Apex Engine Error: What Are The Causes And How To Fix

 Apex Legends is a battle game in which three players form a squad. They use characters with unique skills for the battle.

However, users sometimes experience the Apex Engine Error which is annoying. To fix the issues, you can these tips:

Now, let’s discuss the game in deeper detail.

Apex Engine Error Overview

Apex Legends is Respawn’s best-selling and best-rated battle video game. Electronic Arts has introduced the game on a variety of platforms.

The popularity of this battle royale game has grown steadily since its release. Dozens of players enjoy Apex Legends every day on PlayStation 4, Windows PCs, and some other devices. Yet, most users still choose to play on their PCs instead of on consoles.

Many users have recently reported that they lost interest in playing Apex Legends. There are some errors during the battle preventing the players from enjoying their games.

Users reported that an engine error 0x887A0006 had been shown. This issue occurs when the players are trying to launch their game. The error prohibits people from playing. If your apex legends keep crashing, please follow this guide

  apex engine error

Besides the engine error 0x887A0006, there are some issues related to Apex legends engine error:

  • Error sound
  • Unknown file
  • 0x887A0005
  • Error steam
  • PAK file

What Causes the Apex Engine Error?

There must be reasons for the problems listed above. Learning the causes can help you prevent the negative consequences.

Here are the most common factors that cause the Apex engine error:

  • Drivers that are out of date: The game has just appeared in the market. It can’t work well on older graphics cards. As a result, if the system’s drivers haven’t been updated to the new version yet, it frequently breaks and hangs.
  • Missing files: Specific game files might be absent or become damaged over time. The game requires all of its data to be complete to load properly. Hence, if any of them are absent, the game may malfunction.
  • Registry: If there is a request missing from the Registry of the Windows system, it could lead to the game error. This request is crucial for processing the game’s contents. If it isn’t available, it might create problems with the game’s loading, leading it to break.
  • Administration privileges: Some game features require rights to view confidential files on the device. Some even necessitate “edit” privileges. If certain rights are not available, the game may crash at any time, resulting in an engine fault.

Troubleshoot The Problems

There are some basic steps to fix and run Apex legends engine.

Disable the defender firewall

The Firewall in Windows may interrupt the processing of Apex Legends games. In this case, you need to include the game in the exception list of the Firewall as soon as possible.

If you still can’t fix the problem, just turn off the Firewall. Here is how to do it:

  • Access the Firewall in “Control Panel”.
  • Choose to turn on or off the wall. This section stays on the left panel.
  • Save all the changes.
  • Launch the game to check if the error message still appears or not. If problem come from your anti virus, you can fix by this guide

Disable the defender firewall


Reinstalling on an internal hard drive

Some people utilize outer hard disk drives rather than running Apex Legends on their inner hard disks.

Some people tried to run Apex Legends on their PCs. And, no error notice appeared. So go ahead and install the application on your SSD. When you first begin the match, there will be no crashes.

Run-on compatibility mode

The game may malfunction and display the Engine Error if you are playing it on a mismatched system.

Launching the program in compatibility mode seems to be the only way to fix Apex Legends Engine Error. You can follow the steps outlined below to accomplish it:

  • If you run the game via steam, choose to operate on your PC.
  • Right click on Apex Legends.
  • Go to the game’s properties.
  • Search and browse the “Local files”.
  • Right-click on the “Installer” of the program and choose “Properties”.
  • Press the “Compatibility” tab and tick on the “Compatibility mode”. Remember to choose the right Windows version right below the mode.
  • “Apply” to save the setting.

Run this program in the compatibility mode


Use administrative privileges

Apex Legends requires some particular administrative privileges to function without problems. If you end up running it with an account, you’ll get errors like Engine Error.

As a result, we recommend that the player play this video game with administrative privileges.

You need to access the properties of the Steam Launcher. Then, from the Compatibility section, choose to run the program as an administrator. Finally, save all the adjustments.

How to Fix Apex Legends Engine Error?

Try the techniques below if your game still breaks after you’ve tried all of the previous basic approaches.

Update the drivers for the graphics card

The graphics driver plays a critical role in the proper operation of the PC and its hardware. We can’t operate the programs on our PCs if they’re outdated or damaged.

The same thing may happen in your Apex Legends game. The Apex Legends Engine Error will arise as a result of inadequate graphics driver components. If you are using computer to playing game, remember update your motherboard drivers and other drivers.

Let’s follow these steps:

  • Access the “Display adapters” in the “Device Manager”.
  • Right-click and choose to update the driver.
  • Follow the instructions popping up on the screen until it finishes.

Restart the computer after the procedure. If the Engine Error window shows again, restart Apex Legends.

If this problem continues after upgrading the GPU driver, try out these steps:

  • Access the “Display adapters” in the “Device Manager”.
  • Right-click and choose the “Properties” of the GPU card.
  • Choose the “Driver” tab.
  • Click on the “Rollback driver”.
  • Restart your computer to check.

Roll back the driver


Activate the “Borderless Window” mode

The full-screen mode might create issues and possibly cause the game to collapse. It’s best to enjoy Apex Legends in a borderless window mode to minimize the Apex Legends Engine Error. In windows 11, this problem are fixed.

You need to right click on Apex Legends game library and choose the Borderless Window in the “Display” tab.

Then, restart your computer after saving the modifications. Check if you have fixed the error or not.

  Choose the borderless window in the display mode

Adjust the graphics settings

High-definition gaming gives us a lot of enjoyment and improves our gameplay experience. On the other hand, it bothers us by sending an error message.

If the Engine Error still occurs, it may be because of the high graphics settings. Adjusting the graphics settings on the Windows PC to a lower level can solve the problem. Maybe you need new graphics card, here is list best low profile graphics card, cheapest on market. Remember update graphics card driver when install new graphics card.

Disable the overlays

We may work with the text chat, browser, and other functions with the Overlay feature activated. If you use the In-Game Overlay on Steam, deactivate it right away to fix the problem.

Follow the steps outlined below to deactivate it:

  • Choose “Settings” from the Steam menu.
  • Press on the in-game tab.
  • Untick the option of enabling the in-game overlay.
  • Save all the changes and exit Steam.

  Disable the overlay

Check the game validation

If you are having problems with Apex Legends Engine Error, you should first verify the game files. Broken files might lead to the error.

As a result, double-check that the game files are in good condition. To do so, read these instructions.

  • Access Steam launcher.
  • Go to the game library, then click the “Properties” of Apex legends.
  • Press on the “Local files” and choose to verify the integrity of the game. The system starts to validate the game files in a few minutes. It will fix the broken files once it locates them.

  You need to verify the game’s integrity

Tips To Avoid Apex Legends Engine Error

It’s always better to prevent than cure. Keep in mind these tips so that there is no error interrupting your game.

  • You need to complete the game installation procedure without making any mistakes.
  • When you conduct any vital duties, such as gaming, it would be ideal to shut both your firewall and antivirus programs.

  Turn off the firewall and antivirus program

  • After installing the game and before playing it, read the game instructions to learn about the requirements for playing it without errors.

Contact Official Support

Users of Apex Legends who are suffering Engine Errors can now resolve the issue using the methods outlined above.

If the answers in this article do not fix your problem, you may seek help on the Apex Legends authorized website. You may also see whether the problem will go away after restarting the game.

Or, go to the Electronic Arts web page and contact their support team.


The Apex engine error may annoy you sometimes. However, there are many methods you can apply to solve this problem. If you still can’t fix it, contact the support team from the producers. They will explain your situation clearly and give you solutions on your game library.

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Thank you for reading.


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