I am a Research Fellow in Human–Computer Interaction at the University of Birmingham. My research interests lie at the intersection of human–computer interaction (HCI) and ubiquitous computing (ubicomp). I'm broadly interested in addressing interaction challenges that arise when dealing with context-aware devices and technologies.

I received my PhD in Computer Science from Hasselt University in Belgium, working with Prof. Dr Karin Coninx and Prof. Dr Kris Luyten at the EDM HCI group. My PhD dissertation investigated how to design for intelligibility and control in ubiquitous computing environments, to help users understand what is happening and allow them to intervene if necessary. Previously, I also worked on facilitating the design and development of multi-device (and cross-device) user interfaces.

For more details about my research, have a look at my list of publications or my Google Scholar profile. If you are a student and are interested in doing a research project with me, take a look here.


Cross-Surface Workshop on Cross-Device Interaction at ITS 2015

June 2015

I am co-organising a workshop at ACM ITS 2015 on cross-device interaction, together with Steven Houben, Clemens Klokmose, Nicolai Marquardt, Johannes Schöning and Harald Reiterer. In the Cross-Surface 2015 workshop, we will review and discuss opportunities, technical challenges and problems with cross-device interactions in real-world interactive multi-surface and multi-device ecologies.

Position papers will be due by early September, check out the workshop flyer!

Paper Accepted to INTERACT 2015

March 2015

Our paper "Proxemic Flow: Dynamic Peripheral Floor Visualizations for Revealing and Mediating Large Surface Interactions" has been accepted to the INTERACT 2015 conference.

Works-in-Progress and Workshop Contributions at CHI 2015

February 2015

In April, I will be attending the CHI 2015 conference to present a works-in-progress paper and participate in the Mobile Collocated Interactions and Smart for Life workshops.

Co-Lecturer for Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing Course

February 2015

This semester, I'm involved in teaching the Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing course. I will be teaching half of the module about Programming Mobile Applications for Android, while my co-lecturer Dr Mirco Musolesi will focus on networking and sensing in mobile & ubiquitous computing systems.

Postdoc at University of Birmingham

January 2015

On 5th January, I start my new postdoc position as a Research Fellow in Human–Computer Interaction at the University of Birmingham in the UK, working with Prof. Dr Russell Beale. I look forward to working on interesting projects with my new colleagues in Birmingham!

PhD Defence

December 2014

On 11th December, I successfully defended my PhD dissertation entitled "Designing for Intelligibility and Control in Ubiquitous Computing Environments". Thanks to my advisors Prof. Dr Karin Coninx and Prof. Dr Kris Luyten, and everyone at the EDM HCI group!

Poster Accepted to ITS 2014

September 2014

Our poster "Overcoming Interaction Barriers in Large Public Displays Using Personal Devices" has been accepted to the ITS 2014 conference.

Article in IEEE Computer

August 2014

Our article "The Dark Patterns of Proxemic Sensing" will appear in Volume 47, Number 8 of IEEE Computer.

Paper accepted to Ubicomp 2014

June 2014

Our paper "From Today's Augmented Houses to Tomorrow's Smart Homes: New Directions for Home Automation Research" has been accepted to the Ubicomp 2014 conference.

Best Paper Award for Dark Patterns Paper at DIS 2014

May 2014

Our paper "Dark Patterns in Proxemic Interactions: A Critical Perspective" has received the "Best Paper Award" (top 1% of submissions) at the DIS 2014 conference.

Position paper accepted to the DIS 2014 workshop on Social NUI

April 2014

Our position paper "Addressing Challenges in Crowded Proxemics-Aware Installations" has been accepted to the DIS 2014 Workshop on SocialNUI: Social Perspectives in Natural User Interfaces. Looking forward to an exciting workshop!

Paper accepted to DIS 2014 Provocations and Works-in-Progress

April 2014

Students who participated in our "Current Trends in HCI" course (Dutch: "Actuele trends in HCI"), worked on a research project as part of the course and were guided in writing up the results as a paper submission. Congratulations to Yannick Bernaerts, Matthias Druwé and Sebastiaan Steensels who got their paper on "The Office Smartwatch" accepted to the DIS 2014 Provocations and Works-in-Progress track!

Two papers accepted to DIS 2014

March 2014

Our note "The Design of Slow-Motion Feedback" and full paper "Dark Patterns in Proxemic Interactions: A Critical Perspective" have been accepted to the DIS 2014 conference.

Demo accepted to CHI 2014 Interactivity

January 2014

Our installation "Game of Tones" has been accepted to the CHI 2014 Interactivity track. It is a fun way to learn to play piano songs, which was developed by Linsey Raymaekers for her Bachelor's thesis. An earlier iteration (called "The Augmented Piano") was among the winners of the NUMA 2013 awards, and received some press coverage (in Dutch).

Dagstuhl seminar on Proxemics in Human-Computer Interaction

November 2013

I participated in Dagstuhl seminar #13452 on Proxemic Interactions. More information on the outcome of this seminar can be found in the Dagstuhl report.

Attended CHI 2013 to present our paper on feedforward

April 2013

I attended CHI 2013 in Paris to present our paper "Crossing the Bridge over Norman's Gulf of Execution: Revealing Feedforward's True Identity", for which we received a "Best Paper Honorable Mention Award".