Asus Laptop Not Charging: Reasons And Solutions

You are using an Asus laptop and the battery health mode is running out, you plug in the charger but you find your Asus laptop not charging. Surely you will be very frustrated and irritable because your work is interrupted again.

Worried about the situation that the Asus laptop does not recognize the computer’s battery? Do you think your Asus laptop battery is damaged and don’t know how to fix it?

The error that the Asus laptop does not recognize the battery health mode is a situation that occurs quite often and may be caused by the socket, Asus battery health, charging cord and some other errors.

These errors can all be fixed quickly at home without having to go to the shop for repair. In this article, we will show Asus laptop users some solutions to solve this problem.

  Asus Laptop Not Charging

The Reason Why The Laptop Not Charging Problem Persists

There are many reasons why a computer won’t recognize the Asus laptop battery health mode, here are some common causes.

Laptop won’t charge battery due to power outlet problem

Power socket error is the first reason Asus laptop users should think about when the laptop does not recognize the Asus battery health charging.

When the socket has a problem, it will prevent power reset from entering the laptop and lead to the laptop not receiving the Asus laptop battery. When the laptop won’t charge, try plugging the battery power reset into another outlet to see if it works.

Asus battery not charging issue

Asus battery health problems are also a reason if Asus laptop users have been using the laptop for a long time. The included Asus laptop battery is usually not attached to the peripheral devices, so the possibility of the Asus battery not charging is completely available.

Improper use of the battery charging problem persists for a long time causes the battery to be damaged, the bottle and it will certainly “become sick” more seriously, making the laptop not receive the battery.

If you regularly receive Windows warnings about the battery charging problem or your battery has recently drained very quickly when in use, this is the reason. In case you buy a battery and the laptop does not receive a new battery, you should most likely check the quality and compatibility of the battery.

To know what type of battery charging issue is for your USB adapter, you need to have a good understanding of the battery.

A problem with the charging cord

  Asus Laptop Not Charging

Sometimes the charging cord breaks or breaks inside without you knowing it. Since that leads to the laptop not plugged in not charging Asus laptop and no battery is detected Asus. If you see that the cord is melted, or abnormally swollen at some point, then immediately replace the new battery charger.

Before buying yourself a new Asus battery health charger, learn carefully about the specifications of the computer as well as the manufacturer to choose the right cable for your computer.

Battery not recognized error due to overheating

Asus Laptop Not Charging

During use, please pay attention to the temperature of the machine, if the temperature is too high, the laptop will not receive the battery level. Overheating of the machine causes the contact between the connectors to decrease sensitivity. In particular, you should note that high laptop temperatures also greatly affect service as well as increase the possibility of dangerous explosions.

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When researching and checking, the reason is simply that the laptop used is too hot, causing the laptop not to charge the batteries category. Also, another influence is Asus laptop turns off when unplugged.

For other similar models, the temperature of the machine is what you should pay attention to every time you use it for timely solutions.

Driver error causes the AC adapter to report battery error

The error of not receiving the laptop battery can also be caused by a faulty driver that makes the battery not recognized.

The laptop charging port usually has its own driver and if there is an error, the system has the same problem that makes your laptop unable to receive the battery level. In this case, you must uninstall battery driver

Asus Battery Diagnostic

Shorter on-screen time

Asus Laptop Not Charging

Normally, Windows rarely updates the battery life, but in the process of using the battery life, it is a sign that the laptop battery is damaged. In win 7 there will be a notification that the battery icon comes with a red slash, informing you that the battery has not had enough power reset to continue using.

Power reduction

To know the capacity of the capacity mode or AC adapter, you can use the free software BatteryInfoView from NirSoft, windows search bar and it will show on the screen, then press it. This software allows displaying the battery capacity levels, the initial capacity of the battery problems and the current capacity of the battery.

In addition, there are some other typical Asus battery diagnostics such as:

  • The capacity model is still not fully charged.
  • Battery life display is incorrect, sudden increase or sharp decrease.
  • The battery cannot be used, must be plugged in continuously, Asus laptops turn off when unplugged.

Answer For How To Fix Laptop Not Charging Issue

When you encounter a situation where the laptop does not recognize the battery, you should not be too worried, because you can fix them at home quickly. You must fix laptop battery or the USB drive or AC adapter. First, calmly observe the phenomenon of the machine and try some of the answers below.

Try plugging in the charger again

  Asus Laptop Not Charging

To handle the initial error of the computer battery stops charging, you can check your cable or the power outlet. After that, try plugging the battery back in and change the outlet to see if it works. If the situation still cannot improve, please refer to the answer below.

Check the battery again

  Asus Laptop Not Charging

The battery is an AC adapter charger that you should test to determine if it is still working properly, so you need to fix the laptop battery. The way to check the battery or drivers is to remove the battery from the AC adapter charger and plug it into the driver.

If the laptop’s driver is still receiving power and can turn on completely normally, it means that the battery indicator has the same problem called the charging issue. Then, you must save its windows and software.

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In order for the machine to work normally, you need to replace the battery. In this case, you should choose the solution to replace the battery or AC adapter at the genuine repair and warranty centers of the laptop manufacturer you are using.

Check the Asus laptop charging cord

The charging cord is also sometimes the main problem for all laptop troubles. Due to frequent use, the charging cord collides with many objects inadvertently leading to scratches and breaks.

The break can be external, but it can also be underground, so check carefully to see if there are any ripples in the whole wire. If the laptop drive does not work, follow the suggestions above and maybe you will find the cause of the problem and save your software as well as system.

Restart the computer and remove the battery

Asus Laptop Not Charging

You shut down the computer and unplug it, then remove the battery from the laptop Asus. The laptop battery can often be accessed from the underside of the machine, and there is a lock you can push the lockout or open it by lifting a lever. You remove the battery for about 10 seconds, then reinsert it, and restart your computer.

Replug in the battery charger again after booting and wait 10 seconds to see if it works. Not all laptops can easily remove the battery. If there is no obvious battery problem compartment, just restart the computer without having to remove the battery.

Use a heat sink for the machine

Asus Laptop Not Charging

To solve this problem, you can reduce the operating time of the machine or install a heat sink for your computer. In addition, you should also avoid placing the machine when using it in places where it is difficult to dissipate heat such as a mattress, blankets, pillows…

Regular cleaning of the machine is a must to help the rack fans to be ventilated and operate effectively, thereby avoiding the situation that the laptop Asus does not receive the battery.

 Let your laptop Asus cool, if your laptop’s battery is very hot to the touch, the excess heat can interfere with charging issues. So turn off your laptop and let it sit for a few minutes to cool down. Please blow a can of compressed air into the fan vents in the corner, in a very short time to remove dust to clean the laptop vent. You should remember not to blow directly into the fan vents, but only at an angle.

Start your computer without a battery

You turn off the laptop, remove the battery and install the charger into the computer, if your computer does not turn on, you definitely need to replace a new cord. And if you boot the machine up to power, it is probably because of its battery or because of the interaction between the computer and the battery.

If your laptop battery cannot be removed, skip this step and bring your computer to a laptop repair shop for a timely solution.

Update battery driver for the adapter

Asus Laptop Not Charging

For laptops running Windows operating system, you can search automatically: access Control Panel > Device Manager. Under Batteries, you’ll see three entries, one for the battery, one for the charger, and one listed as Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery. After opening each item, you will see the Properties window. Under the Driver tab, select Update Driver.

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After that, please restart the machine. If the battery still cannot charge, please remove the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery and restart the service.

To fix this error, you should have a hard reset and update to the latest driver for the charging port by right-clicking on My Computer on the desktop on Windows > select Manage > Device Manager. In the Batteries section, right-click “Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery”, select Update Driver to update the driver.

At this point, you just need to restart the adapter to complete the driver’s update process for the charging port. Then, you can repair your device.

Replace new laptop battery charger

Finally, if your battery problems or charging cord is damaged, it’s best to replace it. Currently, the cost of battery chargers and batteries is affordable, so changing fixed batteries is not difficult.

The replacement and warranty help you feel more secure and save more money. But remember to choose genuine and quality battery chargers and cords to install.

Bring it to a laptop repair center

After trying all the ways and still not working, you definitely have to take it to repair its balance mode. Please choose for yourself a reputable center and immediately fix the error of the laptop not receiving the battery’s lifespan.

Tips for using a laptop to make the battery last longer

  • Use the laptop in a cool, dry place, avoid places with high temperature or humidity.
  • Place the laptop on a flat and airy surface, it is recommended to equip a heat sink.
  • Use the correct charging cord that came with the peripheral devices, to avoid the wrong voltage affecting the battery circuit.
  • Periodically clean the laptop once a year, helping the laptop to breathe and not get hot during use.
  • Should not be used and charged – the same issue, causing the charging issue – discharging process to take place at the same time, damaging the quality of the battery driver.
  • Do not use it until the battery problems are exhausted or even the power is out before charging. Instead, use it until the battery drivers have about 10-20% left and receive a charging notification from the system.
  • Shut down properly so that the machine is completely refreshed and ready for the next boot.

If you don’t take any steps or measures to solve laptop not charging, watch this video, it will definitely help you a lot:

In Conclusion: You Can Easily Fix Asus Laptop Not Charging

The problem of the Asus laptop plugged not receiving the power button, not charging the battery due to many different reasons such as: due to your charging connection, due to computer software, it may also be because your battery power is damaged and so on.

Each cause has a solution. different solutions and you can implement them at home. So what are you waiting for without fixing your broken Asus laptop?




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