Solutions To Fix AdBlock Not Working On Twitch: You Should Know

Adblock not working on Twitch is easy to happen if you are utilizing an out-of-date Adblock browser. Other reasons can be Chrome’s Network Service, browser issues, browser extension problems, or players of web browsers. Adblock extensions are software, able to remove or change online ads on a website. However, these extensions occasionally fail to stop the advertisements in the stream.

Twitch, which is managed by Amazon, is a website for broadcasting or watching live streams or recorded game videos. This website runs advertisements on its streams to make a profit from the stage. These ads are vital because they are offering the income for the platform to keep operating and assisting the content creators. Nonetheless, some ads could be bothersome and lots of people want to block them.

Being interrupted with an ad whenever you switch streams or being paused while watching video games, we would say it is annoying, right? However, a lot of users find that Adblock is not performing on Twitch recently. As a result, they cannot skip ads on Twitch at all.

But do not worry, we are here to propose to you some methods to fix this problem. Let’s get started and find a solution that best suits you. We provide you the helpful following information in our article:

  • Why is Adblock not working on Twitch?
  • What Are Popular Reasons That Adblock Doesn’t Work On Twitch
  • What Are Solutions To Fix Adblock Not Working On Twitch
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Sum up

Why Does Adblock Not Work On Twitch?

A common reason that Adblock not working on Twitch happens to many users is that the Adblock extension in your browser is outdated. On the other hand, it might be caused by a player of an Internet browser or Chrome as well as Network Service.

Probably you have a problem with your program or a conflict with a different extension. Although Adblock owns filters to not be installed ideally, it still can fail to block ads on Twitch. A browser that is able to extend and block advertisements is a kind of software that influences how advert promotion is presented or discontinues it completely when users are on a web browser or an app.

Nevertheless, if Twitch pullouts an advertisement at once in the stream, Adblock would not be capable of blocking it.

What Are Popular Reasons That Adblock Doesn’t Work On Twitch

After researching and analyzing the problem thoroughly, we noticed the following reasons responsible for the Twitch ads not blocked problems:

  • Using an old-fashioned Adblock extension
  • Incorrect Adblock settings
  • The conflict between Adblock and a different browser extension
  • Filters of Adblock’s Twitch are not installed ultimately
  • Incorrect Chrome settings

Here you are. Now you know common reasons that cause problems for Adblock on Twitch, so we will provide you proper solutions for every problem above. Let’s roll down and not miss any part.

What Are Solutions To Fix Adblock Not Working On Twitch

Here are some popular methods to fix Adblock no longer works on Twitch that you can easily apply and fix by yourself at home. Read every solution given below thoroughly before carrying them out.

Solution 1: How To Update Adblock

When you forget to update your extensions frequently, you may cause issues for your extensions. We are all aware that technology is increasingly involved every single day, all the apps, extensions, and software instantly change and create more traits to offer the greatest experience to internet users.

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Some extensions will automatically update themselves, while others may not. Therefore, it might be likely that the Adblocker extension is not automatically updated.

You can use Google Chrome  to update the Adblock extension with the below instructions:

  1. Click to access Chrome and write down “chrome://extensions” in the address stick. Then Enter
  2. Now visit “chrome extensions”, extensions windows will be observable. Let turning on the Developer Mode by switch to On
  3. Click Update to start to update all Chrome extensions of yours and wait until extensions get updated

After that, restart your browser. Then open Twitch and check if the issue is completely solved.


Solution 2: Way To Modify Adblock Settings

Even though Adblock can start blocking advertisements at once after being set, there can be an independent setting to manage Twitch ads. The setting is not allowed by default to incapacitate this, so you will have to switch it to enable. Once you enable the setting that can easily solve the issue. Let’s follow the steps below:

  1. Firstly, you have to browse Chrome and click the Adblock image right beside the address box
  2. Tick on the gear sign to pop-up choices for accessing your Adblock setting backgrounds
  3. Look for and press General choices, then you have to ensure Allow Acceptable Ads is not checked. On the other version, you can see the check smart “Enable hiding of streaming ads on Twitch” choice. Then click to check it.

Now, restart your Google Chrome to see if advertisements by Twitch are blocked, so the problem will be solved or not. If you continue being interrupted by ads on Twitch, you can check out other solutions.


Solution 3: What To Do To Modify Chrome Settings

There is a solution in Chrome known as Network Service that is trustworthy for operating several processes and if the Adblock extension on Twitch cannot access this service, at that point, it may discontinue working.

This method is the handiest technique we provide you if Adblock is not working on Twitch and you can get rid of annoying ads on your browser. Chrome offers you some developed experiment settings that may cause few unpredicted errors. However, you can effortlessly access them if you are aware of what needs to be performed.

Network service proceeds an individual process in Chrome which you cannot approach to the Adblock extensions inserted by Google Chrome. In order to make this provision approachable to the Adblock extensions can work out the issue. Please follow the steps here:

  1. Access Chrome and write down “chrome://flags” in the address stick


  1. In the finding box, type “Network Service”, next set “Data reduction proxy with network service” together with “Runs network service in-process” options that present there to disabled and remember to save changes.


  1. Let’s restart the Chrome browser and see if the solution works or not. If the issue is solved, then keep in mind to perform these stages whenever Chrome has the latest update. On the other hand, if the solution does not work, you can check the other method.

Solution 4: How To Install HLS Adblock

To solve Adblock not blocking Twitch ads you can check this method. Twitch tends to present advertisements whenever you start to view a new program, and they are included straight into the HLS stream. In that case, fitting up HLS Adblock is able to repair this problem as it covers Twitch’s method and checks over the playlist demanded in a few seconds. Thanks to this method, parts including ads are easily removed.

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To attempt this method, you need to follow these steps:

For Chrome:

  1. First, you have to download the HLS  Adblock browse


  1. Then, unfasten it into a file, do not forget the folder path
  2. Write down “chrome://extensions/” and then enable the developer mode
  3. After that, let choose “load unpacked” and go forward to the catalog where the extensions located
  4. Finally, restart Chrome then see if the issue is fixed

For Firefox:

  1. Begin with downloading the latest release, which is the xpi file
  2. Then, access “about: addons” and wait to load the HSL Adblock addon in the downloaded document
  3. Lastly, restart Firefox to see whether the problem is fixed or not

In case you still face the issue, let’s try the next method.

Solution 5: Why Attempt An Alternate Twitch. Tv Player

Alternate Player for Twitch. tv is a great alternative choice that was previously known by Twitch 5. Almost all adverts from live streams can easily be removed, and the settings may be affixed to fit your web linking. This player permits you to view the broadcast utilizing a substitute player, including   VLC Media Player or Media Player Classic.

To add the extension to the browser, you need to select the correct link. As it has different links to download Alternate Player for Twitch to Chrome, Microsoft Edge, as well as Firefox and browsers, descended from Firefox.

Then, you just need to download the right Alternate Player for Twitch version for your program, attach the enlargement to your program, and start again your Internet browser to check if this resolves Adblock not working on Twitch or not.

This solution is also quite helpful and helps you solve the problem of Adblock not working on Twitch effectively. You can download this extension on Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox.


Solution 6: Why Should Utilize Filters

Adblock extension presents with white and blacklists as well as custom filter lists, which can be manually added or can be consulted to online lists available. This way you have to try to add Twitch advertisements to the blacklists on extensions. That addition can resolve the issue.

Recently, we figured out this to be useful if you click “adguard base filters” and easy lists in the filter list options or you can follow the basic stages provided below:

  1. Firstly, you have to tick on the extensions of Adblock, then choose the gear sign to approach the settings of Adblock
  2. Next, you need to hit and click the “customize” button. After that, choosing “edit” beside the menu “manually edit your filters


  1. Remember to save the changes and renew your browser to find if the solution works great to solve your problem. In case it is not, you can try the other solutions provided.

Solution 7: What Is Twitch Turbo

If your Adblock is not working on Twitch and you really feel annoyed when ads appear while watching streaming, then using Twitch Turbo can be a good solution for you. If none of the above solutions can solve your issues, this service can help you. Twitch Turbo presents ad-free Twitch watching with different features as well.

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At the moment you subscribe to Twitch Turbo, you can watch live streams or video games without being disrupted by any ads. Just element 2 simple ways to get this amazing Twitch Turbo:

  1. Simply open Twitch Turbo Subscription Page and subscribe
  2. Then you can use this Twitch Turbo to watch Twitch and there will not have any annoying ads that appear to disturb you while watching

Hopefully, by doing this, you can now watch Twitch without being interrupted by advertisements anymore.


This short video may help you feel easy to understand the easiest way to fix Adblock not working on Twitch with Adblock:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Adblock Still Work On Twitch?

Yes, of course. Adblock helps to block the advertisements on Twitch whilst streaming or watching different channels. There would be periods when you may face problems with the Adblock extensions and cannot skip and block ads. In that situation, you can read and follow our guide on fixing Adblock not working on Twitch and apply it to find the best solution for your problems.

Why Do Twitch Use Ads Now?

Twitch had ads to additional support the video creators who create Twitch potential. By using ads, streamers can get further profit assistance from their viewers and followers, so they may devote more time to enhancing their Twitch channels and boost the quality of their shows.

Why Does Adblock Not Work On Twitch To Remove Ads From Twitch?

There are some causes behind the Ublock origin Twitch. However, the most popular reasons are:

  • Utilizing out-of-date extensions
  • Conflicts with other different installed extensions
  • Issues of Chrome or your browser

Adblock doesn’t block every ad on Twitch as maybe you use the wrong filters on Adblock. As Adblock extensions offer a number of filters for Twitch, therefore, you have to make sure you are using the correct filters. If every filter is precisely selected, you may need to change to Adblock Plus which is a developed version.

How Do I Stop Ads On Twitch 2021?

There are several ways to block Twitch ads in 2021 including using Adblock, which is a popular method. Furthermore, you can use a VPN that not only blocks ads on Twitch but also offers more safety for your online browser.

Another common way is to register to Twitch channels. This way contributes to the streamers’ income, as well as allows you to use the channel’s emojis and other benefits.

Sum Up

To conclude, we have provided you with some possible ways to fix Adblock not working on Twitch issues. The lists provided are all safe to give them a try and test. Thanks to that, you can know the suitable method to use if Adblock doesnt work on twitch again.

Choosing the helpful solution to fix Twitch unblockable ads by Adblock will help you easily fix any problem of being disrupted by ads while watching live streams or video games on Twitch. No ads on Twitch will give you a pleasant time to relax and blow off some steam. This is all about solutions to fix Adblock not working on Twitch that we think you should know. We hope this article is helpful and effective for you to apply methods on fixing your problem. If you have any great techniques to solve this issue and want to share, you can freely tell us. Cheers.



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