published the Ryzen 3000 series, it was really hard for gaming laptops to choose from. The reason is that AMD CPUs have always been known as general-purpose CPUs, good for work but not good for gaming. Because most games only need one core. So any CPU with a single core that runs intensely (which is typical of Intel CPUs) will play great games. That means gamers will have a hard time choosing between AMD CPUs and Intel CPUs from now on.

For office workers:

With the multi-threaded processor of the Ryzen chip, versatility is no big deal. So for those of you who need to work on many features at the same time, invite the AMD home team.


Best AMD Ryzen Laptops

How much RAM is enough for gaming laptops?

Most gaming laptops today are equipped with a minimum of 8 GB of RAM and there is a slot available for users to upgrade if they want. Therefore, we can confirm one main thing that with 8 GB of RAM gaming laptops can play games well.

It can be said that 8 GB of RAM is necessary to help gaming laptops work well, but if you have the conditions, upgrading more RAM is not superfluous.

Should I choose a laptop using AMD or Intel?

With the strong rise of the best AMD ryzen laptops, Intel Core has been strongly influenced by staying at the top without paying attention to other forces. This also contributed to Intel having to change with the latest Gen 11 Core generation, regaining its wobbly position.

Just like the Ryzen powered laptops question above, choosing between i5 or i7, the choice of Intel or laptops with AMD processors depends a lot on needs and budget laptop. In the same price segment, the best AMD ryzen laptops will often have slightly better equipment than Intel.

What parts can a gaming laptop upgrade?

Besides the ability to upgrade the RAM that I mentioned above, gaming laptops also can upgrade SSD or HDD hard drives, thereby helping the machines increase storage capacity. Not only that, but gaming laptops also allow connecting discrete graphics cards, improving graphics processing capabilities.

What differentially inside the new generation zen 3?

The CPU core layout on Zen 3 chips revolves around a single L3 cache and is twice the size of Zen 2’s total split caches. As a result, the cores have equal access and are fast. faster, CPU resources are also exploited more efficiently.

Meanings of u, hs, and hx signs after AMD Ryzen CPU name

When learning about AMD Ryzen 5000 CPUs, we are all confused by how to name each processor. However, you just need to understand simply, the higher the number, the better. The first number after Ryzen will represent the CPU model including Ryzen 3, 5, ryzen 7 laptops, and ryzen 9. Currently, Ryzen 9 laptop 5980 HX is the best and high-end gaming laptop CPU with performance ranging from 5600 to 5980.

Problems you will encounter when the laptop heats up quickly

Touching the laptop feels hot is definitely the first problem you feel. Especially when your laptop has a metal case because this material has better heat conductivity than plastic. Of course, when the computer is operating it will emit a certain amount of heat. But if compared to every other day, still the same task, that environment is now because the machine is too hot, so you can’t rest your hand or put it on your lap like before.

The laptop fan is always spinning to cool the system, but depending on the different cooling needs, the fan will have an appropriate speed. When the laptop gets hot quickly, it means that the fan will have to work at full capacity so you will find it blowing harder and making a heavier sound. Sometimes this noise is annoying for some people, especially when they are in need of quiet to concentrate on work.

The fast hot laptop also makes it difficult to manipulate the computer, even for simple tasks such as text editing, surfing the web, reading news. You will feel the machine extremely slow, sometimes frozen, and even blue screen error.

The next problem is that the laptop shuts down on its own. Due to the excessively high internal temperature, the CPU sensor and battery will be forced to stop working on the machine to ensure that the components do not burn out and pose a danger to the user.

This sudden power failure, although after waiting for the machine to cool down, it can turn back on, it may lose the data you are working on that have not been saved yet.

If the hot laptop situation is not resolved in time, it will likely kill the CPU and GPU, especially for gaming and discrete graphics cards. Its sign is that the screen appears colored stripes and the machine runs off continuously.


If you are planning to upgrade your rig, then Ryzen gaming laptop is an option to consider. This promises to be a safe choice for the next 4-5 years when the trend of optimizing applications for CPUs with more than 4 cores takes the throne. For the time being, AMD processor has not been able to surpass intel processors, but Ryzen has completed the task of breaking Intel’s monopoly, ringing the alarm bell for the blue giant. When there is competition, users will always benefit the most. Hopefully, with our ryzen reviews, you were able to choose the best AMD ryzen laptops for your needs!





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