3D tracking for games with ZCam

Just a quick update on my posts about using the IR receiver of the Wiimote for tracking objects. Yesterday I reported on Johnny Lee’s new Wii hack. Earlier, he used the Wiimote to track your fingers and allow you to interact with them.

I just read an article on ZDNet about the ZCam, an infra-red camera that can also track your hands (and is thus pretty similar to Johnny Lee’s technique). The ZCam is developed by the Israeli company 3DV systems. The article on ZDNet explains that the ZCam performs 3D tracking while existing systems like the Playstation’s Eyetoy only tracks in 2D. They also interviewed Bill Gates who apparently was pretty enthusiastic about it :-)


After a bit of googling, I came across a ZCam Beta Program. I submitted a request to join the program, let’s see if I get accepted :-)

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